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The Anderson Poultry Shed Heat Recovery System is designed so that the fresh air and dirty waste air never mix causing contamination.
The airflow pattern through the machine has been designed to maximise the efficiency of heat transfer and has been set up to cause turbulence to constantly keep the air moving and to reduce dust build up. The units are manufactured in the UK and follow a basic design giving rise to minimal problems over the course of its life. The control unit comprises a simple touch screen display showing the outside air temperature and return air temperature and includes a fully programmable growth curve. On going trials around the UK currently suggest an average saving of between 40-55% of fuel usage (of course the amount of fuel saved will be larger during the winter as the heaters are required more often).
Solar power projectsWe are completing around the world a number of solar power projects.Large poultry project in NigeriaNigeria. The MPL 6680 is a mobile poultry house for free range, organic or barn egg production, it is a 6.68m wide unit which has been specifically designed to create the perfect environment for laying hens. The MPL6680 has a suspended slatted floor which is either 66% of the building for free range or 50% for organic set up.
Now one of four buildings this producer has continually added capacity with new buildings each year. It gives us an immense pleasure to enlighten you about our most successful projects islamabad farm houses located at core juncture of adyala road. Farm house, simly dam road area 30 kanals accommodation 3 beds with attached baths plus 2 servants rooms, bath and kitchen.

Modern farming methods require efficient buildings where temperature and humidity can be closely controlled. The all-round tongue and groove edge profile of the boards provide a homogeneous, thermal-bridge-free insulation. STYROFOAM TG can be positioned either on the top of the roof or as internal insulation below the roof structure. Additional protection layer generally is not required if STYROFOAM TG boards are used as internal lining of roofs, ceilings or walls in poultry sheds.
The cleaning of the surface of the insulation boards can be done by pressure hosing or jet steaming.
By passing the warm waste air from the shed over the heat recovery sheets which contains the fresh incoming air we can preheat the air for free before it enters the shed leading to savings in Gas of up to 60% fuel saving fresh air.
It also includes full fan motor protection, fault indication and allows for simple software upgrades. This unit was supplied without the egg collection unit and self installed to keep the initial capital cost to the minimum. Please try the following key words: Houses Rawalpindi, Residential Plots Rawalpindi, Lands Rawalpindi.
The turn around time is very short with no dismantling required as all internal equipment is placed on the slatted floor or suspended from the roof. Automation was initially at a minimum but track feeding and automated excluders were retro fitted to reduce labour costs.

You can also try something different such as Commercial Properties Rawalpindi or Farms Punjab.
STYROFOAM insulation has been used for agricultural applications for more than two decades. A high level delegation visited Agrotop and signed an cooperation agreement.The International Animal Husbandry ExhibitionAgrotop will be exhibiting at The International Animal Husbandry Exhibition in Wuhan China from 18-20th May 2013. The industry is now saving huge foreign exchange by producing parent stock locally.”He added that the broiler chicken rates have reduced. Poultry, he added, is a perishable commodity and farmers cannot retain birds even for a day.“After the ban on chicken export to Afghanistan, there was a slight increase in supply but the rates declined sharply,” he said. He added that with the three million broilers that mature daily, the poultry industry is suffering a cumulative loss of Rs150 million, which is the reason that the poultry farms are rapidly closing down.“More than 70 percent of the poultry industry is located in Punjab,” he said. The breeding cost of one broiler chick in Punjab is Rs5 per kg more than in Sindh because the electricity generated in Punjab is dependant on diesel-run generators.“Karachi’s poultry rates are more than the rest of the country because poultry farmers have relocated their sheds from Karachi due to the inadequate security situation,” he said.

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