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I went through 50 pounds of sunflower seed since last Thursday, so I stopped at Menards for more. Hasn't every kid daydreamed about roaming through the woods and finding a forgotten locomotive?
If you have any problems with the registration modify or your account login, please contact contact us. The seats on my murrays are like a rubberized clayey cover- all one piece, things wear like iron.
I have plans of getting chickens in the future, mainly for egg laying to support my bakery. Some really good "common" chicken breeds for eggs would be the Leghorn or the Plymouth Rock.
When I started in the fire service on the west coast most of the USFS engines were built on a flat bed. I am no engine-design guru, but the advantages of the flatbed-based engine compared to the engine body built around the chassis, is that the flatbed design could have a higher departure angle, it may be less expensive, and also perhaps lighter, making it easier to stay within the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight. The disadvantages of a flatbed-based design would include less storage space and a higher center of gravity, resulting in inferior handling and a configuration that is a little easier to rollover. After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, Bill Gabbert now writes about it from the Black Hills. I am the AFEO on a 2001 Model 52 type 4, if you have any more questions I may be able to answer them (or find someone who can). Other than a few features (water chute) this model has been around since the 1950’s, model fifty.

Enter your email address to subscribe to Wildfire Today and receive notifications of new posts by email. Northern tools has some for around $50 - a while back i bot a yoke from a warehouse type store around the corner for $30 each - shoulda bot more before they closed their doors- they were a principal plain seat. Rhode Island Red chickens are also very good egg layers, and despite common belief: a lot of chickens, if in a closed in coop, will lay eggs year round.
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The reasoning was that the pump and tank could be removed in the winter, allowing the truck to be used for non-fire projects.
It is always a challenge deciding WHERE to put a spare tire, or IF there will be a spare tire. Some have even been known to be very close to the GVW immediately after they were driven away from the manufacturer and filled with water, before any fire equipment or firefighters were added. Of course all of these issues can be mitigated to a degree by the design, the materials used, and where the equipment is mounted or stored. The plumbing is a little funky, it has to take 2 90 degree turns in a row to go around the tank.
I still have the scare on my leg were I slipped on the retardant cover bumper trying to get to the second story, were the hose is stored.
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Northern tools has some for around $50 - a while back i bot a duo from a warehouse type store around the corner for $30 each - shoulda bot more before they closed their doors- they were a vital plain seat.

The pump is a Wildfire Equipment BB-4 with either an 18hp or 23hp B&S gasoline engine (most I have seen are 18). There is a substantial pressure loss on the side discharges to to the number of bends between them and the pump.
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You don’t see a lot of Federal agency wildland engines this large, east of the west coast states. The foam system is a balanced pressure bladder type system, the Robwen Flow-Mix 500 with a 5 gallon bladder. Mostly we see (too many) little Type 6 engines with the pump and tank unit mounted, like this one, on a flat bed truck. I haven't hung the stainless ones yet but have about 10 of the pale-complexioned ones hung. The exceptions are the BLM which has a number of large engines, and the National Park Service for a while was purchasing wildland engines designed around the chassis rather than sitting on a flat bed. NOTE: Supplemental applications of lawn fertilizer are needed to gain a minimum 1 pound nitrogen per 1000 sq.

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