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We have forged close links with major polymer producers and technicians combined with an in-depth technical support service at all times. When specifying base materials a key consideration is whether to use virgin, regran (Recycled) or high strength special blend material.
Special blends of film types developed here by our Research and Development team have and can be made to optimise performance for your application. We have expertise in the use of both Virgin and Regran base materials and are happy to discuss the best materials for your job. We also convert Medium Density film and Polypropylene film into bags so any type of bag can be produced.
The property of a material is something about it that we can measure, see or feel and helps us decide whether or not it is the best material. Most materials have more than one property and can be natural, man-made, strong, weak, heavy, light in weight, rough, smooth, shiny, dull, hard, soft, flexible, brittle, magnetic, non-magnetic, transparent, opaque, electrical conductor, electrical insulator, conductor of heat, thermal (heat) insulator, burns when heated, does not burn, melt easily or not melt easily.
Plastic is made from oil – we now use about 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago.
While aluminium is the most common metal found in the Earth's crust, the most common metal found on Earth is iron, mostly because it makes up such a large part of the Earth's core.
Tungsten has a very high melting point (after carbon the second-highest melting point of all elements). We can use many natural materials and by working with them change them into man-made substances, for example paper is made from wood. On average every UK family uses around 330 glass bottles and jars every year. Glass bottles and jars can easily be recycled to make new glass bottles and jars or used in industry as aggregate (building material) or sand. The energy saved from recycling one plastic bottle can power a 100 watt light bulb for almost an hour. Different types of matter have different material properties that make them useful for different jobs. Solids are one of the three states of matter and, unlike liquids or gases, they have a definite shape that is not easy to change. Gases are all around us, but although many, such as perfume, can be smelt, most gases are invisible. Try some practical science experiments: look through all our KS1 and KS2 materials worksheets or try one of TheSchoolRun's at-home science experiments (Experiments and science fun for KS1 and KS2, a subscriber resource). Replace Paint and Fabric: Point and click to try out new paint, wallpapers and fabrics on any wall or surface. Versatile Materials Collection: Customize the look of any object or surface from a library of paints, stains, stone, tiles, metals and more. Choose from more than 1,200 objects, including furniture, appliances, cabinets, lamps, rugs and more!
Select from 1,500+ materials: paint, wood, carpet, fabric, tile, wallpaper, roofs and more!
Customize the look of furniture, appliances and other 3D objects using a complete library of materials. Personalize any room with appliances, furniture, fixtures, cabinets, lighting, and other items from a complete library of 3D objects. Select your roof’s style and dimensions while creating and visualizing your home in 3D. Bulk bags are used as large volume portable containers in multiple stages of bulk and powder material processing systems.
At Whirl-Air-Flow, customers can depend on the advantages of their supporting capabilities.
Flexicon Corporation is a manufacturing company with a global reach that serves a wide range of industries with a number of different products.
Industrial blowers provide air and gas movement in ventilation, circulation and drying applications.
Industrial dryers are often integrated into the final processing stages of a variety of bulk materials for the final removal of contaminating moisture. Industrial mixers in a variety of configurations are used to blend multiple bulk or powdered materials together as part of a bulk material processing system. Palletizers are devices used for loading and unloading pallets which not only offer increased efficiency in a work zone but also safer working environment. For over 50 years, MA¶llers North America has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality packaging equipment, in addition to other great products and services. Chantland-MHS material handling equipment improves customers' efficiency, productivity & competitive position worldwide.

Pneumatic conveyors are hollow, tubular structures which transport bulk solids and powdered solids from one processing station to another. Our comprehensive line of pulse-jet dust collection systems are designed for even the heaviest duty pneumatic conveying applications. Rage Bulk Systems manufactures quality-engineered pneumatic conveying systems and dry bulk handling equipment. We manufacture pneumatic conveying systems that are ideal for dry powder and granular products.
Pulverizers de-agglomerate clumps or blocks of bulk solid materials into friable or free-flowing materials with uniform consistency. Screw conveyors are designed to transport a variety of different materials and they are mostly used for bulk handling applications. For over 25 years, Falcon has been the premier supplier of industrial screw conveyors and components.
Vacuum pumps are most often categorized as either wet or dry pumps based upon the application. Vibratory feeders are conveying ramps or feeding tubes which assist in transferring bulk and powder solids to and from conveyors, processes and hoppers.
General Kinematics has earned its place as the leader in the vibrating feeders industry with innovative and reliable equipment. Vibromatic manufactures bowl feeders, feeder bowls, vibratory feeders and vibratory parts feeders and centrifugal feeders.
We have developed a high strength blend, which greatly improves the performance of the film or bags you use. For example: chalk, paper, wood, iron, air, water, clay, plastic, rubber, stone, leather, wax.
Materials can sometimes be changed from one state to another, perhaps by heating them – for example, ice is a solid which becomes a liquid when it’s heated.
When brought to a certain temperature, these metals can be set to a shape that they never forget.
Matter makes up everything you can see, including clothes, water, food, plants, and animals.
Different solids have particular properties such as stretch, strength, or hardness that make them useful for different jobs.
Like liquids, gases can flow but, unlike solids or liquids, gases will not stay where they are put.
They can be mixed with other materials (for example when the ingredients are mixed together to make a cake) and then changed again by heating. For example, certain kinds of metal, such as copper or aluminium, are extremely efficient conductors of electricity (this means electricity passes well through them).
Then save your finished project as a photorealistic image or a 360° QuickTime movie.
Make your home energy-efficient with new appliances, or modernize your bath with new tile, countertops, cabinets and more.
Even set the geographic location and amount of cloud cover to give your 3D design a realistic look. Materials are loaded into bags through conveyors by bulk bag fillers, a frame designed specifically to hold a bag during filling; bag fillers often serve dually as bulk bag conditioners by weighing the materials within the bag and shaping the filled bag into a manageable shape. They provide in-house specialty fabrication, custom fabrication, a fully functional test lab facility, and field support for installation, start-up and run-in. From pneumatic conveyors to bulk bag fillers you can look to us to provide you with high quality products no matter where you are located. Pneumatic conveying systems depend on blowers and vacuums to convey bulk materials, and drying and dust collecting stations within a bulk material handling system use blowers at multiple stages as well.
Products such as dry cereal or flour are rotated through an air dryer, rotary dryer or flash dryer to ensure the bulk solid or powdered material has the proper uniform consistency and will not grow bacteria due to moisture. The unwanted particles are pulled into a filter or separator and then the clean air is released.
Mixers used in powder & bulk applications are typically paddle mixers or ribbon blenders; sometimes powdered or dry materials are mixed with wet materials to form products such as bread dough or slurries. Palletizers can be categorized into three different types: robotic palletizers, high level palletizers, and low level palletizers. MA¶llers' performance is based on engineering excellence and dedication to the highest quality standards in customer satisfaction. Put experience since 1943 to work for you; choose from a line of bag fillers, conveyors, palletizers & complete systems.

These items consist of a rotating spiral screw inside a tubular casting and as the screw rotates the material is pushed from one location to another. Our ribbon, shaftless and helix conveyors are manufactured to your specific needs ensuring your needs are met in even the most challenging applications. These products can be equipped with various features to direct airflow in different ways and the main benefit of vacuum pumps is they pull air out of an enclosure while preventing any re-entry.
By vibrating the discharge end of a hopper or conveyor, powdered material caked on the sides and within is loosened until it falls freely.
We design, manufacture, develop, and market magnetic separation, metal detection and materials feeding (vibratory feeders), screening, conveying and controlling equipment for over 80 process and metal working industries. We design feeding equipment that increases productivity and often meets or exceeds customer demand. We can adjust these properties and develop new films to maximise your output and minimise your packaging costs. This is because the forces between the mercury particles are very strong, so the particles clump together. Other solids, such as biscuits or glass, will not bend when hammered or squashed, but will break and split.
If you pour a liquid from a glass onto a plate, the volume of liquid (the space it takes up) stays the same, but its shape changes. They have no set shape or volume, and they expand in every direction to fill completely whatever container they are put into. Bag dump stations, or bulk bag dischargers, turn filled bags upside-down over a pneumatic conveyor, screw conveyor, hopper or vibratory feeder for the powdered or bulk material inside to be distributed to other processes. This equipment comes in a variety of styles including bag houses, jet dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors, and more. Robotic palletizers are programmable hydraulic machines that are able to sort and stack items with precision.
Our teams are committed to researching the newest innovations in our industry and we pass our expertise down to our clients. Joe Donita Cone and Bill Djerf started our company in a small shop in Shueyville, Iowa in 1977. We have made a huge investment in Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology to stay on the cutting edge with a full range of EDM machines for your wire, sinker, and small hole EDM needs. Bulk handling sometimes uses vibratory feeding ramps to convey over short distances, and most bulk bag filling, bag dumping and hoppers are equipped with vibrating feeders.
We create solutions for a wide range of industries including chemical, synthetics, foundry, glass, food, explosives, wood, coal, metals, pharmaceuticals, scrap and recycling. Even if the bones move, the metal always returns to its original shape, bringing the bones back to their correct position and helping it to heal. You can describe a type of matter by its material properties such as its colour or how hard it is.
Because plastic and rubber do not conduct electricity, they are used to wrap the cables of electrical items we use around the house. The difference between high level palletizers and low level palletizers is how the pallets are loaded. Matter is made up of particles so tiny that only the most powerful microscope can see them. For example, when ice is heated it melts and becomes water, but this change can be reversed by re-freezing the water into ice. A solution is made when one substance called the solute "dissolves" into another substance called the solvent. In low level palletizers the products are loaded from the ground level whereas the high level palletizers are loaded from above. Dissolving is when the solute breaks up from a larger crystal of molecules into much smaller groups or individual molecules. All of these systems are fully automatic and perform at a much faster rate compared to humans due to the fact these machines do not become fatigued.

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