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London-based Soup Architects recently completed a pair of minimal Garden Studios for an artsy couple in Suffolk, England.
The Colt House’s art studios were designed for a London couple who spend three or four days a week at their country retreat.
Thanks to their highly insulated cladding, electrical panel heaters and numerous apertures, the studios are very low in both maintenance and energy consumption. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. You will need to buy a phone card from reception in order to make calls on your in-room telephone at Grosvenor House Studios Top Floor!
Both Covent Garden (served by the Piccadilly Line) and Holborn (served by the Northern and Central lines) tube stations are a short walk from Grosvenor House Studios Top Floor! LondonNet Hotels: Hundreds of London hotels, London B&Bs, London apartments and London hostels at special offer prices.A  Book now! Below are a few different examples of builds, each one designed and built by me, the shed builder, to suit the clients needs. This Garden House has a tiled roof, two roof windows, rendered front, plastered interior walls and a tiled floor.
This Studio was for an artist who wanted a contempory design with a quality finish and measures a substantial 6m x 4m.
This Garden Office is a simple compact unit that will house a computer desk, shelving and storage and was made just big enough for a sofa bed to comfortably open. This Functional Work Space has a living roof, wooden windows and doors & wood clad exterior walls.
This Cabin was desiged for a childrens author who wanted a place to get away whilst remaining at home.
This living roof shed shows how the footprint of your shed does not neccessarily reduce your garden space. This Beautiful little Cabin is a portable toilet and shower room built with my cousin for his Glamping Site in Matlock.
This is my shed for which I won Shed of the Year 2014 as featured on Channels 4's George Clarke's amazing spaces shed of the year show. My extensive building knowledge arises from a fifteen year invlovment in loft conversions & house renovations. Ben’s long time goal had been to work from home, but he didn’t want to lose a bedroom from his urban terraced residence. His options were a loft extension – but the roof pitch was too low, an expensive side return but that would mean changing the entire layout of the house, or turning to the garden for a solution.
After looking at a number of garden rooms, green rooms and studios he was blown away with Green Studios unique designs and the different ranges offered. After choosing from the Pod range, our simple and clear design process combined with years of expertise helped control the overall project. Unlike the standard design the extra head height on this bespoke Pod needed planning permission, but this was managed entirely by ourselves simplifying the process for our client. From gorgeous Cedar cladding to the funky corner window, that provides a clear view of the house this stylish contemporary Pod looks amazing.
The interior which began as a beautifully finished seamless blank slate was then transformed into a practical and efficient workspace.

All the connections could be run from the main building and included within the walls without distracting from the crisp and uncluttered look and feel of the office. He was also over the moon with the addition of the 3G and WIFI switches which allows the heating and lighting to be turned on in the morning, from a smartphone or device – making it warm and ready to go whenever he is! He loves the additional eco-friendly standard features such as the lush sedum roof blending it into the garden setting. Join our online community, get inspiration for your garden room and build your dream space. Standing among centenarian oaks and sycamore trees, the black and white shelters are low-cost, energy efficient and a brilliant utilitarian creative retreat. While he needed a bigger space for his large paintings, she required a smaller scale shelter for making sculptures.
Painted pitch black on the outside and featuring contrasting all-white chipboard interiors, they get extra heat through electric radiators. The surrounding area is full of popular attractions like the National Gallery, Oxford Street and Leicester Square. Built onto the walls of an old swimming pool on Derbyshire Farmland, it houses bench saws, table saws and all manor of power tools.
It has a partition so that a small section can be used as a conventional garden shed storing garden equipment. The studio has two rooms, the first used for writting and entertaining, the second is a music & drum studio, sound proofed with sound board, the living roof also helps with noise.
It was a cost effective design, using treated feather edge cladding and torch on roofing felt.
It has two large sections and upcycled windows and doors that were taken from their house renovation. We carfeully planned habitat for a variety of creatures including bees, lacewings and newts, there's even a bat box in the roof. It is were I work when I'm not shed building and my way of showing what you can achieve with a bit of imagination.
It has a wood burner with heat plate, the ashes of which can be used to increase the potasium for the crops.
The water filters through and exits the roof via a downpipe which then waters the wall plants before being collected into a waterbut to be used again.
A large part of the loft conversions is carpentry and roofing so the transistion to outhouses and sheds is a relatively straight forward one. Stylish contemporary exteriors complement beautifully finished interiors, creating stunning outdoor spaces fit for any purpose. Working with experts meant Ben could plan in extras such as the invisible ‘lean to’ hidden at the rear of the building, replacing the garden shed. The unique SIPS wall panel design is perfect for a production based business that requires lots of power points and connectivity, as they could be hidden away inside prefabricated wall cavities.
Again the whole process was managed by us so all Ben had to do was move in and start working.
Also the air tight building fabric which reduces the amount of heating needed in the winter.
Wrapped in a highly insulated corrugated skin they feature many skylights and windows that frame garden views and let the sun shine in.

So the architects came up with different size matching studios connected by a wooden deck so the couple could visit each other. The slanted roofs come with integrated rainwater collection system that allows the artists couple to store it and use it for their beautiful large garden.
At the end of an exciting day you can come back to your apartment and unwind in your private shower and then cook a meal in your fully equipped kitchen, that is of course if you plan on having a relaxing night in rather than heading back out. This really is a prime spot and you will have a range of attractions close by including the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. Security staff will then be able to check you in and issue you with your 24 hour security access card. The house is to be used as a family space, there's lots of light, good space for a meal and easy to clean out.
For light it has large double doors and a long thin south facing window above next doors fence. The impressive wild flower roof protects a large wood store, it even has a built in owl nesting site. You enter this section through a 'secret' external door so as not to spoil the look of the design. The rear of the shed is used for storing children's fishing rods, pads etc, so they don't have to be transported. It has toughened glass windows, polystyrene insulation and I made the small stable doors to be child friendly. 12v lights are powered by a south facing solar panel on the roof and there is plenty of natural light coming in through the large windows. With house renovations I would plaster and decorate interiors myself, the skill set I have learnt over the years reduces the need for outside contractors which is how I keep my prices low. Then Green Studios extensive expertise and advice ensured other extras such as heating and Satellite TV where discussed up front. Even better this property has now been priced significantly higher (more than covering the cost of installation and then some) than a comparable house in the same street with no Garden Pod. After you've eaten you can chat to friends on your phone, watch television or head for the communal TV lounge. As you'll be placed in Covent Garden you could just stay there and visit the shops or one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes. Again the living roof helps both with sound proofing and the thernal mass is both a great insulator and cooling in the warmer months. To get to all other areas of London you can just take the short walk to either Holborn or Covent Garden tube stations. For everything else head to either Holborn or Covent Garden tube stations and travel around London.

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