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Ever wonder about what it would be like if you could build a garage any way you want out of any material you want, anytime, anywhere?
Ever expanding is the sea of new garage ideas that maximize a variety of garage designs that redefines the everyday functionality of garages. While you are pondering all the great garage ideas that will lead to the realization of all your garage dreams coming true, think about the latest method of building that uses frameless construction to build insulated garages that are solid as a rock. That’s where insulated Sing torsion box panels can put you miles ahead of your neighbors in very little time because you can easily and simply create your garage with these reinforced structural insulated panels, like a house of cards, only possessing strength greater than that of steel (660 PSI) pound for pound. Regardless of whether your intended use is as a gym, apartment, appliance storage, workshop, RV storage, man cave or office, you can be ready in hours, even if you do it yourself. If you’re going to build a garage with patented Sing products, you can easily erect a single story or two story garage structure with in very little time. The beauty of building your garage with insulated Sing torsion box panels is that you can build a structure that can be portable. Depending on your portable garage’s design, you can create it so that it can be easy moved fully assembled, or by building with modular garage assembly methods that can easily be assembled, disassembled, flat packed, transported and stored for reassembled elsewhere on demand.
If you have higher expectations about a garage that will have expanded uses (more than just a car shelter) you may consider that building your own insulated torsion box structure as an alternative to the prefab garage kits that are commercially available.
Keep in mind that your insulated torsion box panels can be customized to feature any surface building material. Sing Metal is commonly used everywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement is now available to you so that you can build your own insulated torsion box metal garage. Or any other metal type to build any style of metal garage buildings (our steel garage buildings are most popular). For years Sing Core has been providing leading garage door manufacturers with the high quality garage door substrate enabling them to create the most perfectly flat weatherproof insulated garage doors and carriage doors that can be guaranteed to be true flat and not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. A portable carport may be a quick and inexpensive storage solution for homes lacking a garage. Simply put, vehicles such as RVs, trailered boats, and larger riding mowers simply look less obtrusive if parked under a carport. Costs on these units vary according to size and construction materials.  Cloth or other forms of “soft” covered carports are the least expensive. For the money, a portable carport fills an intermediate niche between a weather-tight garage and the great outdoors for storing infrequently used recreational vehicles, boats, and light farm equipment. This entry was posted in Carports, Garage Miscellaneous, Garage Storage and tagged aluminum carport, carport, portable carport, portable garage, rv storage. Our portable metal garage is great for protecting your vehicles, boats or other valuable items! Portable Garage Depot has affordable custom motorcycle storage garage covers or portable storage sheds for any of your motorcycle needs.

Whether a custom motorcycle, maybe a work in progress, our portable shelters are right for you. Protect your personal use vehicles, motorcycles, or all terrain vehicles from harsh elements in a Portable Garage Depot temporary motorcycle storage shed.
Like the rest of our all weather portable products, all of our portable motorcycle covers and shelters come with easy to read instructions, which allow for easy to assemble construction.
Being a leading manufacturer's supplier of affordable portable storage solutions, we offer the lowest in factory direct pricing.
How about being able to build your entire garage structure and all the interior components rapidly without having to sacrifice quality? Not long ago what was assumed to be a car garage has turned into a multipurpose shelter with many different uses with expanded versatility. Previously, this building material was only available for military, science and exclusive high-end application. Whether you are building new, or remodeling a garage conversion, what activity (or activities) will be taking place inside the garage structure? A growing trend is finding people spending more and more time in their garages and using it as additional living space. Since we are spending more and more time in our garages and storing precious memories there, it is increasingly more important to have our garages well insulated to enjoy higher quality expectations. Now you can have the dream garage you always wanted with a fraction of the time, labor and expense required by traditional garage building methods.
This is a shocking approach, especially to experienced builders who have never heard of such a method of building before; but for the designers, architects, engineers and contractors who fully embrace this new technology, they have never been more empowered to make their clients dreams come true. In fact it is this lightweight and strength that makes Sing products the top choice of high end designers and builders of Tiny House on Wheels.
Portable carports have many benefits, there is a type for any need, and carport prices are a fraction of what an enclosed garage might cost, especially if the stored items do not need to be completely protected from the weather. In fact, many home owners associations have regulations which prohibit parking exposed RVs and boats – at minimum, many HOAs require at least a carport covering. These storage units can be purchased in portable carport kits, complete with instructions that arrive in easy to assemble panels. Small, 8’-high fabric-walled carports (offering UV protection) can run as little as $180.  Moving up in size, for a reflective-fabric covered unit (suitable for storing ATVs, motorcycles, or small cars) the carport cost can increase to about $350. They also help cover unsightly clutter in a close neighborhood (homeowners should check with local planning and zoning before erecting anything on their property, though).  These structures are attractive, lightweight, durable, easy to install, and inexpensive and offer a great space for additional storage. Our portable metal garage is available in many different sizes so we can custom fit a portable metal garage to fit your needs! We offer heavy duty construction with your choice of powder coated or double galvanized steel tubing to give you the ultimate in protection against the elements and corrosion.

Simple construction is because of an easy bolt design that allows you to assemble your shelter with minimum tools in minimal time, without compromising the strength of your new temporary motorcycle cover or shed. Let us be your number one source for quality, heavy duty, temporary storage sheds and buildings.
Will you call on the many garage builders that are available or consider building your own garage yourself?
Now this revolutionary new building material is available thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement.
All that is necessary to complete a prefab carport is a few tools and a little elbow grease. If there are tractors or a couple of RVs needing a place to bunk down, a 30’x20’ lightweight tent-cloth covered waterproof shelter will do the job with and cost roughly $3000 – still a far cheaper solution than a garage. Our polyethylene covers are UV resistant, fire retardant, and consist of a rip stop material to avoid tearing, with wind brace supports to avoid falling in tough weather.
Styles include Quonset round, peak or house and for the collector, we offer a truss style big building that offers the ultimate in space and protection.
Will it be a freestanding detached garage or will it share a common exterior wall as an add-on garage? In fact many people are now converting their garages into living spaces for family use, or to provide an additional income stream by renting the space via online booking tool, like AIR B&B. Our portable metal garage is available in 3 different roof styles regular, boxed eave and vertical! Our portable metal garage is available in 14 or 12 gauge framing and 29 or 26 gauge roofing metal! Shapes can range from a truncated A-frame, to the most common peak-roof style, to a Quonset hut shape, to an igloo frame. So if your looking for a great garage at a great price give us a call 1-877-662-9060 or email us today!! The roof and walls can be a polyvinyl, made of canvas, or of sturdier fiberglass or aluminum sectional pieces. Although many portable carports come in what can be considered a shelter style (with short walls or no walls) many carport building kits exist that allow for a completely enclosed structure.
Most carports have open faces; however, some can be bought with zippered cloth doors or hinged metal ones.

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