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Thought I'd also provide some "relative" price comparison with similar garage cabinets I looked at on-line.
I was contemplating going with the seville cabinets myself but opted for unfinished wood ones and finished them myself.
I bought a few of those Seville cabinents, I don't think they are quite as nice as the Gladiator but when you look at the price then they can't be beat. The Seville Classic cabinets are all steel, a combination of powder coated metal panels and stainless steel doors. The other cabinets in the comparison are steel, as well, from the information I was looking at.
One thing to note with the gladiators if you get the prebuilt ones they are welded up and very solid.
I actually prefer the look of the Gladiator cabinets, but I'm just not sure I can justify the premium price. I figure for a bench, two wall cabinets, a rolling cabinet and a couple of tall cabinets you would spend $1165 MORE for the Gladiator then you would with Seville. As far as the workbench goes, while I have yet to put it together, it definitely looks bulletproof.

Extrapolating that differences in pricing (above) to the rest of my six pieces plus the wall cabinets (probably ~4) I will buy to match and it is easily $1000 less than Gladiators. Granted, I’m not the most organized toolmonger out there, but I never really could justify the price for most of these systems.
I was just at Sears to look at these, and I have to say that Craftsman quality has gone way down in recent years. What interests me in that photo is the epoxy-coated floor…anybody have experience with these materials? Those pictures bring to mind images of Felix Ungar frantically running around in the midst of a panic attack when those things get the slightest bit of overspray, or body dust on them, or oil, or any of the million little messes that happen when you use a workshop. The amount of tools used by the majority of “toolmongers,” like myself, will fit in one modular upright combo of 3 tool boxes. Rob Simpson { Hey Chuck, I was about to buy this plasma cutter and I am sure your blog will further be a great help. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
While not necessarily exactly "apples to apples" in terms of all features (aka, # of shelves, ~metal gauge, all construction details, etc.), I thought the significant difference in price was worth mentioning.

Ultra HD Storage Cabinet and various other brands of similar size garage cabinets that Sears sells. They also come with a whopping price tag that can run in excess of a grand if you get carried away.
I love having my own handiwork involved in the shop where I practice handiwork on other projects.
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