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You will love this underbed plastic storage box from sterilite, if you have extra clothing, blankets or anything that needs storing . You should use this plastic storage box for store anything imaginable for your home, garage or outdoors with this rugged long life constructed storage container.
Thanks to the heavy-duty snap-down buckles you know items won’t be falling out due to an unsecured lid. We measure them as accurately as we can, but they an approximation, and are there only to act as a guide.

This large box is great for your tools, camping, hunting, boating and other outdoor activities.
Boxes are generally moulded to stack and nest and most will taper towards the bottom of the box. There is also a hole in the lid and container enabling you to place a lock in to secure your items. The internal measurements are the minimum measurements from the bottom of the box, and not always a true reflection of the box volume.

The external measurements are the maximum measurements of the box, so you can see if the box will fit in a particular space.
If you are storing a particular item, we would strongly recommend that you contact us first so we can assist you in making the right choice.

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