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You have the opportunity to make next year amazing - start off feeling like you are on the right path. Corporate Technologies is an Infrastructure and Business Intelligence Integrator and Solutions Provider with customers from New England to Atlanta. Our sales and marketing analytics allow you to measure, manage and analyze performance to maximize revenue. We provide supply chain and operations analysis to track, monitor and improve operational management.
Our subject matter experts leverage next-generation integration technologies that power cloud archtiecture. We provide governance solutions that encompasses the overall management of the data employed in an enterprise. We implement data privacy solutions to enable your organizations to protect private and sensitive data.
Our solution for data warehousing empowers you to easily adapt to changing business requirements. We bring your business and IT leaders together to design and manage a successful MDM project.
Corporate Technologies network consulting services help you maximize the value of your network infrastructure. We are experienced in developing and implementing cloud solutions for customers across many industries. We understand that the ability to manage your cloud deployments is an essential component of success. Providing for the welfare of our employees and their family members is one of our highest priorities. There is only one thing worse than dealing with an unexpected OBIEE emergency: dealing with it unprepared. First of all, compile a master list of your OBIEE-related passwords — such as RCU schemas’ usernames and passwords, default weblogic user passwords, and repository passwords. Try to clarify with your OBIEE administrator whether the outage is affecting other applications to see what kind of escalation needs to be done from a management prospective. Finally, keep these tips handy — maybe with your password folder — as a reminder of how prepared you are for an emergency.

In high school, I was never the girl who sat around and waited for someone else to determine our weekend plans. There is nothing wrong with making plans as long as you know you’re the first mate, not the Captain.
She knew that many were the plans in her heart, but that God’s purpose would prevail. I'm not much of an initiator (like that high school organizing you mentioned), but I suppose I do make plans after my own fashion. Confession: I am reading this post the morning of our new "schedule-training" with Everett.
Here is one of the box kites I have made and it is the subject of this tutorial on making one. This is a text tutorial with lots of pictures and a written out plan for making the kite but there is also a video that shows all the steps in how to make it.
This kind of a project is very flexible and you have a whole host of materials that you can use to make it.
I also have a tutorial with video on how to make a traditional kite if you think the box kite might be too much of a challenge for you. True classics never go out of style and few designs have withstood the test of time like traditional Box and Cellular kites. Sure, in corporations they are getting their budgets done in October, but I know small businesses and they are thinking about it now. Just figure out where you are going to focus your time and your money to try to get your best bang. Start with a plan, and allow yourself the flexibility to know that some things will work out great and others, not so great.
Yet having a good risk management plan in place is something many BI managers miss or delay, thinking an emergency is not likely to happen.
Also, work with your system administrator to create an automated backup routine for your RPD file. First, verify it is not an isolated incident (such as case of a bad browser cookie for a particular user). Since OBIEE is dependent on a database tier for its normal operation (RCU), this will be a first place to check.

But when they do not I can find myself very, very disappointed  I like to believe that with enough planning, there will never be failure. I have spiritual goals, physical goals, food goals, writing goals, parenting goals, yada yada yada. You would think by looking at it that there is no way this thing would fly but in reality it flies really well.
What needs to happen is that you are consistently working on them, excited about them, and seeing them pan out. I hope this blog post helps you to realize the importance of drafting your OBIEE risk mitigation policy and collecting a list of items you will need in case of an emergency.
Your developers will most likely have local backups; however, it is beneficial to streamline and centralize the process. Second, make sure there is a communication plan in place to inform users about unexpected outages as well as an approximate resolution time (hint: use a template). Consider creating a step-by-step troubleshooting workflow to pinpoint the issue in advance. But I'm not an overt planner, and none of my friends would think of me first when it comes to organizing anything.
This will help you to rebuild your environments quickly, in case something happens with RCU’s database instance or your OBIEE administrator does not want to return from vacation.
I found out that users appreciate to be proactively informed, so that they don’t think there is something wrong with their desktop. In case there is a recent deployment, consider it as a possible reason, since sometimes test environments are not subject to the same loads. Past years prove I won’t hit them all, but I will accomplish a lot which is the reason I continue to intentionally so many. And if you are looking for a variety of kites and supplies I have put together a kite page here. Put a rough plan together and that will help you to stay focused when the sales people come knocking on your door.

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