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17 Shed Styles For Building A Beautiful And Long-Lasting Shed17 Shed Styles For Building A Beautiful And Long-Lasting Shed#1 A-Frame Shed Style A-frame style buildings initially used to exist as simple roof huts built for their ease of construction. But starting from 1950 this design was incorporated into the construction of vacation homes near beaches by several architects. These sheds get their name from their unique roof design which resembles the letter A.Nowadays, this design is considered a modern style and it is used by architects to explore their creativity. The remaining three walls face outward and contain doors and windows.The main advantage of this design is that it takes minimal space and provides maximum usage of the space in your yard. It can be used as an outdoor storage shed or as a quiet, private resting place.#5 Gable Shed Style The gable is the most typical type of shed which is commonly built.
However, today this style has also become popular for residential buildings and regular sheds.The gambrel roof provides the most amount of storage space beneath the roof.
You can even build an attic directly above the roof rafters.The gambrel roof has two symmetrical slopes on both sides. The inside of the shed is usually temperature controlled to ensure optimum humidity for the plants.#8 Hip Roof Shed Style This type of shed is characterized by a roof that slopes down on all four sides.

Usually the roof overhangs on all 4 sides and is angled between 45 degrees to 30 degrees.Hip roofs are more difficult to construct compared to gable roofs because of the more complex arrangement of trusses and rafters needed to build it. Also the storage space available beneath the roof is lesser compared to a gable roof.However, a hip roof is a self-stabilizing structure which means it provides greater resistance against strong winds.
Hence, it is the best kind of roof to use in areas with windy climate.#9 Japanese Shed Style A Japanese garden shed can quickly add an oriental touch to your garden. This type of shed is characterized by a curved roof which gives it that traditional Japanese look. Usually they are built as additional structures attached to existing buildings but they can also be built as a free standing structure if there is enough space.They are easily identified by their single slant roof and can easily be built by even novice woodworkers. But the foundation can also be built using pressure-treated skids to keep the cost low while still maintaining durability.#11 Loafing Shed Style Loafing sheds originally were limited to farms. They were built to let horses and cattle have an open shed where they would be protected from the elements and would also be able to come and go as they pleased and graze about freely. It is in this context that it gets the name loafing shed, it’s a place where animals can loaf around, i.e.

With the increasing usage of pallets in shipping goods, the pallets discarded after use became a good source of wood for construction. This type of building has an ancient 18th century look to it.These sheds usually have wide barn doors with board and batten siding. Adding a lean-to to the building was a cheap method to enlarge the house.The saltbox building style has a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back, and is generally built with a wooden frame.
However, today’s designs mostly just include a single storey with a taller front with a higher roof line and a shorter back with a lower roof line.#16 Two Storey Shed Style As the name suggests, this shed includes two stories thus providing extra space. Although more costly and difficult to construct, multi storey sheds have become popular in recent times, due to increasing demand for storage space and shrinking availability of land.#17 Victorian Shed Style A Victorian shed is one of the most beautiful shed styles. It is characterized by a steep roof pitch, extra overhangs and a dormer on top of the door.Its steeper roof pitch increases its beauty and stability, while the roof overhangs on the gables and eaves provide both protection and character to the building.

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