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This entry was posted in Strip and tagged 0uicmoi, comic, etho, ethos, ethoslab, fun, funny, minecraft, play, strip, youtube by 0uicmoi. In this Minecraft episode we check out what I’ve been up to with the nexus, the pyramid, build a new style mini-farm, and then experiment with building desert houses. We have crash landed in a hot, dusty, and empty minecraft world… and we must survive and thrive against the elements.
In this Minecraft episode we finish setting up the firework star maker and then I give a channel update while caving for a bit.
In this Minecraft episode we upgrade the underground village some more while fending off zombie sieges. We are trapped in space and our only chance of escaping is to collect all the wool scattered throughout the dangerous dungeons.

In this Minecraft episode we spend some time polishing up the underground village and adding a few new features to it. In this Minecraft episode we take a look at Jacklin’s upgraded conversational abilities, mess with the bandits, setup our AE2 system, and then go mining for natural gas. I tried recording a full episode but had to cut it short, but I just wanted to let you guys know where I have been for everyone wondering. Today on the HermitCraft server we begin shaping out the underground city base, and I also the throw in a few random clips of events that happened throughout the week. In this Minecraft episode we finally start working on the Rube Goldberg Machine for the 400th episode.
In this Minecraft episode we look into how we are going to construct the floating main base… with a big snag on the way.

Today on the HermitCraft server a group of Hermits gather together to play Tango’s new Boom Box game at Hermit Thrills. In this Minecraft episode we build a special clay mining room to make storage, transportation, and other parts of the block collecting much easier and convenient for myself…. In this Minecraft episode we finish up with the Bandit Camp project and look into plans for a cool project I want to start next.

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