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After a summer enjoying the warm weather, you can look forward to taking your cozy winter clothes out of storage without any worry of damage or wear! Easily switchable for the seasons and very helpful in helping me get ALL of my summer clothes out next year!  Stay organized and stay homey!
So if you are blessed with a large closet and have room to store clothing for the various seasons together then this post is not for you.  But what do we do if we have limited closet space yet want to hang on to our size 5 clothing even though we are now a size 9?  Or what do we do if it’s winter and our sweaters are buried under our tank tops and shorts? If you have a storage room or extra room in another closet, using totes to pack away the not needed clothes is something else to consider.  I prefer clear totes but anything would work including cardboard boxes!

And if you are really ambitious this post on how to make your own storage shelves for your totes is awesome.
Do you hang on clothing that no longer fits for “someday”?  How many wrong sizes do you hang on to?
Feel free to add other wrong size & seasonal clothing storage solutions to the comments.  Thanks! Space is a premium in our new to us but old home and we definitely do not have a large closet that happens when your house was built in 1860.

I plan on heading out for under the bed organizers in my room tomorrow so that I can make the most out of my space.

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