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Testimonials“We are constantly complimented by visiting professionals on the wonderful condition of our state of the art facility.
Rugged all steel storage cabinets and lockers built to last in demanding military applications.
We can assist you in planning an armory, unit supply, military hospital, pharmacy, military warehouse, government contractor facility, motorpool, military maintenance facility, military dental clinic, military police station, air force security detachment & supply support activity storage. McMurray Stern, Inc is Southern California ''s leading provider of design and build services for storage systems, filing systems and library interiors.
We carry a variety of products, have broad based applications knowledge and provide a full compliment of value added services. We partner with our clients to plan, design, implement and support solutions for their work environment that are innovative, efficient, and cost effective. Working together with our clients, we design and implement the information and materials storage solution that best fits their particular needs for today and the future. NACo's Online Supplier Directory has been created as a convenient tool for our member counties to find a wide range of products and services offered by national, regional and local suppliers. With McMurray Stern’s healthcare and industrial storage solutions, everything’s right on hand, conveniently at your fingertips, giving you quick, easy access to supplies and materials right at your point of need.
A more organized and space optimized emergency room helps aid against overcrowding and diversion of patients.
Used medical supplies go through your Sterile Processing Department for sanitizing and repackaging before they are delivered to central sterile supply storage. Designed to double the storage capacity of your original space, they hold virtually any type of medical supply storage module from wire racks to Plexiglas fronted bins. Your best pharmacy storage solution is one that provides dense storage capacity, easy access, and good visibility – all factors that help prevent errors.
We offer solutions that help you better organize and manage your medication supply and its security, and improve your workflow by giving your staff fast, direct access to medication storage, now and into the future.
The flexibility of our solutions enable you to easily adapt and update your pharmaceutical storage as often as your needs change.
General storage for materials management can range from bulk purchases of cleaning solvents to x-ray film to crutches and much more.
McMurray Stern’s powered high density mobile shelving systems give you the capability of shelf adjustment that meets your changing needs, ease of use, safety and the flexibility to fit in your environment.

Harloff Medical Carts provide the most innovative solution for configurable, efficient storage and transport of medical supplies.
While patient care is the number one priority, secured and centralized medical records storage shouldn’t be too far behind.
McMurray Stern’s mobile storage systems, like the Eclipse Powered System™ and mechanical-assist mobile system, can increase your storage capacity by 100% or increase your floor space by 50% for other productive functions.
Our systems help you save money by keeping all medical records to be converted, and those that must be kept for a restricted time period, in one centralized location. Having your medical supply storage at your point of need is critical when minutes and seconds are that valuable to you! Durable Spacesaver stationary shelving options are ergonomically designed to improve visibility, accessibility and organization of your sterile supply storage right in the operating room. From small items to large, bulk-sized items, McMurray Stern’s compact shelving systems can increase your storage capacity by 100% and increase your floor space by 50% for other productive functions.
McMurray Stern provided us with a beautiful, efficient and accessible organization system that has made our facility a standout in Southern California museums. The modular design of the TRL Storage System from Spacesaver gives you the flexibility you need for all of your storage requirements.
We provide full service turnkey solutions and we serve a variety of markets including offices, libraries, health care facilities, schools, museums and industrial facilities. We provide a source of experience and ideas for solving information and materials storage needs. The ability to add beds and bring your emergency supplies to the point-of-need significantly increases efficiency. Spacesaver mechanical-assist or powered mobile storage systems provide safe, easy, immediate access to central sterile supply. With our flexible storage solutions, we can help you make the most of your limited space, whether it’s in your bulk, IV, unit dose, robot-ready, or outpatient areas, just to name a few.
Your storage solution must accommodate any size and shape of package that may reside within this department until it is ready for use. Better organization and management of these documents can limit the likelihood of improper use and medical errors. Our medical storage solutions for core supply areas help you function in tight, sterile spaces, with quick visibility.

Glass or Plexiglas doors keep supplies dust free, and allow you to quickly identify coronary stents, dressings, catheter storage and other items. The Universal™ Weapons Rack (UWR™) and UWRmini™ storage system is ready for secure military weapons storage for a variety of purposes all utilizing the same secure cabinet frame.
Communities program and also with its Premier Corporate Members and sponsored program suppliers.
Our systems make it easy to stay organized no matter how long the materials stay in storage.
It is important for you to minimize the floor space this area consumes, in order to maximize space for other productive services, such as, surgery suites that often need to be added. Customize your catheter storage with pullout racks to increase your efficiency and productivity. The Spacesaver UWR™ storage system and its components carry their own NSN numbers and are part of an IDIQ contract. There is no better way to minimize your floor space while maximizing your storage space than with McMurray Stern.
Navy clients throughout Southern California and the Inland Empire, including Edwards Air Force Base, Camp Pendleton, 29 Palms, Fort Irwin, Barstow, Victorville, Oceanside, San Diego, Vandenberg Air Force Base, USCG Terminal Island, Camp Roberts, San Luis Obispo, Naval Air Base Coronado, Marine Corps Logistics Base Yermo, Palmdale, Lancaster, Los Angeles Air Force Base, USMC Reserve, California Army National Guard, Army Reserve. Everything from medical equipment to sterile supplies and sutures need to be close at hand. The UWR weapons rack meets (and often exceeds) all military requirements for performance, security and procurement.
The Spacesaver UWR™ storage system is additionally used for Special Forces Storage-type applications by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol; customers can choose from the broad selection of sizes and configurations to meet any specific needs.

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