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When decorating your patio or garden, make it a point that it reflects the same theme as you have indoors. Your choice can range from those that are sophisticated and elegant to informal and simple. Lastly, make a general draft of your patio layout to give you an idea of how it will look and to make decorating easier. By Jackie Muzo (785 Posts)I enjoy writing about interior design and trending furniture pieces. DISCLAIMER: "Sketchup, Autodesk, AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, QTO, 3ds Max, are registered trademarks. It's no secret that Home-Dzine and DIY-Divas prefer to shop at Builders Warehouse - it's the only store that has everything you need for home DIY under one roof.
With branches around the country, Builders Warehouse offers a wide selection of tools and materials for almost any do-it-yourself project. Offering power tools for the hobby DIY enthusiast and the more advanced DIY-er, at Builders Warehouse you can select your choice of power tool, and buy all the accessories and attachments that go with it.
If you haven't yet started your power tool collection, keep an eye out for Builders Warehouse instore specials. For your next home improvement or renovation project - Builders Warehouse supply everything from cement to wall tiles. BELOW: In the August issue of Easy DIY magazine we show you how to build seating and a fire pit for relaxing outdoors on cooler evenings or during the winter months. You will find everything you need for a bathroom renovation or makeover at your local Builders Warehouse store. BELOW: Also in the August issue of Easy DIY magazine we transform a half-bath into a full bathroom with in-bath shower, new basin and toilet and bamboo panelling and floor.

Energy efficient lighting, chandeliers and pendants and electrical components and supplies. With spring on the way and the summer months ahead, now is the perfect time to get outdoors and start planning the garden, pool or patio. With everything under one roof, at Builders Warehouse you will find paints for indoors and outdoors, varnish and sealers, plus the widest selection of painting equipment to ensure that your project is finished professionally. Patios, veranda, porch, deck, terrace or garden – whatever you call it is a nice addition in any home. Your choice of modern furniture must blend with the design of your patio or the landscape of your garden. Modern furniture features fun colors such as orange and pink for a warmer and comfortable feeling. Following the basics of patio or garden decorating will make things quicker and you get to choose the proper modern furniture that you need to have a patio that is entertaining, comfortable and relaxing. As our preferred power tool supplier, you will find the full range of Bosch power tools at any Builders Warehouse around the country. If you haven't yet visited the timber and building section of your local Builders Warehouse store, it's worth the time. But more than that, we've done a few projects that use plumbing supplies in different ways.
At Builders Warehouse they have the widest range of tools and equipment to take the hard out of work and allow you more time for relaxing.
Builders Warehouse also stocks the Rust-Oleum range of spray and specialty products, and you know that we love Rust-Oleum! Builders Warehouse offer an incredible range of hardware, camping, craft and hobby materials, and have it all under one roof!

It provides you a space where you can commune with nature courtesy of your plants (non-flowering or flowering), fresh air, an entertainment area and most of all, a relaxing space that is different from the relaxing ambiance provided by your living room or bedroom. For instance, if you have a modern and contemporary theme inside, your patio should also have the same theme.
It is perfect for outdoor use because it has tannic acid, making it resistant to insects and fungi.
And with their regular specials and promotions, you'll find it hard to beat the prices at your local Builders Warehouse store. If Builders Warehouse is becoming one of your favourite places to shop, take the time to browse the plumbing section for ideas and inspiration for your next project. It's so easy to install a dimmer switch, or change a single socket into a double, or even add modern lighting to your home. Plus, Builders Warehouse offer a selection of garden furniture, braais and accessories - so let's get the party started! Although plants and fresh air are present, relaxation will not be complete without the appropriate modern furniture needed in this area. Furniture made of oak is a good buy as it does not need to be replaced except on cases where you want to have a new look in your room. It also defies fungi and bacteria making it suitable for those located in areas that are humid and wet. The DIY-Divas offer Basic Electrical workshops if you don't know how, and Builders Warehouse have everything you need to tackle those projects.

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