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Save the date for Brooklyn Art Council's annual benefit to be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at Giando on the Water. Group exhibition featuring artwork by 14 Brooklyn artists commemorating the 1st anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1983 and worked for a few years in photography and graphic design in Boston. I have a BFA degree in Design and took courses in design, photography, typography, sculpture, silkscreening, jewelry making, illustration etc.
Can you give us a description of what you do with your art to createA such an amazing product? Can you describe what you think have been the most important ways thatA you have built your business and marketed yourself in the industry?
It is a combination of going to art openings, sending out postcards, working with galleries and museums, participating in charity events with art auctions, exhibiting at art fairs, advertising, sending out press releases on your best new sculptures, hanging out with other artists, moving to an artist community, and having a website. If you could go back in time and give yourself advice starting out inA the field of sculpting, what would it be? It’s great to get good advice, but an artist taking advice from someone who is not an artist can be counterproductive and can lead you astray. Education RequirementsAlthough a degree is not required to become a Blacksmith, professionals in the field are highly trained, with a background in Metal and Material Working. FYI The library is micromanaged by an inbred board that wouldn't even accept input from the employees who worked there. If I can add a comment section to your list, a difficult issue with volunteeringas an architect is that it is very hard to see a way to scale the effects of our work. Coming to terms with that as a long term activity is a bit hard, which makes institutional approach essential. Will I think you've hit on one of the big frustrations with architect-volunteering: frequently the problem needs to be solved not by a building bug by a policy change. It's this, the Highland Community Greenspace shade canopy, made with recycled roof fabric from the demolished RCA dome.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. My son’s high school, in Hall County, Georgia has a tradition for seniors on yearbook day. Next, we removed the corner bumper guards, and the little plastic advertisement frame, with a screwdriver. Knowing that every chair needs arm rests, we cut the top horizontal frame wires close to the handle on either side of the cart. When posting on FaceBook I try to think about how much I would like to face someone to apologize in person, and how much I would like to read about what I am posting on the front page of the local newspaper.
There was a comment here about a Supreme Court decision that makes it illegal to take someone's garbage, but it appears that comment has been removed.
I was not sure if I could leave a job with a regular paycheck and make a living as an artist, but decided it was what I wanted to do most with my life. I studied electronics in the Coast Guard and learned how to do wiring and basic electrical work.

For example, when I first started, I took a couple of classes with the Small Business Administration.
My close sculptor friends and I exchange TONS of information on everything like great tools, equipment, unscrupulous art dealers, suppliers, techniques, shippers, exhibitions to participate in, openings to go to, parties, etc. They got one (1) design schematic and refused to even ask for other options despite a veritable laundry list of problems. That means we are making only small difference and that is frustrating when the size of the issues involves 100000 people. It is hard to manage and maintain and really requires a driven person, like Cameron Sinclair for instance, to carry on. Which frequently means dealing with politicians, which frequently means a soul-crushing encounter with just how mouth-droppingly stupid most elected officials truly are. Designed it, coordinated engineers and contractors, helped with permit process, met with finding organization. Very pleased and proud of my effort, tempered with small constant fear of liability repercussions, but!
Guiding two students through the fabrication process in my shop was a fantastic experience, largely due to their motivation and dedication to the project. Documentation of existing conditions, physical demolition labor, Paper pusher, designer, fund raiser, work coordinator. Now, remember, it is illegal to take a shopping cart from any business without permission from the store management.
Not only do they receive yearbooks first, but they also get to bring their own chair to sit in on the gym floor, instead of sitting on the bleachers with the rest of the student body.
After calling upon several stores, he lucked up when he asked the manager of a chain grocer.
We got ours by checking with the local grocery stores management and asking for a damaged one that we could either purchase or have. But, my son thought it would be cool to have one of his classmates push him around the school in it. I have always been a hard worker and good with tools, so I just jumped into the art world full time and went for it. I also took wood and metal shop classes in high school which gave me the knowledge and skills to get started. I have gotten inspired by sea creatures, scuba diving, animals, cartoons, dinosaurs, science, television, toys, machines, cars, plants, flowers, insects, fashion, music, nature, architecture, rocks, found objects, comic books etc. I get lots of collectors who are doctors, lawyers, or work in the movie, music, or television industries. I love that every new day has the potential to be the day that the great new commission comes in.
Make sure you are always the one trying to help out your other sculptor friends, and they will go out of their way to help you. They ignored all input and spent $6 million on a "green" expansion, ending up with 3 stories of north facing glass, a geothermal heating system that doesn't and costs $3,000 a month to run, a lower level that is prone to flooding AND less shelf space than the original building had. The manager told him that a cart from a competitor store showed up at his store and it would be a huge favor to him if my son would take it off his hands.

We we fortunate that the manager of one of the local chains had this one he needed to get rid of. You really have to be good at marketing to get your work out there, or hire someone else who is good at it to do that sort of thing for you. You need to be seen at these events, meet new people, get known by the gallery curators etc. They told me to spend my very limited money on an accountant, create a balance sheet, and put together a business loan proposal to get a significant loan from a bank, then hire a few people. How an out of business grocery store's cart (closed and building demolished about 6 or so years ago) wound up at a store only three years old is quite the mystery. I think I made my first actual sculpture out of small square sheets of plastic and glue in 6th or 7th grade. There was something about being able to make something that cool and complex yourself, that has always stuck with me.
You have to let your mind look at things in a fresh and childlike way, without a lot of preconceived notions about the item.
This was a complete waste of time and money, especially when the bank told me that without owning a property there was no way in the world they would lend me money. That is when we stumbled across an art exhibit-type site and saw a chrome shopping cart-type chair. One company bought about 4 pieces for their offices, and the woman who bought them also has become a repeat collector for around 20 years now.
Some days, if there is an email wanting an interview or detailed information about sculptures I can spend the entire day on the computer.
When I go into sculpture building mode, there is lots of welding and plasma cutting involved. It seems that almost any time I go out to these events, I get asked to exhibit my work in some sort of show.
You have to be careful with over extending yourself, but there is no way I could have grown my business without being able to purchase some equipment on credit. There are too many times we are in the middle of the perfect weld or whatever and can get quite agitated by that sort of disrespectful behavior.
This is because there are always issues of paints or clearcoat drying, or waiting for a needed part or supplies to come in the mail etc. They can also tide you over in the down cycle of the rollercoaster ride that is being an artist. Make sure to call them and make an appointment first, and be familiar with their gallery too, by having attended at least one opening. Sometimes I have to break up that sort of work with things like abstract painting or something that doesn’t take such a toll on my body. After completing a certain genre of sculpture I tend to do something completely different next.

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