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Read on the moveSubscribe to "ClassroomAid" on "Google Currents" to read posts on mobile devices. The curated contents are divided into sheds and each shed has animated stories in video clips accompanied by a teaching idea that includes discussion questions and writing prompts. Classroom Aid Site Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. All of the animations found here can be found elsewhere in The Literacy Shed although I have been asked by a number of KS1 teachers to group together KS1 specific resources.
The Literacy Shed is a huge collection of visual resources which are thematically grouped and suitable for use in KS1 and KS2.
The are a collection of high quality resources that can be used in literacy lessons. Each Shed has videos suitable for use in class with lots of follow-up ideas for how to use the resources and things for children to do. Poetry Month April brings lots of resources to be shared with schools and anyone interested in poetry. One night on a family camping trip to Quetico park, the reckless raven-haired Francis waits until her family have fallen asleep and takes a rowing boat out to the middle of the lake. Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, France (44 hectares (110 acres)), though there are larger cemeteries in the city’s suburbs. A little girl is filling her bucket from a well in a beautiful night time setting, the huge moon turns out to be a 'creature of the night' It turns out that this is a gentle giant. This animation can be used when looking at Native Americans in history work to show their mythical beliefs. The video of "Eye of the Storm" tells the story of an anonymous airship pilot, whom we see in a very dark, simplified form  deciding in his melancholy to steer his airship into a massive (and possible ether-driven) storm.

Teaching IdeasChildren can draw their own versions of the gate and label it's components. The film centres around a man looking for an elusive phoenix feather to complete his collection, but after an unfortunate encounter finds himself in need of help.
Thanks to The Shed's Facebook friends for the writing ideas, Sally Hague, Rebecca Hoy and Nicola Fitzpatrick.
Shadow of Blue is a beautiful animation that mixes together models and real life to create a stunning visual effect. An autumn day in a deserted park, an elderly man named Geri plays a game of chess against himself.
From many classes in school years I only remember the visualized images from pictures or video clips. SHE HELD ONTO EACH SIDE OF THE BOAT, AND NOW SHE COULD ONLY WAIT TO SEE IF IT HAPPENED AGAIN. Why?Younger children could describe the giant fish, they could also mak rods and paper fish to have a go at catching themselves. Although the language spoken in the film is French.Click here to watch the film without English subtitles. Throughout the video we see him preparing his craft, setting it on "autopilot", and saying goodbye to his one companion- a dragon.
In drama sessions children could act going through the 'Gate of Youth,' they could also go through the 'Gate of Aging' and come through the other side as an elderly person. Even after the utmost sacrifice of the phoenix, the man's lust for greed triggers the phoenix's magnificent rebirth through his soul.

He then moves to the other side of the table as the "black" opponent who wears no glasses. The "white" Geri is caught in a bind with his king piece and outsmarts "black" Geri by feigning a heart attack and turning the board around. The story is of a little girl exploring the cemetery and meeting up with the ghost of Chopin for piano lessons.Perhaps the children can research a famous dead person also buried in the cemetery and base their story on meeting them. The children could make up their own Dreamgiver, what does he look like?  How does he give the dreams to people?Compare with The BFG or The Sandman.
The "black" Geri realises he has lost the game and hands over a set of false teeth as the prize.
There are some beautiful scenes at the beginning of the animation that can be used for rich description. Writing Opportunities Writing from 'Man's' viewpoint - using flashbacks to tell the story. Pause at 3:06 and ask what they think has just happened?  Can they predict what will happen next? Pause at 5:40 discuss use of music for tension – can children replicate this in writing using long descriptive sentences punctuated by small snappy ones?

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