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With the median rent for a Manhattan apartment hovering around $3,833 as of January, it doesn’t look like living in New York City will be getting more affordable anytime soon. Whether you just need a locker to store a handful of things or a single car garage-sized storage unit for serious downsizing, we provide all the size options you need for NYC storage. For years, Manhattan Mini Storage’s chief branding officer, Archie Gottesman, and marketing VP, Stacey Stuart, have been pushing the envelope.
Manhattan Mini owns its own billboards, so its most controversial content generally gets the largest canvas. In 2004, the Anti-Defamation League made Gottesman take down an advertisement that was viewed as anti-Semitic.
Regardless of your political outlook, most observers agree that Manhattan Mini Storage caters well to its audience. Even if the New York demographic is an anomaly, this doesn’t mean that provocative advertising can’t work elsewhere. Welcome.The Storage Facilitator is the modern self-storage professional's destination for useful education, intriguing news, diverse expert perspectives, technology updates, and beyond. Get our free white paperThe Four Pillars of Profitable Self-Storage Management is an in-depth resource that empowers facility owners and managers to get more out of your business and stay ahead. The information contained herein has been obtained from third parties and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Manhattan Mini Storage provides a full range of products and services to meet your moving, storage and mini storage needs. Here at The Storage Facilitator, we love social media and believe in the importance of maintaining a strong profile. Ivan is no stranger to our blog, and he’s certainly famous in the self-storage world not just for his handsome face, but also his impeccable customer service. Ivan’s presence is also a great example of what quirky and fun marketing can do for your facility–according to the managers, customers will stop in just to see his furry magnificence. With over 1,600 likes on Facebook and an active online presence that spans from Twitter, to Google+, to Formspring, SmartStop Self Storage continues to impress us with its thorough and enthusiastic online presence.
In addition to posting regular updates of facility news, SmartStop facilitates customer interaction by frequently holding contests and giveaways. A regular and welcome face in #Storchat, our weekly self-storage Twitter chat for industry professionals, U-Lock Mini Storage has a whopping 1,337 followers–and that’s just as of this post. With over 9,000 fans on Facebook, almost 5,000 followers on Twitter, and a robust amount of customer interaction across all of its mediums, StorQuest’s online presence is definitely something to be envied.
StorQuest also sets a great example of making itself worth following for its customers; fans who answer a weekly riddle, trivia question, or identify a movie quote correctly are automatically entered for a chance to win a giftcard to a different vendor every week. Storage Post boasts a nice balance between fun references to Downton Abbey, cool updates to Lego USB ports, and helpful storage-related tips.
Manhattan Mini Storage has become somewhat of a celebrity even outside the self-storage industry; its advertisements and billboards have been noticed by BuzzFeed, Adweek  and all of Manhattan. A quick glance at their Twitter shows high activity, especially in responding to and interacting with their followers. Images courtesy of Security Self Storage, SmartStop Self Storage, U-Lock Mini Storage, StorQuest, Storage Post, and Manhattan Mini Storage. In New York City, where we are all densely packed onto this Manhattan Island with so many wonderful things to do, such as seeing a Broadway show or a sporting event, visiting one of our many great museums, landmarks and wonderful parks, or shopping in many of the wonderful neighborhoods or large department stores. Complete our form and have storage companies in Manhattan send you the lowest quotes for storage! Basically, mobile storage, also known as portable storage, is a storage option for Manhattan, New York area storage renters interested in avoiding the hassle associated with renting, loading and unloading a truck. Over the last decade, mobile storage has surged in popularity among Manhattan residents and businesses.

As with traditional self-storage, you can certainly access your stored items at any time simply by visiting the Manhattan mobile storage facility.
Gotham Mini Storage in Manhattan offers an unparalleled self-storage experience in New York City.
By renting a storage rental unit with Gotham Mini Storage, you can have the best of both worlds: You get to keep your things, and you can live in a cheaper, clutter-free apartment. We know the safety and condition of your stuff is paramount, and that is why our self-storage units are equipped with alarms, motion sensors and climate-controlled facilities.
To be sure, the ads have made waves in the marketing world, but have they translated into more storage business? However, we at The Storage Facilitator believe that if you have the economies of scale to do so, a popular ad campaign targeting your area can separate you from the competition. Taking an ultra-liberal approach, Gottesman and Stuart poke fun at Republican politicians and don’t shy away from many political, social or religious issues. By advertising your facility, you make it more likely that a customer will choose you over your competitors.
For example, if your facilities are in an area with a ton of social conservatives, perhaps a pro-gun rights campaign could bring positive attention to your facility. This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management.
The Search Is On…For The Most Chaotic, Cluttered, Disorganized, Unruly Apartment In All Of Manhattan -- Manhattan Mini Storage Launches the First-Ever Super-Duper-Help-Me-Unclutter-My Apartment Contest! With 17 mini storage locations in Manhattan, we’ve become THE moving and storage solution for over 250,000 New Yorkers. With social media comes an unprecedented opportunity–the chance to communicate with your customers in real-time and establish a personality and voice for your brand that helps grow your business.
As the “Ambassador of Customer Happiness” at Security Self Storage, Ivan is active on both Twitter and Facebook. It also has its own professional cycling team, Team SmartStop, which it constantly covers on all of its social media. U-Lock is popular on Twitter for good reason–followers get to enjoy fun links, storage musings and regular conversation, all courtesy of manager Darlene McDonagh, who runs the Twitter. What sets the blog apart from others in the industry, however, is its focus on the employees. The Santa Monica-based facility encourages follower and fan engagement by presenting a fun platform for its customers. Its ads perfectly encapsulate the city it represents–proud, diverse and clever, with a healthy dose of snark. What makes them special, however, is that Manhattan Mini’s tweets and responses are personalized to every customer they talk to, which shows that they take the time to treat each person as an individual.
With one phone call or email, you can pick out the right sized storage unit for your needs, arrange for a free curbside pick-up of your belongings, order packing and moving supplies and buy a lock for your room.
With mobile storage, the storage unit is delivered to the customers Manhattan area address, they load it, and it is then picked up for secure, indoor storing at the storage operator’s facility in the Manhattan area.
Previously, within traditional self-storage, a storage renter would be required to take certain steps in order to place their items into storage.
Upon inputting your contact info into our quote request form, you’ll also receive rates (and promotions) from mobile storage companies throughout the Manhattan area. If you're looking for self-storage options in  you may want to consider a mobile storage solution.
Our Manhattan self storage facility is conveniently and centrally located close to Hudson Yards, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Broadway, and Times Square.
Along with all of that, our low price guarantees we will beat the prices of other NYC storage facilities. For example, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority forced the company to take down a series of particularly incendiary gun control advertisements, such as “The Founding Fathers believed in gun rights.

However, the boundaries have been pushed since then, and Gottesman has become emboldened to take more risks. The ads are New York-centric, thus suggesting they are aligned with the Manhattan experience.
We’ve talked time and time again about the necessary attributes of a compelling social media presence, but what are some live examples of this? Facebook fans can find photo albums of Ivan as he poses for various holidays, including Chinese New Years, Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day. SmartStop’s online presence is entirely unique and fun, bringing a touch of excitement to storage.
With a ton of interaction with fans and followers, U-Lock demonstrates the best way to show just enough personality to humanize and transform itself from storage facility to friend. Readers will find a “get to know our employees” feature, which asks a random U-Lock staffer 10 questions to “gain a little insight into the person they are when they take off that infamous lighted U-Lock hat and leave the office.” It’s a fun and great way to get to know the company and encourage customers to feel more at home when they come to store their belongings. From its random questions like, “Fill in the blank: On an Easter egg hunt, I wish I would find __________,” to its real-time posts about April Fool’s and the Academy Awards, to commiserating with its customers about Monday mornings, the storage facility’s social media profiles are relatable, fun and well-rounded.
Additionally, its Twitter is chock full of links to blog posts and interaction with followers and storage-seeking users. Storage Post is also active on Youtube, clocking in with 53 videos. While a huge amount of its fans and followers may be attributed to these ad campaigns, Manhattan Mini stays ahead by updating with posts relevant to New Yorkers and isn’t afraid to speak out about social and political issues, which its fan base appreciates.
Oftentimes Manhattan Mini’s replies turn into two or three-tweet-long conversations, which is wonderful for not only growing customer loyalty, but also painting themselves as a friendly and accessible company. We started to provide storage to Manhattan customers back in 1980 from our original location at 131st and Broadway until 2012 when Columbia University wanted to expand their campus into Harlem.
Our self storage units are ideal for personal or business storage use and are climate-controlled with computerized alarm systems. Downsize from an 800-square-foot apartment to a 700-square-foot one, and you are looking at potentially hundreds of dollars in savings every month.
Not only are we located near some of the most popular Manhattan neighborhoods such as Midtown West, Chelsea, Broadway, Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen, but we also provide a free truck and driver for moving into your unit. This has worked for Manhattan Mini Storage because its audience is Manhattanites, who for the most part are pretty liberal. In random order, here are some of our favorite self-storage facilities that demonstrate a smart and effective use of their social media profiles. When he’s not vogueing it up for his friends and followers, Ivan posts storage tips, news and tutorials. Youtube can be a great way to reach a whole different set of customers, as well as cater to those who are more visually inclined, especially for tutorials and demonstrations. We love their Twitter and Facebook’s cheerful and grateful attitudes, and so do over 7,000 followers on both networks alike.
Today, we have two other storage locations in the area at 134th and 135th Street, both on Broadway, so if you need extra space or are on the move, Tuck-It-Away Self-Storage can meet your needs in Harlem, the Upper West Side, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights (NY can be hilly!), down to Chelsea and Midtown where we serve such downtown Manhattan neighborhoods as the Village, Flatiron, SOHO and more.
However you come across your storage needs, we are here for you with either one of our Manhattan-based storage locations or save money in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Newark, NJ. Visit our New York self storage location in Midtown Manhattan today, or call to speak with one of our professional, friendly onsite managers to reserve a unit for your self-storage needs.
This contest is open to anyone who has more books than bookshelves, more toys than toy boxes and who not only finds themselves king of the hill – but on top of a heap! The perfect mix of personality, humor and storage-related news makes Ivan one of the most effective and cute storage mascots in the industry.
Many people just need to tuck it away and not visit, so it may be worth the savings and make your belongings part of the B&T crowd.

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