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I left the top natural on this pallet wood coffee table and stained the sides and bottom with American Walnut stain. So I just finished up building the Pallet Wood Coffee Table and as cool as it looks just natural, I still want to add some color to it.
I was originally thinking I would want to do a little distressing but once I got going with the painting I just decided to paint the table so that it looked old by just doing a crappy job painting it.

I was really liking the bright color over the dark stain and really impressed on how easily the paint was going on. The chalk paint dried super fast and to my surprise I was ready to apply the clear coat not long after I finished painting. That is one benefit I had been hearing about chalk paint was that it will cover anything without any kind of prep work.

The idea I came up with was to put down a dark coat of stain first then layer the chalk paint over it.

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