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I made a french cleat by ripping the 2×4 stud with the table saw blade at a 45 degree angle. Before starting the upholstery we hot glued the foam mattress topper to the front of the plywood, then used utility scissors to cut it flush with the edges.
Before adding the foam we laid out the buttons and drilled holes for them in the plywood backing. When hanging the headboard on the cleat push it tightly toward the wall and downward until the two angled pieces of lumber seat together.

This entry was posted in Home Improvement and tagged button, french cleat, headboard, plywood, upholster, upholstery by Mike Szczys. We arrived at this size and shape after looking at the wall space available above our queen sized bed.
This produces two parts that are matching pairs of one another (which will make leveling the thing easy later on). To figure out where it should go we put the cleat in position on the back of the headboard and measured down to the bottom edge. Using a long needle we pushed the embroidery floss through the plywood, foam, and fabric from the back, looped it on the button, and made a return trip.
In the bedroom we measured up from just below the mattress top and marked the wall for the cleat.

Getting at least two studs should be enough, but make sure to support the outer edges using a molly if a stud is not available.
Our headboard is for a queen sized bed, but making one for a King Size, Double, or Twin Sized bed will be just as easy.
This helps stiffen the thin plywood and gives us something to staple into for the upholstery fabric.
This is because the 45-degree angle on the cleat with have the effect of pulling it away from the wall and we want the headboard to be held tightly in place.

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