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Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle will deliver the opening address at the 8th Making Cities Liveable Conference this Monday (6 July).  With Melbourne being named the world’s most liveable city for the fourth year in a row, it is only fitting that the 2015 conference is being held at Pullman Melbourne on the Park.
Overview: What better place to host the Making Cities Liveable Conference than the most liveable city in the world, four years running: our beloved Melbourne? With the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey due out in a month or so, I’m going to be using that title as much as I possibly can over the next few weeks!
Over the past year, Melbourne has also been voted the world’s friendliest city, most admired knowledge city and ultimate sporting city.
These international nods of recognition are something that we are extremely proud of and strive to attain.
In 1978 one of our foremost architectural commentators, Norman Day, described Melbourne as having “an empty, useless city centre”. And so, we commenced Postcode 3000 which was a deliberate campaign to bring people back into the city. We created an inner city community for people rather than a mono-functional business centre.
Swanston Street, our civic spine, has more pedestrians per day than Regent Street in London and is the busiest tram route in the world.
Side-by-side with Postcode 3000, we created a first class public realm for Melbourne’s people and our visitors.
In a relatively short space of time and at a modest cost, we went from a fleeting city to one where you are invited to stop and linger. Today you can measure the ‘health’ of the city by the dance of its streets, laneways and parks.
Melbourne today is blessed with a central, core city that brings together commerce, education, health, sport, cultural and residential areas, all of which can be accessed on foot, by bike, in cars or public transport.
It is characterised by vibrancy; brimming with people and great public and private spaces that support the social, cultural, sporting and economic life. Robert Doyle is a Principal at The Nous Group, a management consultancy business based in Melbourne and, since 2007, has been Chairman of Melbourne Health (The Royal Melbourne Hospital). Robert is President of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Chairman of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation and a Trustee of the Shrine of Remembrance. Robert is also an Ambassador for Odyssey House, a drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility, an Ambassador for SecondBite, a not-for profit organisation committed to making a positive difference by distributing fresh food to the disadvantaged and homeless, an ex-officio member of Cancer Council Victoria and an Ambassador for Field of Women, a charity raising awareness of breast cancer, an Ambassador for the White Ribbon Day Foundation, an international day for the elimination of violence against women, an Ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Honorary President of the Melbourne Region of the Scout Association and a board member of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) Ltd. Robert recently joined the United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA) as a committee member.
A Member of Victoria’s Parliament for 14 years, Robert was Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party for four years. The 8th Making Cities Liveable Conference is pleased to announce The Right Honourable Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, City of Melbourne as a Keynote Speaker. 2015 will be our 8th Annual Conference, continuing our support for improving the quality of life in our capitals and major regional cities. Robert is President of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Chairman of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation and a Trustee of the Shrine of Remembrance.
A Member of Victoria’s Parliament for 14 years, Robert was Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party for four years.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Due to popular demand, we have decided to make a quick tutorial on choosing the perfect paint colors for your home. What color(s) would you use with fransiscan slate woodland Verde by daltile and story bliss in spa. The ranking, which considers 30 factors related to things like safety, healthcare, educational resources, infrastructure and environment in 140 cities, shows that since 2010 average liveability across the world has fallen by 1%, led by a 2.2% fall in the score for stability and safety. Liveable Cities LabThe Liveable Cities Lab (LCL) is a laboratory dedicated to support cities by envisioning the future development.
The Liveable Cities Lab explores the potentials and conditions that ensure liveability including policymaking and good governance as how to bring best value to the society, create a culture of inspiration and implement better-integrated urban infrastructures and design tools for managing global challenges and environment-related risks. What does Liveability mean? Liveability describes the frame conditions of a decent life for all inhabitants of cities, regions and communities including their physical and mental wellbeing. Depending on the existing frame-conditions in a specific city, designers and engineers need to adapt and provide different solutions, keeping in mind that solutions always have to pay attention to the development on all of the three liveability levels, in order to gain a deep improvement. The Liveable Cities Lab recognises the challenge to implement (or even advice) and intervene to all the areas of action and their elements to the same degree due to scale, stakeholder influence, or the age and culture of the city. The concept of integrative thinking shows LCL's approach to the realisation of liveable cities and goes beyond sustainability. Blue-green infrastructure is a network providing the ingredients for solving urban and climate challenges by building with nature.

Research for sustainability in the field of architecture and urban design mostly covers the aspects of ecology and social issues. The research was granted by the Research Fund of the Ministry of National Development and will be finalized in fall 2015.
LCL commissioned Leibniz University of Hannover to gain an academic perspective on the definition of Liveability. A team of the world’s leading researchers within urban development has joined forces in a new project aimed at improving life in cities.
Ramboll’s Liveable Cities Lab spearheads the initiative Liveable Cities brochureCities have become the engines of economic prosperity and development. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has released its Global Liveability Ranking 2015, which assesses which locations around the world provide the best or worst living conditions.
WHILE residents of Melbourne enjoy another year in the world’s most liveable city, according to the 2015 Global Liveability Ranking from our corporate cousin the Economist Intelligence Unit, spare a thought for those who live in the 57 cities that have steadily deteriorated over the last five years. The most liveable places, notes the EIU, tend to be “mid-sized cities in wealthier countries with a relatively low population density”, which explains the low ranking of near-megacities like London and New York and goes some way to explaining Melbourne’s continued place in the sun.
When in Ireland it is impossible not to be captured by the beauty of castles and ruins, that are magnificently spread across the country. The reputed seat of ancient kings, this immense clump of buildings dates back to the 12th century and houses some of the best collections of medieval architecture and Celtic art in all of Europe. Built in 1142 by the Prince of Thomond, Cahir is a well preserved castle that is now situated in Cahir town center. He has also been Shadow Minister for Health and, in government, Parliamentary Secretary for Health. You are invited to join us as we continue our focus on healthy, sustainable, resilient cities as we address the conference theme, Liveable Cities for the Future.
We know there are a million and one colors to choose from and a variety of brands, but we tend to use one brand and have a handful of colors that never fail us. Might Be Better Off Cutting Ties with Saudi ArabiaEmma Ashford When President Barack Obama visited the Gulf this week to meet with leaders from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries, the big question on many people’s minds was whether he could successfully repair fraying relationships with allies he has publicly referred to as ” free-riders.” That was the wrong question. Liveability is based on the principle of sustainability and smart and thus is sensitive to nature and the protection of its resource.
To retain its experimental component the LCL addresses many different projects to understand and respond to current urban challenges, with the target to frame the conditions where change can come in. The main components of this approach include storm water management, climate change adaptation, less heat stress, more biodiversity, food production, better air quality, sustainable energy production, clean water and healthy soils, as well as more anthropocentric functions such as increased quality of life through recreation and blue-green areas in cities and regions. This research primarily deals with the development and the identification of measures to improve the urban blue-green infrastructure and the related positive side effects on the urban quality of life.
Over the next two decades, it is estimated that the global middle class will expand by another three billion people. If you have included your email address we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Mercer, a global human resources and financial services consulting firm, produced their 2015 Quality of Living Rankings, which is used to help multinational companies determine appropriate employee compensation when placing them on international assignments. Ongoing conflicts in Syria, Ukraine and Libya have been compounded by terrorist shootings in France and Tunisia as well as civil unrest in America. In Athens, austerity rather than unrest has weighed on the provision of public services, while Kiev saw the sharpest fall over the last 12 months and is now among the ten least liveable cities ranked. Thought it was interesting how only six more people can be buried in the cemetery there because you had to be born before a certain date. So how did we come to find these perfect colors?As the In-house Design Team, we spend every day renovating, designing and staging homes for re-sale.
Instead, the […]Will President Trump Fill His Cabinet with Paul Manaforts?Nat Hentoff and Nick Hentoff Rep. The special focus to improve Liveability is to take all dimensions that are relevant to Liveability into account: the physical, the social and the cultural.
However, to achieve liveability we need good governance structures and holistic urban planning. The aim is to identify best practices and lessons learned and provide guidelines, which can be used by city decision makers in general and urban water stakeholders in particular.
But when it comes to a profound argumentation for blue-green infrastructures decision makers mostly look for profound arguments about the economic benefits.
Through the years, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients in hundreds of homes - all ranging from gorgeous Stately Colonials to historic Spanish Revivals to quaint Cottages and everything else in-between. We start from our global perspective but are most sensitive about the specifics and characteristics of the local situation. By doing so this research will contribute to increase the status of urban liveability globally.

As today cost-efficiency is on the planners´ daily agenda, the know-how on economical aspects of urban planning projects has to increase dramatically in order to promote sustainable urban development. It gives us a world of first hand experience in finding those perfect color combinations, whether you want to live with it or get ready for the real estate market.    Colors may vary for different monitor settings. For best results, acquire physical paint swatches.The base colors we start with are all in the neutral category. They they are both different companies, but Duron has actually merged with Sherwin Williams - meaning you can go to a Duron store or a Sherwin Williams store.
You can even go to Home Depot or Lowe's and tell them you want these specific colors and they will match them in the computer to use in their own store brand paint. Just make sure you always go by the name if there is ever a conflict.So why do we stick with one palette? They have been tried and tested hundreds of times for hundreds of clients and the reviews are always the same - "WOW!" So let us begin. We will start with the best paint color ever made in the history of paint. From bedrooms to kitchens to basements, Samovar Silver is by far the most versatile blue color for home interiors.
This particular paint swatch family of 4 colors go lighter and darker - all of which are breathtaking in any situation.Softened Green is another neutral green with gray undertones. Just like the Samovar Silver Color Test, you can do the same by holding it up next to a true gray and next to a true green to see that it lies directly in the middle. This color comes on a swatch with a lighter and darker option, all of which are gorgeous in bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms. You should probably stay away from this color in bathrooms though, as green is never a good color for looking at yourself in the mirror. Another option for this color is Grassland SW6163, pictured in the last green family above. Rookwood Terra Cotta is found in the Exterior Preservation Palette. Exterior colors  create beautiful accent walls inside and look especially elegant in bathrooms. Most bathrooms should be painted using a semi-gloss finish as opposed to interior living spaces that should always be used with a flat finish.
But when painting rich colors like RookWood Terra Cotta, using it in semi-gloss can present flaws in the walls.
So when using in a bathroom, we go against the basic rule and use a flat finish, but only if there is good ventilation for the shower.
Half baths, of course, can always have a flat finish.Roycroft Vellum is also found in the Exterior Preservation palette. We always found the biggest challenge for finding the perfect cream color to be that so many had peach undertones. It is really tricky to see these undertones in a swatch, and all to often you won't notice it until it is on the wall and the sun shines in.
We have had many situations where we thought we could get away with a soft bright yellow, but once on the wall, it was exaggerated and incredibly overwhelming. Found in the Exterior Preservation Palette, it looks gorgeous on exterior siding as it compliments stone and brick.
Inside, it brings elegance and richness, especially in stairwells and sun rooms. The Chocolate Bath. We are asked quite often, "Isn't a dark color in a small space a bad idea?"  Our answer is always the same. Do not be afraid of dark colors!" They bring an elegance to a room that is completely unexpected. It also works wonderfully as an accent wall in a large room. Last but not least, do not forget about Taupe! Hopsack is a wonderful taupe shade that we use frequently for foyers, bedroom accent colors, bathrooms and living spaces. Not sure what colors go together? Here is a simple tutorial chock full of photos to guide you in the right direction for putting your colors together. From accent walls to decor, these colors always compliment each other and turn a room into a masterpiece.Samovar Silver SW6233 - White - Stolen Kiss SW7586 {Duron's Concepts in Color Collection}When working with Samovar Silver, there are a plethora of matching options.
It consists of Rookwood Terra Cotta SW2803 - Birdseye Maple SW2834 - Samovar Silver SW 6233 and any beige and cream color.
We discovered it when designing a bathroom with this beautiful mosaic tile {pictured above}, which is a great starting point for choosing paint colors. Paint and accessories for the Earth Mosaic collection.

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