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This is a shed we built for a customer in colchester essex who wanted a shed to use as a workshop and storage building. You might also like to see the top 20 lean to greenhouse currently on sale in the UK by visiting the WhatShed lean to greenhouse award league table. The whole structure is made using 4 mm thick, polycarbonate panels which really do an incredible job of getting the best out of the sun and making sure your plants and food are warm. This is the perfect greenhouse for those of you with limited space or those who enjoy looking after plants and growing their own food, but do not want a greenhouse taking over the whole garden. We touched on how the roof is made with polycarbonate panels and we are sure you are not surprised to hear, so are the walls. A free aluminium floor is provided with this greenhouse which makes the already low price even more appealing.
Thankfully as there is no wood with this, you do not have to spend an hour treating the greenhouse.
We feel that the five year guarantee is fair and honestly we really cannot think of any issues that you will have with this greenhouse. The door does not have a lock, but the door and the vent both close quite securely so you will not be worried about the door sliding open on its own or anything like that. As the whole greenhouse is made with those fantastic polycarbonate panels, you will not be getting much privacy this is the case with all greenhouses though so we will not mark it down for this. We were not surprised to learn that there were no customisation options available with this greenhouse. As you get the floor free with this it takes away what would have been the main extra you would have needed to consider. Now if you told us that we would be checking out a greenhouse where your house or shed has to make up part of the wall, we would have been sure it would have been very poor quality.
This will stand up against the side of a structure which lowers the price, but still gives you plenty of room inside so that you can grow and look after your plants or perhaps even work on growing some tasty and healthy food.

The framing is solid and thanks to being powder coated it is also not going to show any signs of rust.
This is made to go up against the side of your house or even a shed this minimises the amount of space it needs and also helps keep the costs down. This flooring will save you having to sort one out yourself and it also means that you could actually install this greenhouse next to a shed that is on grass.
However a good cleaning every once and while is something we would recommend just to make sure the panels are not covered in mud and stopping the sun getting inside.
This door is, 5 feet 2 inches high and it is wide enough so that you will be able to get things into the greenhouse easily. So while there is no way to lock this up, we are still pleased with the general security it offers.
However as part of this is made up with a wall from your house or a shed, then we guess it does actually offer more privacy than a greenhouse that has four walls. Do not worry though as the design is fine the way it is and you will be able to customise the inside just the way you want. There is though, one extra that they are offering for this and that is a 1.9 kw gas heater. Just make sure you have a friend to help you and you will get this installed very quickly and with very little hassle.
You really will have a great time making use of this and will spend countless hours inside.
As well as being made with very impressive materials, this greenhouse thanks to the way it snaps and clicks together is very easy to build.
The angle the roof is at will ensure rain always runs down it and to stop it just pooling around the bottom of the outside of the greenhouse there is a guttering system. They are very strong and robust, but they have been made so that they can protect what you are trying to grow inside from UV light, but they also insulate the inside very well so that even in the cold winter months things can still grow inside here.

This door is high quality and is actually comprised of the same polycarbonate panels and anodised aluminium frame that the rest of greenhouse is.
This vent is very easy to open and on those hot summer days, well we know these are rare these days, but on the rare occasions we do get some hot weather, you will be very happy that this vent can be opened.
This small heater will help keep your plants and food warm during those brutal winter months. This really is one great deal as you are getting a guttering system to keep the greenhouse safe from water pooling along the bottom and they are even throwing in a free, aluminium floor as well. We love how there is plenty of headroom as well with the high point of the roof being 7 feet 1 inch high and even the lowest part at the eaves is over 4 feet.
One thing that you could do to benefit this is put a bucket where the rain comes off the guttering and use this water for your plants and food.
This is not a regular door it is actually a sliding door which should make getting inside easier. We love how they are giving you a free floor with this which is going to save you money in the long run and make installing it even easier. We are sure that after a few times in here, you will master being able to open that sliding door with your foot while your hands are full with plants and gardening equipment.
This is a great deal and if a more compact sized greenhouse that is not going to break the bank is what you are after then we highly recommend this.

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