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This unit is our top-of-the-line with the more attractive effect, even larger boxing than the Small-Box Eve unit. The Vatican is currently on the defensive over trying to protect some of its secrets that two enterprising journalists are trying to expose.
In February 2012, one year before he became Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio gave his last interview as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Speaking to Vatican Insider, Cardinal Bergoglio answered a question about the troubled Vatican bureaucracy, known as the curia. However, when asked about outside perceptions of the curia, rather than address the problems the publication of the documents had revealed, Bergoglio lashed out against journalists. On July 11, 2013, less than four months after Francis took the helm of the Catholic Church, the Holy See passed what experts call a harsh and retrograde law making it a crime against the state to "illegitimately obtain or reveal classified documents," carrying a prison sentence of six months to two years in prison.
Spanish priest now in a Vatican jail cell and an Italian PR woman - but also two Italian journalists who published books that drew from the material, depicting overspending and powerful resistance inside the Vatican to making its finances more transparent.
This week, Emiliano Fittipaldi, author of "Avarice" and Gianluigi Nuzzi, author of "Merchants in the Temple," were both formally summons to the Vatican for questioning. Nuzzi ignored the summons, as Vatican law does not guarantee his right to publish news in the public interest while protecting his sources. Emiliano Fittipaldi, however, went in for questioning - curious, he said to find out what the charges against him were.
Fittipaldi says he refused to answer the Vatican's questions and believes prosecutors will likely shelve the case, especially given Italy guarantees freedom of the press and will not likely extradite him.
And yet the pope's irritation with what Fittipaldi calls "airing dirty laundry in public" is palpable. Observers say, though, the pope's biggest obstacle to those reforms continues to lie inside the Vatican hierarchy, not with the press or public.
Peloso says the reforms are far from over and predicts there will be many more conflicts aired.
The criminal investigation into Nuzzi and Fittipaldi comes as Italian finance police have launched an investigation of their own: into a once high-up figure within the Italian Catholic Church, the former abbot of the Montecassino, the site of a famed World War II battle.
Three years ago, then Abbot Pietro Vittorelli recorded a video message to parishioners asking, with "sincerity and humility," for their prayers. What was going on, Italian police now allege, is that Vittorelli and his brother had stolen more than 500,000 euros ($535,000), donated by Italians under the impression they were supporting a Catholic charity, before the men proceeded to blow the money on luxury hotels and meals, trips to Brazil, shopping sprees in London and other decidedly non-charitable expenditures. But, Fittipaldi says, the pope's attempt to clamp down on journalists covering these problems will do little to resolve them. The Vatican has put two Italian journalists under investigation for their alleged role in divulging state secrets.
The Vatican has said a high-ranking official is suspected of leaking classified information to the media. European nations have again been urged to help refugees and not erect more fences during a rare meeting between Pope Francis and the head of Germany's Protestant churches. In a clear signal to Europe, Pope Francis has allowed three refugee families to accompany him on his charter plane back to the Vatican.
Sikhs in western Germany have gathered to protest against a terror strike on their place of worship last week. Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of Hanover to protest a planned trans-Atlantic free trade agreement.

In an interview given to the daily "Bild" a day before he visits Germany, US President Barack Obama has praised German Chancellor Angela Merkel in high tones.
The sixth edition of the World Book Night is underway, part of a campaign to encourage people to read books.
Pope Francis paid his hotel bill and thanked the staff this morning, just one of many signs that he wants a simpler lifestyle than his predecessor, Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican City — On his first day as shepherd of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, Pope Francis picked up his luggage at a Vatican hotel, personally thanked each member of the staff, and even paid his own bill. But now he is pope — the first from the New World and the first Jesuit — and his style both personal and liturgical is in a global spotlight. Hand-Built to Last - Our sheds, gazebos and carports are built to last with exquisite details that make a gorgeous addition to any home. Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Use - Pope's Utility Buildings delivers sheds, gazebos and carports fully assembled and ready to use the same day.
Service You Can Count On - Family owned and operated, Pope's Utility Buildings is committed to providing you the best service possible.
See Our Products Before You Buy - We keep a variety of sheds, gazebos and carports on display at our Tampa location. On-Site Placement - Not sure where your new shed or gazebo will look best in your yard or garden? Firma internationala de avocatura CMS isi dezvolta echipa din Romania prin cooptarea, incepand cu luna septembrie, a Cristinei Popescu (foto), expert pe probleme de reglementare, care revine, astfel, in cadrul biroului local unde si-a inceput cariera ca avocat asociat.
In cadrul CMS, Cristina se va concentra pe activitatile de reglementare si de compliance, in special in sectoarele puternic reglementate, cum ar fi cele de asigurari, tehnologie si comunicatii si Stiinte ale vietii (Lifesciences).
Inainte de a reveni la CMS, Cristina Popescu a ocupat functia de partener al biroului asociat din Romania al firmei internationale de avocatura Eversheds.
Screen Room -Our screen rooms are standard with steel studs, no windows, and a screen door. Barn - The barn style building is available in a wide variety of colors for both the sides and the roof. Double-Wide Units - This unit is constructed with a heavy-duty truss system to support its extra size.
Everyone who contributes will get an invite to the first Open Allotments Party next May in addition to the art I’ll be sending out.
This unit is available in both wood-stud and steel-stud frames with our aluminum-framed door standard with your option of choosing the mobile-home type door or rollup door. It had been recently rocked by the publication of documents stolen by Pope Benedict's butler, revealing corruption, mismanagement and greed. If the documents are deemed to be of "fundamental" or diplomatic importance to the Vatican, the crime is punishable by a prison sentence of four to eight years.
Prosecutors told him that if the Vatican tribunal charges and finds him guilty, he'll face the stiffest sentence, from four to eight years in prison.
Just days after the arrests of the two suspects, Pope Francis publically blasted those behind the leaks, calling it a "deplorable crime." He also vowed that the controversy would not deter him from making reforms to the curia. He says it wouldn't surprise him if the Vatican itself started exposing some of the malfeasance in order to keep the reforms going. Yet as Vatican expert Iacopo Scaramuzzi says, it was another example of the Vatican wanting to keep revelations of corruption quiet.

The pair wrote books detailing gross financial mismanagement and corruption within the church. Speaking off-the-cuff for 10 minutes in easy Italian, he said all Catholics must "build" the church and "walk" with the faith.He urged priests to build their churches on solid foundations, warning: "What happens when children build sand castles on the beach?
All our backyard structures come with complete limited warranties as provided by their Manufacturers (see each item for their specific warranty). Call Pope's Utility Buildings today at 813-626-6289 to talk with our knowledgeable staff about your individual needs.
CMS este recunoscut pentru abordarea sa specifica, sectoriala in ceea ce priveste industriile pentru care ofera consultanta. Ea detine o experienta bogata in domeniul tranzactional si de consultanta, lucrand cu diverse companii multinationale dintr-o gama larga de sectoare – cu un accent special pe industriile reglementate, cum ar fi de asigurarile, tehnologia si comunicatiile, precum si Stiintele vietii.
Pope Francis opened his first morning as pontiff by visiting his long-beloved basilica, paying his hotel bill (and thanking the staff!), and skipping the red velvet cape in favor of a simple cassock. For years, as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Argentine pastor took the bus to work, kissed the feet of AIDS patients, and prayed with former prostitutes, eschewing the luxurious residence that would have been his due as archbishop of Buenos Aires. It is standard with a wood door, metal roof and a certain number of windows and electrical outlets, depending on the size unit you prefer. Suntem foarte mandri de avocatii nostri care fac dovada unei intelegeri amanuntite a domeniilor de busines in care clientii nostri opereaza, oferind in timp real consultanta la cel mai inalt nivel, atat din punct de vedere juridic cat si practic. Din acest punct de vedere suntem foarte compatibili, practica mea fiind concentrata pe cateva industrii cheie, cu un grad foarte ridicat de reglementare.
Practica ei include domenii ca: protectia datelor si proprietata intelectuala, activitalile anti-coruptie, ocuparea fortei de munca si achizitiile publice, precum si consultanta comerciala si de antreprenoriat. All they need is a basic survey of your property to answer most of your placement questions. Prin cooptarea Cristinei intarim o echipa deja consolidata de avocati specializati in specificul unor industrii complexe si diverse, aducand un plus de experienta, pragmatism si o cunoastere profunda a unor arii cheie. Pentru a intelege mai bine clientii si a le oferi servicii foarte performante si perfect adaptate fiecaror specificitati, avocatii din reteaua CMS au dezvoltat practici sectoriale, colaborand cu specialisti cu experienta in-house in diferitele industrii, fiind astfel in masura sa ofere o perspectiva foarte valoroasa generata de o cunoastere in detaliu a domnemiului de activitate al clientului.
We are bishops, priests, cardinals, popes, but we are not disciples of the Lord."The new style was evident even in Francis' wardrobe.
Astfel, clientii nostri internationali primesc cea mai buna asistenta juridica intr-un domeniu foarte complex – cel al reglementarilor, aflat intr-o continua evolutie“, a declarat Gabriel Sidere, Managing Partner al CMS Romania. Acest lucru ne diferentiaza si particularizeaza practica CMS la nivel global“, a declarat Cristina Popescu.
Rather than wear the new golden pectoral cross he was offered after his election Wednesday, he kept the simple crucifix of his days as bishop. Laying flowers on the altar, he then prayed before a Byzantine icon of Mary and the infant Jesus."He has a great devotion to this icon of Mary, and every time he comes from Argentina he visits this basilica," said the Rev.
But that wasn't the only reason he made the detour."He wanted to thank the personnel, people who work in this house," said the Rev. Federico Lombardi said."People say that he never in these 20 years asked for a (Vatican) car," Rytel-Andrianek said.

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