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Am thinking of putting up a small workshop, 30' X 36' X 12' pole shed and was wondering if anyone here has ever bought one from Menards? First thing is to check your local building codes!Like someone else mentioned there is very little difference between the various brands on the small buildings. My sil bought a barn and a garage from Menards, joists were 8 ft between centers, Our inspector said that was NOT up to code, They paid extra for a blueprint and went by the plan, they ran out of screws for the siding and the Co said, to bad, buy more. Alan, I had a 42' X 70' Cleary building put up here five years ago and am well pleased with it.
I just purchased a building from RA Enterprises in Cascade Iowa that forms some of their own steel and builds their own rafters. My nephew put up a small 24x24 pole barn from Menards, with plans to make it bigger when he has the money.He told me that it was cheaper to put trusses on 24 inch, deck it and use shingles.

Quoting Removed, click Modern View to seeI looked at the Menards buildings before I put up a Morton 14 years ago. Lean-to pole barn plans - yesterday's tractors, I am going to need to build a barn to house my m at some point this summer and need some plans. Lean-to pole barn plans - tractor talk forum - yesterday's, Lean-to pole barn plans discussion in the tractor talk forum at yesterday's tractors.. Pole shed from menard's - yesterday's tractors, This spring i built a 24 x 28 garage from a kit from menards. Ended up going with Walters as they had heavier gauge steel, rain gutters and bird netting installed at the same price as Cleary. On the options I did add in extra roof truss to make the span between them closer together for added roof strength. Just looking for a decent usable building, would consider buying a decent used building but not always easy to find one in your back yard. They were not Walters employees but at one time they did only Walters Bldgs, but when the business slowed several years ago Walters would not give them any jobs.

Morton makes lots of promises, but basically, once the building is up, and you sign off on it, Morton is done with you.
I know there are better buildings, like Mortons that are guaranteed for 40-50 years but I might not be. It is a very good quality building, but he has had to fight with the south doors(sliders) being frozen in ice many times over the years. Yes, I still have a leak in the roof.Looking back, Buying the package from Menards and hiring my own crew would have been a better deal. I am very satisfied with the quality of the building, the erection crew and the follow-up of the sales rep. With bigger buildings the differences are in the truss design, truss attachment, and purlin attachment.

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