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The item you are looking at is a 20 x 40 enclosed pole barn steel only kit with our strong and durable steel truss system. I think I would like to have it heated (by a wood stove) someday, store my tractor and misc other equipment.
This was built late last fall but I had to wait until May for the floor and electric to be finished. The steel only kit will benefit the customer because you can pick up the wood products locally and you won't need to worry about paying for extra shipping charges due to it's bulkiness.
I put 12x12 doors on opposite sides to let the prevailing wind blow through when I am working in it.

Steel trusses are starting to dominate the market because they are stronger,lighter, they last longer and they wont rot or sag like steel trusses. 40 year warranty metal roofing panels.10) 5 bags of screwsThis is everything you will need to construct (materials)'You will also need 12 bags of sackrete .
Also have a walk through door to the shed, in case an ice storm freezes the main walk in door, (that happened a lot where we used to live). Our steel only building kits come with everything you need(materials) except lumber products and concrete. 55 is the code in some of the areas where we see the most snow so this building will exceed code just about anywhere.

Below is a list of what the kit includes and a list of what lumber you will need to complete the project.1) 9 20' steel trusses2) 9 drip edge3)5 gable trim4)5 ridge caps5)12 starter flashings6)28?
9 bags of metal roofing screws 1.5" with rubber washers10)5 outside cornersThe Items listed below are the lumber you will need for this kit:1)150 2x6x10's #2 syp2)20 6x6x16 ground?

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