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Last year’s 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 was found to only have 8.5GB useable onboard storage due to its operating system taking up the rest. And what you can see is that on the 16GB model of the Galaxy S5, half of the on-board storage is used up before the owner even turns on the phone. This time around there’s only 7.86GB of usable space on the 16GB Galaxy S5 (as shown from the press area demo unit above)—and that’s before carriers have had their chance to put on customizations, which could bring that number down further. Samsung isn’t the worst culprit here when it comes to system bloat, but it reminds us of the 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro, which only comes with 23GB of usable storage.
If you go through the Samsung Galaxy forums, you will notice there are a bunch of people complaining about MicroSD data corruption – and cards just outright dying after a few months. Although there is cheap flash memory, the typical internal nand is quite a bit more expensive. The rest of the storage is for installed apps, which the preview smartphone probably has in order to demonstrate its features. Out of the millions(including myself) who use a microSD card, only a handful have complained about corruption. The ability to expand a smartphone storage space is one advantage most Android users have been enjoying for quite some time now. While there are a lot of advantages in using a microSD card on disadvantage to this is that if it becomes corrupt you won’t be able to access the data stored in it.
In this latest installment of our focused troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 missing pictures in microSD card & other related issues. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5  or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to contact us using this form.
On the phone side try taking out the battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. If you still can’t access the photos then take out your microSD card and try to let another computer read it. In case all of the troubleshooting steps listed above fails then the card may already be corrupt. If you have activated the cloud backup feature of the Google Photos app in your phone then the photos can still be accessed by opening the Photos app. Problem: I bought a Sandisk sd card and it was working fine then I noticed that some of the pictures in my gallery were black with exclamation points on them.
Solution: There may be some app or data in your phone that is causing the card to be corrupted. If however the microSD card can’t be formatted by your computer then you may have bought a defective card. Problem: My rooted Galaxy S5 with a 128gb Samsung SD card was working fine for the past 6 mo. Solution: The good thing about this problem is that the data stored in the microSD card can still be read by your computer. If however you still can’t access the microSD card even in Safe Mode then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. If however you can copy a file to the microSD card then the problem may be with your phone. If you still can’t format the card then take out the microSD card and connect it to your computer. Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone. Rooting is the process of gaining administrative rights on your Android device.  Once we root our Android device, we can then make changes to it to customize it well beyond what it normally can do. Increase performance (after removing apps that are always running, the device will be less bogged down and run smoother).
Tons of other customizations when you use your new found administrative rights to flash a custom ROM (again, see the end of this procedure for more info on that). By the way, don’t be scared, you can always put your device back to stock by heading to our Rooting How To’s section, finding your device, and doing the How to Unroot listed for it there.
Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit. You can flash Tons of Custom ROMs after rooting and flashing Custom Recovery for better performance and looks. You might not receive any future official software or firmware updates after rooting and installing Custom ROM in your Android Smartphone. Download Samsung USB Drivers Here and connect your device with PC for complete the installation.
Enable USB Debugging in your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T.Click Here if you don’t know how to enable. Boot your device in Download mode , Press & Hold Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button at same time.
Now click on Start button in Odin to start the installation process.It take few minutes to finish. One of the best reasons for owning an Android smartphone over its iOS counterpart is the option to expand its storage capabilities. While there are a lot of advantages in having a microSD installed in your phone there are also some cases where this causes problems. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 or any other Android device for that matter then feel free to contact us using this form. Aside from sending us an email you may also reach us at our Facebook and Google+ social media accounts. Problem: Hello Droid, So my Galaxy S5 which was bought from the day it was released has been going through some problems with the SD card. Solution: The microSD card unexpectedly removed error not only occurs on the S5 but other Android devices as well. A possible reason for this is that the microSD card contacts have dirt on them or the microSD card slot contacts in your phone are dirty. Solution: You will need to isolate the microSD card first and see if this is causing the problem. Problem: When I did my software update I had a notification that my SD card was damaged after rebooting several times I had to use another card. Solution: You have to check if your card is really damaged by taking it out of your phone then connecting it to your computer. Before inserting the microSD card back into the phone you need to reboot your phone by taking out its battery then press and hold the power button for at least a minute.
Reinsert the battery and the microSD card then check if the card is still detected as damaged by your phone. If it is still detected as damaged then you should backup your phone data then do a factory reset. If you are looking for solutions to your own #Android issue, you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of this page, or you can install our free app from Google Play Store. Question 1: Duplicate contacts ( my husband and I share a contact list though our shared email address and this seems to create a problem) he has about 300 contacts and I only have about 150. If you happen to have a lot of non-identical contacts (that is their names do not match with one another) you have no other choice but to manually add the details individually. What I am wondering is, is there a way to make my SD the primary  storage for ALL of my phone, aside from just pictures and videos through the camera settings?

For example, if you use the Burst shots feature on your camera, the pictures will be saved to your device’s internal memory instead of the SD card.
As mentioned above, some apps require that they be stored in the primary drive so if you have a lot of such apps, you should see them under Storage section. A good thing to change to remedy the situation is by ensuring that the camera’s default storage is set to use the SD card, especially if you are fond of creating videos or photos. Also, make sure that music and other documents are stored in the SD card instead of the primary storage. One of the common mistakes Android users do when working with an SD card is by getting it out of the device without turning the phone off, or by not properly unmounting it. If you think that your SD card is not working properly, try to reformat it regularly to stretch out its lifespan. If you want to look for other articles we’ve posted that answers some SD card problems, just follow this link.
Press and hold the Volume up button, the Home button, and the Power button together until you see the Android on screen. Use Volume down again to highlight Yes – delete all user data and press Power to select it. Factory reset will restore the default settings of the operating system including the files needed to proeprly read the photos. When using camera, after snapping picture, I get the message “phone storage not available. When using WhatsApp, I cannot send or receive any images since it seems WhatsApp automatically uses phone storage rather than SD despite phone settings. Background: This is a Sprint phone but is unlocked and currently running on Koodo network in Canada.
If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know. We offer solutions for Android-related problems for free so if you have an issue with your Android device, simply fill in the short questionnaire in this link and we will try to publish our answers in the next posts. When describing your issue, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. How clear cache galaxy s5 , Knowing how to clear the cache on the galaxy s5 is part of your smartphone health toolkit, and it's easier than you think. How factory reset chinese android tablet - readthetech, How to factory reset chinese android tablet tutorial will guide you step by step to recover your chinese android tablet password with easy method.. Samsung galaxy note 4 tutorials, tos, guides, faqs, Samsung galaxy note 4 time shortly released, tutorials . How recover mobile data factory reset?, How recover data factory reset android mobiles, samsung, htc, sony, motorola, lenovo, huawei smartphones tablets?. Just few months back Samsung has launched the largest flagship with all new remarkable features and hardware, yes I am talking about the Galaxy S5. Samsung again launched the Active version of Samsung Galaxy S5 with attractive and robust design. The Galaxy S5 Active manages to do all this without feeling like a tank by design, though. Once it’s get done, head over to the Google Play store and download and install SuperSU.
If you are facing issues with downloading files or in following steps, do comment below your queries, I will try to solve them all. Galvin Carter, the Associate Editor at The Tech Bulletin, is a computer programmer by profession and a geek by passion.
The Mashup Root tool is capable to root root almost all the smartphones running Android OS. Personally I don’t think having a removable back is an option everyone would want to trade for that, highly overrated option that is niche.
I have been using these for years on different smartphone’s and I have never had a single problem. This comes in handy if the internal storage space of the device is running low and you still have lots of music and video files to store. If the storage space runs out then its owner can just insert a microSD card (up to 128GB) to expand the storage capability of the device. We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. Since your computer can’t seem to read the card try to use a different adapter since the one you are using right now may be defective.
We need to do this to clear out your phone RAM which if it contains some corrupt temporary data may cause this issue. In this mode only the pre-installed apps are loaded making it easier to pinpoint if the problem is caused by some downloaded app.
You can try using some data recovery programs available for Windows computers to recover the pictures stored in the card however this won’t work unless your computer recognizes the microSD card. After using the Kitkat SD card patch, the phone had no problem using or recognizing the SD card. Since this appears to be a phone related issue you should first try wiping the cache partition of your phone. If you are still unable to write data on the card then proceed with backing up your phone data then do a factory reset.
Press and hold the power button for a minute to discharge your phone circuit and clear out the RAM.
Extract files from both Odin and CF-Root by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Extract here. In this article you will find out How To Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 G900T with the easiest method. Now, you can head to our How to Flash a Custom Recovery procedure for the Samsung Galaxy S5 (T-Mobile) to open up a whole new world of customizations for your Android device!
If it still won’t work, try flashing back the stock firmware (search our site for the same) and then retry the procedure above.
However, you can flash back the stock firmware on your device that’ll remove root as well as get your device back to its factory state. Try checking this first and if you spot any dirt on either of them then clean the dirt using a pencil eraser or a cotton bud dipped in alcohol.
To check if this is the case you will need to back up your phone data and do a factory reset.
Its File Allocation Table may be corrupt causing you not to copy files to it or having broken photos. The fastest way to add details to a particular contact in an S5 is by merging identical ones. If you can move files in and out of the SD card using another device or computer, that clearly indicates that the phone is not working properly. While SD cards seem to offer a good alternative for our storage days nowadays, there are still other digital stuff that needs to be kept in a phone’s primary storage device or the built-in storage.
The same is true for other apps like email apps and those with higher security requirements. About 2 months ago now I noticed that I have been running low on storage resources…namely the phone tells me I am low on storage space. Doing a reformat instead of deleting photos individually is also recommended to avoid having the SD card retain an entry point of a file. Different devices use different storage systems and having another device access files on the SD card without reformatting it can create complications.

If nothing changes after a reset, that means that the files in the SD card are now corrupted. Please check Storage status of your device by following the steps provided for El above and make sure that there’s enough space to store files. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. According to the Samsung this is a complete smartphone in this planet that features, fitness tracker, finger print sensor, great camera and much more. Be it Startups, Innovations or financial deals.The Tech Bulletin was founded in 2014 and it serves as a part of The Bulletin Network. To have more than half of the advertised storage used up by the operating system—isn’t that a bit much? It’s been several years since 8gb was phased out, 16gb should have been phased out by now too.
This takes out the temporary data stored in your device which sometimes if corrupt can cause this problem. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting your device if there’s any unrooting procedure available. If you need more storage space you can simply insert a microSD card into the phone to increase its capacity. This and other related issues are what we will tackle in this latest installment of our troubleshooting series. Try clearing the cache and data of this music app then check if the issue still occurs (take note that you need to insert your microSD card back into the phone to do this).
Once the reset has finished proceed with checking for any new software updates that may be available for your phone and apply them accordingly. From your computer you can check the card if it is damaged by opening it using the file explorer. I partially fixed the problem by adding the contacts I wanted off my husband list and then ONLY displaying my phone contacts… but there are still contacts missing on my list… is there a way to transfer or change the list a contact is shown in? I know there is always a risk when buying a phone through a secondary route, but I was on a tight budget. File packages belonging to the operating system, some apps, and some camera modes are designed to store stuff to the primary storage even if there’s an SD card installed.
When I first got the phone I put in a 32GB SD to store my user files so as not to have this issue in the first place. Both worked fine for several weeks (the first lasted 5-6 weeks, the second 10-12 weeks) and then suddenly stopped working. Each card has a set number of times that stuff like photos and videos can stored, deleted, or restrored. If everything looks normal and there’s more than enough space for your files, please do a factory reset to see a difference. If you have already tried some troubleshooting steps before emailing us, make sure to mention them so we can skip them in our answers. Also we have seen that last year after the launch of Galaxy S4 they launched S4 Active version that differs the build and design along with some internal changes. Not counting one of the most gorgeous displays in the world, SG5 turned out to be a waterproofed SG4 on steroids, with Apple TouchID sensor built-in!!
We however ask that when you do contact us try to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given. Until last week I went to get a picture from my gallery and none of my pictures were there. Like an example, I transfer a video, sometime it would play just normally, and after like maybe 30Min later.
Short of it: I moved as many apps as allowed to the SD card, and deleted about 10 or so altogether.
Doing so keeps the SD card cleaner and you minimize giving potential errors from developing. It still says they are there (I know this because under where it tells you how many pictures you have, it still says 1,120), it just won’t show them. I purchased a third sd card (Samsung), this time not from Ebay and again after about a month or so it gave me the same message. If you still can’t format the card then wipe the cache partition of your phone and attempt another format. The most annoying problem is when the SD card is being unexpectedly removed from the phone.
If your computer can play the songs fully then the problem is not with the card but with your phone.
Storing pictures, videos, but everything else was still being stored to my phone and not to the external storage.
STILL whenever there are mass quantities of updates I get the triangle-exclamation icon stating that the updates cannot be applied because of storage space issue. In each case, the phone would say no SD card was mounted, then when I tried to remount it that the card was blank or had unsupported files. We therefore find it interesting that 2 SD cards were easily worn out in a matter of weeks. Pressing the power button had no effect so I had to remove the battery to get the phone to reboot. If we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends. However, if the same issue occurs on your computer then you will need to get a new microSD card.
Ideally you should get a new microSD card to replace the old one or you can format the microSD card that you have and hope that this resolves the problem.
I was guessing if it was the driver or the cable, but no cause, transfering file in the internal memory work fine. If you can’t open the files then the card may already be defective and needs to be replaced. In addition I noticed that the apps I move to SD reappear on the System Storage after an update, which means I have to re-move those apps over, and over, and over…you get the picture. When I try to reformat, I get a message that the card has been removed, and then a repeat of the blank or unsupported message. After rebooting,    all the widgets with apps that were on the sd card showed Android SD icons.
Sometimes though the card can be saved by formatting it so I suggest you do this first before purchasing a new card.
If you can open the files then the error message you got from your phone may just be a software glitch. I tried unmounting the sd card and remounting it, but it still can’t read any data on the card.
Sometime the video gets like slow transfer, before it was fast, now its slow and sometime freez.

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