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Strap yourselves in folks, Keith Goldhanger has been standing in a big dark shed for ten hours, complaining about the cost of the beer, the food and some of the bands.
What’s the betting that in a year’s time some of these bands are going to be so popular that someone will point an accusing finger at me and remind me how shit I thought they were once?
Waiting for their turn on the Park Stage at Glastonbury, The Peel Stage or whatever the second stage is called at Reading and Leeds during the next August Bank Holiday. BLACK HONEY seem to have someone of the sound desk who manages to get the sound right as well as one of the best front woman (Izzy Baxter) we’ve seen for a while who tends to lose her shit for the duration of each song, gets the audience to sit down, wave their arms in the air and be generally enthusiastic enough to keep us watching whilst throwing out their tunes.
It takes them 20 seconds from leaving the stage to parking themselves onto their merch’ and staying there chatting for the best part of an hour. Finally SWIM DEEP who re- introduce us to the sound of something that’s not a guitar and play us songs that remind as least one of us of all those hugely underrated pop songs that Wire wrote about thirty years ago with the odd falsetto vocal thrown in. This gig was arranged by Flying Vinyl – a mail order record club doing good stuff with some great bands that will no doubt be throwing out records in our direction for a while we imagine. An event such as this will get at least one of us monitoring these acts as we stroll through the mud during summer to decide whether these tunes really are the soundtrack to our year or maybe we’ll be scratching our heads soon asking ourselves if these songs are just radio airtime fillers that sound track our breakfast but not necessarily what we will eventually be listening to after our bedtimes. Despite not enjoying everything there was on offer this event is one at least one of us will be eyeing out again if it becomes an annual event. We’ll now open our laptops, log onto Soundcloud and delve into what these bands have done to get this far and what makes a majority of people in attendance lose their shit sporadically throughout the day.
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You may not eat, but the mirror will consume you, reads one line of a poem beside the freeze-frame of shattering glass fragments surrounding a splash of red fabric and a ghostly wire skeleton.
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Students named to All-Florida Academic Team:Eight Pasco-Hernando State College students were nominated to the 2016 Phi Theta Kappa All-Florida Academic Team. Not only that but a handful of short sharp tunes that cram catchy verses around catchy choruses that people will soon be digesting fully before forgetting to stand still to watch this foursomes’ spectacle and start losing their own shit themselves.
THE AMAZONS have all the credentials for getting a crowd on their side, chanting choruses, rock riffs, big endings and leather jackets. At least one of these is a potential James Bond theme tune we’re hearing and after a third view now I bloody hope they play in a field we plan on standing in ourselves sometime this summer. No puffing or panting, no beer to refresh them from what they’ve been achieving just pure enthusiasm that will certainly continue to help them make more friends as they progress. With so many metrics to keep tabs on, figuring out whether or not you're getting it right is often easier said than done. The study reveals a ton of helpful industry-specific benchmarks for both search and display ads, including average clickthrough rate (CTR), average cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR), and average cost-per-action (CPA). CTR can be used to help you determine the quality of your imagery, positioning, and keywords. While the most that you'll be charged per click is reflected by your maximum cost-per-click bid, you'll often be charged less.
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According to WordStream, there's a strong correlation between high Quality Scores and low CPAs. Johnson of Dade City was recently appointed to the University of Florida's board of trustees.
They may not realise this yet but once we get in a room with an audience who will start behaving as mad as the band on stage then events such as this may need more than a barrier and a couple of burly security guards to attempt to keep order (more on that subject  to come).
The happiest jolliest band of the day causing this amount of mayhem left a few of us puzzled. However, you can email us for pricing on some interior finishes such as wiring, insulation and partition walls.
Johnson was selected from a field of applicants and was appointed by the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida. The Magic Gang will be a must see band once they begin turning up on hot summer afternoons at the festivals and we seem to think they’ve a few dance floor indie feet shufflers in their repertoire that may not be avoidable in a few months’ time. Nearby, the other works explore equally dark elements of mental illness that have touched friends and classmates and too-vividly defined her high school years.All ThunderRidge seniors engage in a wide variety of senior-class projects graded by a panel of teachers, but Stewart asked to take hers one step further. University trustees make policy, financial, budgeting and legal decisions for the university and serve as the institution's final authority. Stewart says three friends attempted suicide during her high school years, when her own issues with depression and anxiety intersected those of her peers."Everybody I knew and loved was tired of suffering with these illnesses, the shame and guilt it brought," she says.

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