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We design buildings with framing systems that include structural steel, metal building systems and light gauge framing.
Believe it or not, this castle facade by Carved Stone Creations actually started off as a metal stud building warehouse! This article will show you, step by step, how the expert artisans at Carved Stone Creations install natural stone veneer. In this example, we have installed natural stone veneer in our metal stud building warehouse. Thinset, an adhesive mortar, is applied to the back of the tile, as well as to the cement board.
After the base cladding and waterline trim ledge have been applied, quoins are applied to the corners, followed by the natural stone veneer. Window surrounds and the entry archway come in multiple parts and are carefully applied to the building. Here’s the finished building exterior -- a beautiful example of the transformative power of natural stone veneer!
This also gives the soft joint room to expand and contract, and prevents a tile from popping off of the wall in the unlikely event that heat causes the Thinset to expand. Likewise, Thinset is applied in a two-foot diameter circle on the wall where it is to be placed. The natural stone veneer is then carefully tapped into place with a special rubber mallet to ensure proper adhesion.

Looking for skilled masonry experts to install natural stone veneer on your home or business? Carved Stone Creations is located in Kaukauna, WI -- a reasonable drive away from many Midwest metro areas, including Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Minneapolis, St. At Carved Stone Creations, we understand the effect that harsh Midwestern winters can have on exterior stonework, so we design and install all architectural stonework, including fountains, statues and exterior natural stone veneer, with those factors in mind.  We take pride in ensuring that the stonework we install for you can stand the tests of time and weather! This hobby garage was perfectly made by Lester Buildings. This is a craft that has guaranteed good functionality, particularly perfect for those who need wide working and leisure space. There is a door at the porch so that you can enter the garage easily, and you will notice a fully white interior that radiates the place’s immaculate grace. If you want to make the entire thing much durable, ask your contractor if it can be built using metal or steel frames and sidings.
This just goes to show you how versatile natural stone veneer can be for commercial buildings and homes. This prevents moisture from working back behind the veneer, and provides back-up protection, in the unlikely event that the soft-joints fail.
In this case, we have opted to pre-assemble the main portion of the archway to ensure that all parts have been lined up properly. If any moisture becomes trapped behind the natural stone veneer, this process will ensure that water can safely drain behind the tile. This is an excellent place that will provide you a good way to park your vehicle or do any other things such as setting up an office or a mini-safe house.

The place has a very wide space inside it – enough to fit in two to three cars with a bike, plus you can build an office if you want to.
We provide buildings for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including Garages, Workshops, Agricultural Storage, Barns, Airplane Hangars, RV Storage, Self Storage, Commercial Warehousing, Retail Space and Office Warehouse.
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Natural stone veneer creates the illusion of a true stone block exterior, while saving material and weight, and allowing for standard wall construction behind it. Then, cement board is attached to the metal as a substrate between the building and the granite veneer. Consult with architects and construction engineers to ensure that the installation methods will meet code and safely support the weight of the natural stone veneer. The design of the place is perfect and is very functional because it has a side-porch where you can put in some tables and chairs for a nice hangout spot. There is a wooden staircase that can lead you up to the attic of the garage which you can even use as a bedroom if you want to really go for a wise maximization.

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