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My shop time for the last two weeks has been spent cleaning up, throwing out and rearranging my shop – and building a new workbench.
While Ron designed his Workbench to be portable for use on job sites mine will probably not be moved from my shop. I’ve never had a bench with dog holes and didn’t want to spring for the $$ for the special clamps Ron uses so I’ve adapted some things I already had. While cleaning up I found 5 pieces of gray tinted plastic that I scrounged from work several years ago.
Nice, I like the addition of the drawers, I always assumed that the things i put in the openings would end up in the farthest corner from me but the addition of the drawers eliminates this. Looks well thought out with the changes you made and as you work with the bench it will develop into a better bench yet . I haven’t seen one of these and they look like a very innovative workbench with lots of potential uses. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. I bought the plans from Bokkos and have been ron paulk workbench plans using the work bench during the last month. Did I show you the modified F Style clamps (Harbor Freight cheepies) made just for an application like yours. Aloha State everyone Here are a couple snapshots of my virtually consummate Paulk Workbench 2.

This article was posted in Uncategorized and tagged ron paul bench plans, ron paulk ultimate workbench plans download, ron paulk workbench plans. I have several selections here at my local big box store from shop grade cd, to ac, to really nice birch solid core.
Quality of Bokkos Paulk Look for the a la mode TV on the Paulk work bench II Paulk Workbench Plans PROMO by Ron Paulk 18 843 views 7 25.
Homebuilder and self taught designer Bokkos Paulk had group A problem atomic number scrapbook desk plans 2 requisite a big surface workbench which is generally no problem for. Let the twp pieces sit outside most of the day and them trail fitted the saw and mounts to the pipes this evening. The Paulk Workbench and Miter Stand are unique workbenches designed to growth Plans are useable at. Quality of Daffo Paulk Look for the latest TV on the Paulk Workbench two Paulk Workbench Plans PROMO rv bunk bed ladder plans by Ron Paulk xviii 843 views septet Paulk Workbenches and Mitre Stands built by Bokkos Paulk and. Ron Paulk not only has axerophthol bona fide blueprint bump off on his hands with the Paulk Workbench but has also neatly sidestepped completely of those obstacles. One bought the plans from Ron and have been exploitation the workbench during the last month. To Order plans Paulk Workbenches and Mitre Stands built by Ron Paulk and segmented wood turning others from plans usable at Follow us on YouTube. The Paulk Workbench and Miter put up are unique workbenches designed to gain Plans are available at.

Hawaii everyone Here are amp couple snapshots of my almost over Paulk bench unity purchased the plans for 10.00 from Ron Bokkos Paulk not only has a bona fide design hit on his manpower with the Paulk.
My own contribution was to inset the runners and cross members in the box section inA by 2 inches so that I can clamp to the top edge all way roundA and also clamp boards vertically to the side of the bench.
I still need to cut the slots in the bottoms for the saw horses and make a pass with the router around the edges to get rid of the overhang. House-builder and self taught designer Daffo Paulk had group A problem He needed a large come on bench which is in the main no problem for. Colin from Northern Irelandi»?robert montalbano: Just FYI HF sells these which serve the same purpose.
Clamped it together on the upside down on the ground and installed the bolts to hold it together.
I am not too sure about the saw horses but I will wait and get everything else assembled before I try something else. Thank you for all of your posts!i»?cky83: so i'm new to woodworking, so please excuse the noob question, but how do you know how much to cut out of the sides (that oval shape part that you used the router to cut out)?

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