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This Rubbermaid vertical storage shed has 52 cubic feet of storage space for your garden tools and accessories.
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More and more people are beginning to realize the advantages to using a plastic tool shed as a storage unit. Every single gardener knows the tremendous value of a high quality and organized garden tool shed. It is going to be totally up to you whether you want to build your own garden shed or buy a prefabricated shed.
If you are a handyman or a carpenter, then building your own gardening tool shed is obviously the best choice. There are many garden shed kits on the market, and one of the best you can get is made by Rubbermaid. These Tool Shed pictures will give you some examples and options for designing or building your own shed.
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If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question. I think it would be large enough for 2-3 chickens as long as they could get out during the day.

You could fairly easily make something much nicer and more *functional* for less than $200. I like the idea, but if you really want to keep the cost down keep thinking outside the box and you might come up with a cheaper alternative. This site features a range of tool sheds such as outdoor tool sheds, garden tool sheds, Rubbermaid tool sheds as well as wooden tool sheds among other products.
It is constructed out of a heavy duty, double walled plastic and is completely safe from leaks, dents and harsh weather.
She is kept busy with a small herd of sheep and loveable dog who thinks he is every farm baby's momma.
These tool sheds are extremely durable, highly resistant to water, and they will never chip or dent.
You'd need to add a BUNCH of ventilation (not just holes, either!) to that rubbermaid thing to make it work, which would be a goodly piece of work and I would also be a bit concerned about how well the doors etc would stand up to concerted attack by a dog or raccoon.
My wife thinks I am crazy because every time I see an outbuilding or a travel trailer or pretty much anything in a back yard I say, "Nice chicken coop." I actually converted an old dog house into a 3 hen coop and it didn't cost anything for materials. To make my coop I went to a used building supply store and got a free old bathroom cabinet with 2 cabinet doors and a drawer (no counter on top).
You can find large Sears tool sheds, Sears tool shed kits, Sears metal tool sheds as well as Sears wood tool sheds in various sizes and styles.
You can find large Home Depot tool sheds, Home Depot tool shed kits, Home Depot metal tool sheds as well as Home Depot wood tool sheds in various sizes and styles.

You can find large garden tool storage sheds, metal garden tool storage sheds as well as vinyl garden tool storage sheds in various sizes and styles.
You can find backyard vertical tool sheds, backyard horizontal tool sheds, vinyl backyard tool sheds, resin backyard tool sheds as well as metal backyard tool sheds in various sizes and styles.
You can find large wood tool sheds, wood tool shed kits, outdoor wood tool sheds as well as wood tool sheds with floors in various sizes and styles.
Your weather there is probably a lot like we have here in Portland, OR (an inch of snow a year) and other than chipping the ice out of the water dish the girls never have much trouble in the winter. This shed does not come with indoor shelving, but Rubbermaid wall anchors can be purchased to hold shelves, hooks and other storage accessories.
No matter whether you're looking for a wooden tool shed, a metal tool shed, a tool storage shed or a backyard tool shed, you're sure to find something that fits you needs perfectly.
If you can leave it open and secure all sides of the enclosure (especially at night) that would be fine.

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