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Below are some examples of different color, siding, roof, and additional feature customizations that we are capable of.
A mocha tan exterior with custom windows and overhang garage doors creates a perfect garage apartment. Brick red siding with a white roof makes this Gambrel building a perfect, traditional metal barn.
A charcoal colored Gambrel style steel home with custom windows and a front porch with an overhang. A Gambrel home with a forest green exterior and a custom built overhang with custom windows. A custom built wooden stairway leading to a second floor of an attractive Gambrel metal home. An interior construction shot of a Gambrel style building featuring a second story stairway. Our steel buildings perform great in any climate with the proper engineering modifications.
Plan out your interior YOUR way with our custom designed, custom engineered steel buildings.
With the number of customization options available, our metal homes are perfect for any home. Choosing to build a steel home engineered by AmeriBuilt Steel Structures has a number of benefits over traditional residential buildings. Choosing a steel home gives you the opportunity to create the custom built home of your dreams! With over 30 years in the metal building industry, Valdez Building Systems can help you design and build a home faster and cheaper than traditional home building methods. Karmod Turkey is a experienced manufacturer of prefabricated solutions based in Tuzla, Istanbul.

Our customers come from wide range of different activities including building companies, commercial facilities, industrial facilities, logistics companies, …etc. There are many reasons why more and more contractors are using metal and steel over wood for a variety of projects.
Environmentally Friendly - metal buildings leave a much smaller footprint, and most companies use 100% recycled materials for their buildings. Low Cost - you may see a little initial price benefit to buying a steel building over a wood one, but over the duration you will typically save more than 50% due to less maintenance and repairs. Stronger Materials = Better Warranty - steel is much stronger than wood, and customers will find steel buildings can come with warranties for more than 50 years.
Quicker Construction - metal buildings only require a few workers to assemble the structure (which can save a lot of money), and building time is just weeks instead of months. Metal buildings will range from about $7-$10 per square foot, with smaller structures costing more and larger structures costing less per square foot. Yes, as mentioned above, steel buildings come with outstanding warranties (up to 50 years) due to their high strength and durable materials.
It's unique, sloped roof with optional overhangs on either side makes it a stylish and uniquely customizable building design. If you have something else in mind, please contact us and a representative will work with you to create your ideal steel building! First, our representatives will work with you to create a floor plan, look, and feel to make your home beautiful and completely custom. Our metal homes are perfect for mountain getaways, lakeside cabins, beach homes, traditional ranch style homes, or any other sort of home you can think of!
Karmod has been providing cost effective Engineered Solutions to customers Turkey wide since 1986. Our expert knowledge and experience provide in-depth understanding not only of project related issues but also a thorough understanding of key industry issues which are paramount to every project’s successful completion.

A standard metal building typically can be constructed with around 5 recycled automobiles, while a comparable wood structure would take around 50-60 large trees. With traditional wood structures you need to be worried about warping, fire, mold, termites, water damage and many other things.
Here's a few of the questions we get asked often to help you learn more about metal buildings. It's important to know that this doesn't include assembly, which will usually cost around $3 per square foot.
Many manufacturers will list preferred contractors on their website or recommend contractors to you during the purchasing process.
This style is ideal for barns, homes, and workshops - and it can also be used as a garage, shed, or any other type of building!
Not only are they strong, but they allow the owner to make the choice in the room sizes and locations. No welding is required, and you can choose to erect your building yourself or hire a trusted local contractor to take on the job.
If you are looking to build a home that you can layout the interior the way you want it, give us a call and we will discuss all of our available options available to you with many color choices to choose from.with a little imagination this simple residential home building can meet the best expectations for you and your family. With our metal homes, the interior space can be divided in any way required, giving you complete control over the floor plan of your new home. Metal Homes are the most sustainable building choice for homeowners looking to construct a new safe haven for their family.

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