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Once upon a time in studios far far away, a few producers decided to make some house tracks. However not just any tracks, but tracks that would leaving lingering memories of their melodies long after the battery on our iPhones had died. Rediscovering our favorite songs from years gone by is like finding an old photo album from high school, and coming to remember a part of ourself’s that we thought we had forgotten.

And how about the first time you listened to Tribal Blast on Oskido’s Church Grooves? That part of ourselves, that’s inextricably linked to the tracks that helped shape the person we are today.
You see, the fact of the matter is that there are some house songs that will forever remain timeless for house music lovers, and some house compilations that will forever remain classics for the SA house masses.

We’ve put together some classic house tunes from years gone by to help remind you of the person you used to be.

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