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When it comes to putting a new building on your property, steel buildings are a smart decision for Birmingham as well as the rest of the southeast because our buildings can stand up to almost any type of weather conditions, including the harsh heat and the stormy weather in Alabama. One of the best aspects of working on your steel building project with Premier is that we have more than 20 years of experience and know how that comes with each building. Naturally, each steel building project will require various decisions to be made such as the overall steel building style as well as the roof structure type and types of doors and windows. Our steel building consultants will help you decide what’s right for each project in terms of your overall desires and needs. Birmingham can be extremely cold in the winter time and extremely hot in the summer, so it’s nice that our metal buildings can stand up to almost any weather extreme. With steel buildings, you have the flexibility in your design to make your farm or business grow in the way you need.
Click here to begin your Birmingham steel building project today! To get an idea of steel building prices, click on the button below for a steel building quote. Our eBay listings are examples of what we have done in the past, we can supply these buildings if you want - but would prefer to offer you what you want, size wise rather than what someone has had in the past.
So if any of the listings are not EXACTLY what you require, Please contact us for a personal listing on eBay for your exact size of unit.
Buildings are made to your custom sizes, with roller doors, PA doors, fire doors, single skin or insulated cladding -you tell us and we will design it for you (we do have size limitations) so contact us for more info. All Buildings are supplied and delivered flat packed with drawings, including base slab, instruction manual and all fixtures and fittings. As an authorised Capital Steel distributor we offer the highest level of support, knowledge and experience on cold rolled steel buildings in the UK. Years of experience in the kit building industry, we know our limitations and we stick within them to ensure you get the highest level of service, and most suitable building for your needs. We have online or telephone support for the building from people who have and are building these units on a daily basis - we have the answers for you. Using modern engineering designs and techniques allied with the portal frame methodology we provide a cost effective solution to your building needs.
Using cold rolled steel that gives us a high tensile, durable and very strong build for less weight than traditional construction methods means we can deliver the units direct to you included in the price we quote you.
Along with the unit you get the architectural drawings for the whole aspect of the unit, base slab, elevations, roof and floor plan - which will be important if you require planning permission. Framework or full SER engineering certification is also available should your local building control department require it - price for this on application. Premier Building Systems is one of the largest and fastest growing distributors of steel buildings in the United States.
Here are some great metal building projects we have already completed in 2013 and some still underway.
Phone Number*Job Site ZIP Code*Mailing Address Optional: Please list your mailing address so we can send a brochure. Typically, color finishes do not bond very well to metals, so it is necessary to apply a primer to ensure adequate adhesion of the system to the metal substrate and to obtain optimum corrosion resistance. For a more accurate color-matching panel, please contact a sales representative from Premier Building Systems. As we travel from place to place in our daily lives, it’s easy not to notice the gradual little changes around us as time passes.

It’s a fact that steel building construction leads the way with new building construction for a variety of reasons.
Constructing a steel building is easier than you might think.  Many of our customers across the country chose to install their steel building themselves. The Who Of Metal Builings Premier Building Systems, has been providing steel building for the last 20 years. For anyone looking for more storage options on their land or farm, metal buildings are a great way to build. Of course, many of these decisions depend upon how you plan to use your Birmingham metal building. Snowfall and rainfall here varies but you may want to make sure your metal buildings are rated for strong roofs.
Since 1995, our premium quality steel buildings have been in use for a wide range of industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural applications. Well ever since around 1982 I have known that Lightnin Rentals was the place to go to rent trucks and trailers but I really did not know Lightnin Production Rentals until I came to work at Premier Building Systems who has had a working relationship with them for years. Often, the color finish of a building will provide added protection against normal weathering. All of Premier's panels feature a standard 20-year warranty on the finish, assuring that it will not peel, blister, crack, fade, or chalk. The colors shown on this page are provided as a list of available colors and associated names. Suddenly, we’ll notice the lot is cleared around the corner, a new building there, a new store there, etc. Homeowners, construction companies, building committees, architects and engineers will tell you the value of using prefabricated steel buildings over traditional construction, so we thought it was time you heard the what, why, how and who of steel buildings as told by our clients- and after 20 years of experience in the steel building construction industry, you can bet we’ve seen and done it all! Steel is used in our everyday  items like appliances, our automobiles, our boats, our farm and construction equipment, and even in the concrete where most buildings attach. Metal buildings can be used for a variety of uses such as backyard shops, hay barns, church buildings, retail facilities, strip malls, RV storage, mini-storage units, hobby shops or  you name it. With prefabricated steel buildings, the customization you will receive in the types of designs that are available will make it easy for you to get a structure that will perfectly meet your needs. Then, calling Premier Building Systems will connect you with your own personal building consultant that can help walk you through all the steps necessary to make your steel building project a reality. For example, you may need standard walk-in doors or larger garage doors depending upon traffic in and out of your metal building. As you’re asked these questions, it will pay to have some knowledge about the terminology used with Birmingham steel buildings, so you can make smart choices.
Just make sure you have plenty of insulation in your steel structure, so you don’t waste energy.
Our team of construction advisors are backed by over 60-years of experience in the pre-engineered metal building industry. If you are in need of a building, whether it is a garage or a mini storage unit, commercial retail building or a barn, you won't regret a prefab steel building as the solution. At most, we’ll think about what “they” are building, but seldom do we stop to consider all that goes into the actual construction process itself.
So, it only makes sense that we use steel to protect all of our valuable items from mother nature’s harsh elements, in the form of a prefabricated steel building?

In fact, prefab steel buildings are just not limited in their uses.   The availability of metal buildings nationwide makes acquiring a steel building easy. Since steel buildings are everywhere, finding someone to construct for you is also simple, especially if you are someone who prefers to let the professionals handle it. Whether you live in Birmingham or just outside Cullman, Alabama, we have all the codes and specs in our system. Finally, you’ll need to make decisions about what type of plumbing, climate control and insulation you want throughout your metal building.
Instead, you can work with our consultants and design and construct your steel building to fit the exact needs of your business. Our steel building professionals take the time to ask questions and make sure that our customers receive the metal building quote that they need.
Steel buildings are more efficient to build, require less construction time and are easier to maintain during the life of the building. Click on the quick quote for steel buildings prices or call us and see how metal buildings prices can make your construction project more affordable!
The images below are the three great new steel buildings just being completed for Lightnin in Lawrenceville, GA. Rarely do we think about the decisions behind the construction or why so many people choose to build steel buildings. Whether you live in the mountains of Virginia, the rolling hills of Oklahoma, flat lands of Texas or the swamps of south Georgia, steel buildings can be erected anywhere.
When you have this many reasons about the advantages of steel buildings, it’s easy to make a prefabricated steel building your #1 choice.
We have all everything you’ll need for steel building types of load ratings the structure will need to last.
Our customers trust our professionals in building premium quality buildings for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural steel building applications. They enjoy the ease in which our product goes together and the service we provide, without having to pay extra to get it.
Our prefab metal buildings are factory made according to your design and specific construction needs. And last but not least, our pricing makes owning a steel building more affordable than ever. We can deliver a metal building kit to your construction site, and get it assembled according to your schedule. Premier Building Systems is located in Atlanta Georgia, but we work with property owners all across the southeast. Fill out a quick quote form or call us today to explore the best prices for steel buildings!

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