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A» Our do it yourself steel storage buildings are ideal for any home or business owner needing storage space and security. STEELMASTER BUILDINGS   This company builds what looks like mostly large metal buildings, but i did find a section specializing in domestic sheds and they are very nice also. SteelMaster metal storage sheds are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10ft to 150ft wide depending on the model you choose. GET MORE OUT OF A CHEAP METAL SHED   This is a unique type of an article from instructables. Our metal building specialists can walk you through every step of your project while providing industry leading real-time customer support over the phone as well as through fax and email. THE SHEDMAN   These guys have produced some very beautiful buildings, some you could live in. VALLEY SHED   They have a lot of product pictures and also nice color charts providing you with many color choices for your shed exterior. Find metal building pricing from suppliers, contractors, erectors - and start getting competitive bids now! ASGARD SECURE STEEL STORAGE   By the looks of their website, this is a high quality company which manufacturers steel sheds in the United Kingdom.
This investment commitment gives a clear indication of the group's confidence in the success of the products in the Asgard Secure Steel Storage range. KYATU   This United Kingdom based business sells many different types of storage buildings and small cabins.
One thing to keep in mind about buying a large and heavy item like a metal shed from Ace Hardware is that "delivery is only available to your local Ace store". This online business has a pretty good selection of metal buildings mostly from Arrow Sheds.
These metal buildings are a little bit different than most in that they are made using sandwich panels with either a polyurethane or polystyrene core.

The Galvalume® R-Panel (Ridged Panel), comes pre-painted with siliconized polyester which carries its own 20 year warranty against cracking, peeling, or fading. LOWE'S   Lowe's sells this very basic metal storage shed which i like a lot - the Arrow Sheds "Piedmont".
CONESTOGA BUILDERS   This business has a nice website with lots of pictures of their products.
THE HOME DEPOT   The Home Depot sells Arrow Sheds, but seems to carry a slightly different line of metal sheds than does Lowes. When i was younger and delivering bulk potable water on the high desert in Southern California - i met a family who had lost everything in a bad business deal, and they were forced to live on their vacant 10 acre desert parcel of land in one of these Arrow metal sheds.
MORTAR SPRAYER   For those of you interested in building a dome using the inflated "balloon form system" then this website i have linked to here might be a good starting point in your self-education.
DINGLEY DELL DOME BUILDING   This company makes beautiful wood fired pizza ovens and small livable dome buildings with their concrete shell process.
USA DOMES   I have another listing on my website here that is similar to this or the same, just located in Japan i believe. KWICKSET KONSTRUCTION KITS   This is an Australian based Company established in 1992 and they do dome building projects in other countries as well. MUD DOMES   This is a very interesting presentation using a combination of materials to produce a very livable well insulated low cost small dome home.
Vinyl faced insulation stapled on the outside of the frame before the exterior panels are nailed on, achieves a pillow effect on the finished interior.
Both dome types (wood frame or metal frame) can be covered with wire mesh and troweled on concrete. JOHN KUHTIK'S FLY'S EYE DOME   I have seen this "Fly's Eye" picture before and wished that it could have been made habitable. DOMES INTERNATIONAL   This company specializes in the manufacture of composite fiberglass dome homes.

AIRFORM HOUSE   This listing was borrowed from bookofjoe, "World's most popular blogging anesthesiologist". RAGNAR'S ECO-CABIN   For those of you interested in using the "Starplate" connector system - this is probably the premier place to go to get good information. This section specializes in online businesses that sell materials and kits for the retail consumer. Home Office Sheds • This section specializes in online businesses that sell prefabricated home office or garden office, retreat, garden studio type buildings.
Prefab Plastic Sheds • This section specializes in online businesses that sell prefabricated freestanding polyethylene or resin sheds.
Prefab Metal Sheds • This section specializes in online businesses that sell prefabricated freestanding metal sheds or kits. Shelters listed here are what i call "personal shelters" great for one or two people in a camping situation. SteelMaster's prefabricated sheds are available in a variety of designs and thicknesses to meet both your budget and the wind and snow loads of your location.
Constructed of molded fiberglass with permanent colors, the dome never needs painting and requires little or no outside maintenance, with the exception of an occasional washing to keep it like new. They protect the occupants from the extremes of environmental conditions and can be temporary or permanent. Our shelters are designed to be simple enough that anyone can assemble the structure within a couple hours with simple hand tools, that are included with each structure.
The engineers, architects, and conventional home builders that live in our domes are testimony to our methods and quality” —James Lynch!

Wood shed for 2 cords
10 x 8 resin shed

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