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Our team cuts through jargon and marketing spin to tell you what you need to know, with honest, informed opinions and a wealth of experience. Mountain Biking UK celebrates everything that is great about mountain biking, enabling people of all abilities and ages to have a better time on their bike. MBUK brings you all the latest news, coolest kit, plus exclusive info on the newest and best bikes that you can buy. Skip to view deals for Shed ShackleThe Shed Shackle gives you something to secure your bike to in your garden shed when you can't use a ground anchor, when the shed stands on timber decking or soil rather than a concrete footing, for example. A while back we tested the Asgard bike store, perfect for keeping your pride and joy safe while not cluttering up your house or flat.
Chances are that if your bikes warrant a ?500 shed then they are going to warrant some serious locks to keep them in there, initially our hopes had been to run a full on test on a range of locks. Instead we decided to hunt around to see what was on offer outside of the usual ranges available in your local shop.
We are focussing our attention on 2 areas, security chains and anchors to keep them in one place. Pragmasis offer their chains in 4 options of link size, from 11mm to 19mm and almost any length you might need, all made from round-section European boron steel material. Pragmasis offer a range of padlocks to accompany the chains, main thing to watch for is to ensure that you get a padlock that has a big enough shackle to fit your chain, which given how substantial the 16mm & 19mm chains are, plenty of padlocks don’t fit them. The final item we got our hands on was the Torc Ground Anchor, as ground anchors go this one is the daddy, in fact it was voted security product of the year in 2006!
Hopefully over the last couple of features we have given you some good options to help keep things safe, if you want more advice then I can highly recommend giving the guys at Pragmasis a call to point you in the right direction. Ashmei have produced the most expensive bibs on the market, but are they really worth the money? Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. An inexpensive, compact, simple design that is easily swappable, the BTwin Comp 0.4L Seat Post Bike Bag does everything you want from a saddlebag. Sometimes it’s the simple products that stand out, and that’s the case with the Free Parable Design Monkii Cage. The side of the road in the howling rain and approaching darkness isn’t the time to find your tyre is too stubborn to be easily removed from the wheel in the event of a puncture, or that your weedy tyre levers aren’t up to the task. There are many methods for transporting luggage on a bicycle, and the Bridge Street is a simple and effective saddlebag that can fix to most bicycles.
With smartphones increasingly useful for tracking and navigating bicycle rides, there are now a plethora of mounts to fix your phone to the handlebars. Providing ample light output for riding around town and even occasional rides into the dark lanes, the Cateye Volt 300 is a nicely priced front light with a solid build quality and sturdy clamp. The Zefal Profil Max FP50 track pump is a tough piece of kit with a steel barrel and base, so it’s not light, but it is very sturdy. If you want a small and compact cycle computer, the CatEye Strada Slim wireless computer ticks the boxes.
A perennial favourite, the Crud Roadracer Mk2 mudguards can be easily fitted to just about any regular road bike (and, with a bit of modifying, will fit more awkward bikes too).
The Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 dynamo rear light weighs just 15g with three LEDs and is designed to be used in conjunction with the front-facing E3 Pro 2 light and dynamo hub.
For the budding home mechanic or as an easy way of transporting some essential tools if you’re travelling to an event or going on a cycle holiday, the Lezyne Port-a-Shop Toolkit packs just about all the tools you really need in a padded Cordura case.
Keeping bicycles safe at home is a growing concern these days, and the Asgard Annexe bike shed is a purpose built steel shed for keeping up to three bicycles safe and secure.

The Lezyne Zecto Drive front light is a smart, compact front light, designed to alert other road users to your presence. Yes you could use a sandwich bag to keep your phone in when cycling, but the excellent Loksak aLoksak waterproof gadget protector is purpose designed to be waterproof, dustproof and humidity proof. A well-designed multi-tool packing 20 tools including less common options (15mm spanner and chain tool) makes the BioLogic FixKit a top multi-tool. The Shed Shackle is a reinforcing kit that turns your shed wall into a secure locking point. Bike theft is a hot topic and the Datatag UV Stealth Pro kit uses UV stencilling, DataDots and deterrent labels to discourage theft and, if that fails, to reunite you with your pride and joy if it is recovered by the authorities. Some houses are not big enough for even one bike, and for some people, keeping a bike inside the house would be in breach of their rental agreement (I had this at university; fortunately we had a shed). N=>2 but there are so many wonderful bikes out there, and having a stable, each adapted to do different jobs is a must in my opinion. I would also like a folding bike to take with me when travelling for work, so I can go out on evenings. We stock and supply HIGH SECURITY CHAINS in a variety of chain link sizes, 11mm, 13mm, 16mm and 19mm and lengths such as 800mm to 4 metres long.
The 16mm and 19mm High Security boron steel chain are basically impossible to bolt-crop by hand. It's simply a hardened, powder-coated steel shackle with various extension plates.The device fits to any upright piece of timber and it features a horizontal steel support that resists twisting. It soon became obvious this was going to be difficult, firstly none of the big players responded to various requests to be involved, secondly the cost and complexity of doing things properly was high, the tool of choice of the professional bike thief, the Irwin Record 42” cropper is almost ?400 to buy, that’s before you even get into purchase of power tools etc. It soon became clear that UK firm Pragmasis were getting brilliant reviews across the board, offered a massive range of products to cover every need and also offer very helpful customer service to help ensure you buy the right product for your requirements. They suggest that the use of round section rather than square section for the links makes the cropping much harder as it is more difficult to get the initial “nip” on the chain. Also remember that your setup is only going to be as secure as its weakest link, so no point going for an 11mm chain and an all singing and dancing lock as the chain will break much before the lock does. The hardened steel shackle is substantial in size, so much so that it will fit a 19mm & a 16mm chain inside if you want ultimate security.
There’s enough space for the essentials you need on a ride, so a tube, tool, puncture kit and levers. Quite simply, it allows you to transport any size water bottle on your bike, so you’re not restricted to a typical cycling water bottle. These Lezyne Power Lever XLs provide extra oomph for even really tight tyres, being about 3cm longer than most regular tyre levers, yet they're light enough to carry around easily.
It came about via a successful Kickstarter campaign and is manufactured in Warwickshire, and it uses the off-the-shelf Klickfi mounting system. There are four modes activated by the main clicky button, and a neat feature is that the light remembers the last used mode the next time you fire it up.
You’ll want to keep it clean and shiny then, and this Carbon Pro Ultrashine and Protectant works a treat.
They’re well priced and very light - lighter than traditional mudguards certainly - and the MK2 ‘guards are long to wrap more of the front and rear wheel to provide greater protection from road spray.
There are two versions, one that attaches to a rack and a seatpost-mountable one using a rubber O-ring. The tool list is impressive for such a compact kit, and the tools are good enough to become the first tools you reach for when working on your bike at home. Three LEDs are contained in the slim design, it fits easily to the handlebars with a big rubber band, and the six lighting modes offer good runtime: up to 5 hours in 20 lumen constant mode.
It lives in a neoprene case to stop it scratching other items in your pocket, and in use it’s easy to handle with good leverage.
Two hardened, powder coated steel shackles and long plates plus a short one provide a solid ground anchor for your shed or garage. DataTag supply police forces with free scanning equipment and training so if your bike gets retrieved there is a pretty good chance you are going to get it back. And also spouses may not be pleased when steed enter living areas (I'm lucky on this point, because my wife is awesome like that!). The heads on the pre-thread-locked bolts also shear off when fitted so that - save for cutting the whole shed out - it's impossible to remove the device. We do like to do things properly here at DW but that sort of cost is just way outside our budgets!
For Descent-World users the upper end of the range is probably going to be of more interest, both the 16mm and 19mm chains are proven impossible to crop by hand with the 19mm being the chain of choice for the MOD, thats some reassurance.

We matched up the recommended combo of 16mm chain with the Squire SS65CS Stronghold Padlock and the 13mm chain with the Squire SS50CS Stronghold Padlock.
Intended for secure locking of bikes to the wall of a wooden shelf, though we have fitted it successfully to our Asgard steel shed as an additional safeguard along with the ground anchor. The D lock also folds flat which makes it very difficult to get a start on cutting it when it is sitting flat against the ground. The saddle clamp works easily and takes about one second to fit, so you can swap between different bikes easily.
You get a special cage with a Velcro strap to clamp around your bottle of choice, and it slides onto two plastic cleats. The mount is sturdy and secure, and the bag is capacious, with three sizes available depending on your requirements.
That's handy when you’re hurtling along the road and need a quick glance down at the computer to see just how quickly you’re travelling. The sculpted section on the rear mudguard provides protection for the front mech, but can be tricky to fit to some bikes with tight clearances.
It’s a fit-and-forget joy, with no batteries to worry about, and it’s as bright as a battery-powered LED. It features 13mm square section hardened steel, and is available in two lengths, with a super stiff shackle, and it's not even that heavy for the amount of protection it provides. The bonus over a sandwich bag is that you don't get any condensation inside when it's sitting between a wet outer layer and your warm body. There's also a version for steel sheds if you want to beef up the security of a metal bike shelter.
They’re turned on by pressing the lenses, and they clip onto the bike with a simple rubber band, so they’re quickly removed if you’re locking your bike outside.
He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to cyclo-cross, he only wishes he had time to ride them all.
Clearly a wooden shed is a less secure storage option than a garage or steel storage unit but the shed shackle will significantly beef things up.
The anchor is attached into the ground with not one but 4 fixing points, and comes with a choice of 3 fitting kits- Concrete floor, brick & van floor, giving brilliant flexibility. So you could, for example, transport a flask of hot coffee to the office, or for longer rides take a bottle of water up to 1.5l. It’s ideal for daily commuting as an alternative to a backpack, or for light touring and Audaxes. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well.
The larger chains are also too large to squeeze through your spokes so if you do wish to secure frame and wheels you might need to downsize.
The concrete and brick options are obviously you’re at home ones; their fitting is somewhat different to some of the others available which either concrete or bolt in.
We got our hands on a 16mm which is probably the ideal for securing at home and the 13mm which is just about light enough to stick in your bag for a more portable option. The Torc anchor requires a 12mm hole be drilled into a solid concrete base; the bolts are then secured in place with resin capsules. It’s biodegradable and forms an invisible coat to prevent grime, dust and dirt sticking to the frame. Clearly it’s impossible to evaluate security just by “having a look” but both seem very well made and extremely substantial, much more so than anything I have seen in my LBS from any of the big players. At first the concept of using resin to secure things in might seem strange but if you consider that Rolls Royce secure their jet engines in place with a similar method I wouldn’t be worried about security.
The van kit is perfect for security in the back of your race wagon, the fixings for it work in a similar way to the shed shackle, with the bolts going through the van floor and being fixed on the underside with shear nuts. It doesn’t give quite the same level of security offered in a concrete floor but the security level is still significant and if you want it beefed up more then you could always add a steel back plate under the floor, Pragmasis don’t provide these but they can be tracked down from a local blacksmith.
As with the shed shackle these are all DIY fit though might take you up to an hour to do, but worth doing it right as they are not designed to be removed!

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