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Protect your Christmas ornaments when the holidays are over with the Christmas Ornament Storage. Integrated handles let you easily carry this storage box to and from the garage, basement, or attic. Make storing away your holiday ornaments and decorations at the end of the season easier than ever with the Ornament Storage Chest.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 1) Choose a store location to view hours and contact information.2) Select Store to view the availability of items as you shop. This Ornament Keeper Christmas Ornament Storage Box from TreeKeeper provides a convenient way to safely store and protect up to 72 Christmas ornaments in one compact storage box.

Capable of storing up to 75 round ornaments, the Christmas Ornament Storage includes dividers that provide each ornament with its own individual space. Available in 3 options, you will be able to custom create a solution specific to your needs. Featuring three removable trays with handles which are lined with fabric to protect delicate Christmas ornaments, this Christmas ornament storage box also includes a large zippered pouch on the front sized perfectly to fit your tree skirt. Just received the two I ordered, haven't even used them yet and I'm ready to place an order for three more.
The interlocking lid and integrated handles make ornaments easy to store and carry in this Christmas Ornament Storage container, and the design allows for easy stacking in a garage, attic, or basement. The dual zipper pulls allow for easy access and the contents label makes the chest easy to find when looking through your storage bins for your holiday decorations.

The 3-drawer unit's unique design is perfect for storing special ornaments while the 54 and 64 capacity boxes are designed to store larger quantities. All options are developed of durable material and provide easy mobility due to the sturdy built-in handles. For your convenience, these ornament storage containers also have an attached label holder so that you can further organize your beautiful ornaments.

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