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Pre-engineered steel buildings dominate low-rise agricultural, commercial, industrial, and storage construction in today’s market.
Why?  Recent advances in design software are drastically minimizing engineering and manufacturing time, while maximizing productivity.  Precise calculations adjust for the loads required and automatically design a structure with the most efficient use of steel.
Here’s a quick explanation of the various pieces of a typical pre-engineered metal building package. The basic parts of a pre-engineered steel framing kit are called COMPONENTS.  The illustration above color-codes the components for easy identification. The main structural supports act like ribs to support the weight of the building.  Attaching main frame COLUMNS and main frame RAFTERS together with large steel bolts creates the rib. When the outside two columns and rafters are connected, they form a FRAME.  Each frame bolts to the foundation through factory-welded plates on the columns. This article supplies you with just a basic understanding of typical metal building components and their function.  Be sure to see Part 2 of Steel Buildings 101, which covers SECONDARY Steel Framing components, as well as Part 3 on ENDWALL options. American Metal Building Systems are constructed in many different shapes and sizes for many applications, from manufacturing and distribution centers, retail and commercial facilities, offices and schools, recreation centers and self-storage facilities, to healthcare and correctional institutions. Column shapes are determined by several factors, including a building's required roof slope and interior clear spans.
Girt conditions refer to the method in which horizontal girts are attached to the exterior columns in a building. In American standing seam roof systems, the roof floats on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction.

American Buildings offers a wide variety of metal wall products as well as industry leading alternate wall products. Now you can have the fashionable, versatile look of stucco with remarkable ease, affordability, durability, and some of best warranties in the industry.
Our fire-resistive panel is the latest development in fire resistive wall construction technology. From c-clamps to sheeting we can provide you with whatever your existing steel building needs are.
American Buildings Company has the advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to be a single-source supplier for a wide range of Metal Building Systems. With optional tapered columns, this style of building is a cost-effective solution for office, warehouse, industrial, and commercial applications. With single-side drainage, these systems are suitable for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and retail shopping centers. The most common condition, the Bypass Girt, makes a continuous run around the outside of a buildinga€™s columns, providing an air space the width of the girt between the column and the exterior panels. They are designed to be utilized over solid substrates but can also be used over open structural framing. Loc-Seam panels have full 360 degree rolled seams formed with an electrical seaming machine. Standing seam designs also eliminate 80% of the through fasteners found in other systems for greater weathertightness.

Their innovative offering provides aesthetic flexibility and design choices for all building types. American accomplishes this by offering a variety of building styles, framing styles, column shapes, and girt conditions that can collectively satisfy virtually all building requirements. The available straight column option provides a good system for palletized storage or display racks and is also ideal for shopping centers and other commercial buildings.
The available tapered columns provide an inexpensive solution for wider buildings, while the available straight columns allow for maximum usage of interior space. The Tapered Column is normally found in buildings where interior finishing is limited, such as warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities. It is normally used in buildings where higher center clearance or greater roof slope is desired.
They are offered in 24 gauge steel and fastened to the framework from the inside leaving no exposed fasteners. Flush Girts provide no air space between the columns and exterior panels yet offer the maximum amount of floor space. The Gable Roof System is available with clear span frames or with interior columns, which provide economical solutions for wide buildings.

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