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It’s about that time: to open up your favorite Pandora Christmas station and start wrapping those gifts!
Of course, it bears remembering that most laminated, shiny gift wrapping paper is not recyclable. So what can you do if you want to provide earth-friendly gift wrapping both inside and out? Fabric gift wrap is available online from many earth-conscious retailers — or you can choose to give your gift in a reusable book bag or grocery bag.
Of course, the most important part of Christmas is sharing love—that is always the best gift to wrap and re-gift! I worked as a Commercial Construction senior project manager for 17yrs for two international companies during my career. I worked for a Hi tech vehicle manufacturer as their Senior Project Manager for several years, here in Montana.
I love race cars and racing in general, my 3 sons are all race car drivers and our family enjoys travelling and racing all over the NW U.S. This month, Windmill Storage begins an expansion project that will add 101 units to our facility. When this semi truck pulled into our facility, it drew people to view its impressive graphic which portrays why people move to Montana, “Big Sky Country”. In turn, we impressed the driver when he saw the surveillance cameras monitoring our 600+ self storage lockers. There is no finer office space location in the Flathead Valley than the Windmill Business Park. Is your office getting smaller and smaller?  Do you have boxes full of 2002 client folders?  Are your past years taxes filed away somewhere in one of those boxes by the water fountain?
Office documents that are kept, as required by law, should be in an area free of outside water, and high humidity. From electronics and pharmaceutical drugs to office furniture and office file boxes we’ve got you covered and climate-controlled – literally, with our climate controlled storage units!
Declutter your home by removing unwanted or unused clothing, furniture, and household items. Decluttering, donating and deducting can help create a happier environment, provide inward peace and help others. Carter’s Pills – A sample box of allergy medicine or a barrel of clicky pens, a storage unit is perfect for a Drug Rep. Knee Knockers – Always smacking your knee against that one coffee table that barely fits in the room?
Big Ole’ Pumpkin – The garage was so spacious, then came t-ball, soccer, and that motorcycle we couldn’t pass up.
If you are storing things from your home and from your student’s dorm room you might benefit from having two smaller units. If you decide on one larger unit rather than two small, make sure you have a plan of organization.

Established in 1970 as one of the first self-storage providers in Pennsylvania, Stowaway Self Storage continues to expand and adapt to meet current storage needs. Each site has multiple sizes of units and leased office space makes it especially convenient for those business that need a physical location as well as storage. Our storage consultants will help you determine what size will work for you and provide you with storage tips. Follow us on facebookStowaway Self Storage-JohnstownSpace is at a premium for most small companies.
You could hardly describe the self storage industry as 'sexy', but it is one of the largest and most robust property sectors in the world. OFFICExpress can provide you with affordable office space for rent and the tools to help your business run successfully.
The commercial office spaces are available empty or fully furnished.  There are conference rooms, cubicles and executive style suites available with these office space rental options. Entrepreneurs are always looking for perfect office space to work on their projects, conduct day-to-day business and be creative.
Using a self storage facility for office space rental is just one of the alternative uses for self storage that we are excited to offer to our customers.
Our family moved back to Montana in 2004 so our 4 children could go to high school here with their cousins.
Most of the new storage units will have oversized electric garage doors that measure up to 14 feet tall.
He visited with the resident managers about getting his 18 wheeler through the intimidating fenced facility & coded gate. Our office suites and warehouse facilities offer conveniences such as freight delivery, heated storage, computerized gate access and our ideal central valley location. By removing excess possessions, you reduce cleaning time, make it easier to find things, and provide a more relaxing, comfortable environment for you, your family, and your guests. During this time there has become a “norm” when it comes to what goes inside a storage unit.
Using a unit to store sports equipment and holiday decorations can save a lot of frustration. Imagine a space without kids yelling, dogs chewing, or friends “borrowing”, welcome to your storage unit.
Two separate units will allow you to easily move in the dorm room in August, while still allowing access to your favorite Christmas decorations in December. Keeping a list of what you have in your unit and even where things are placed in the unit, can be very helpful during a stressful time such as holidays. Ask your storage unit representative what he thinks; he could very well have some key pointers.
Authorized access is only with the use of your person PIN, and 24 hour access is available. Contractors, cleaning service providers and businesses with extra filing needs have found this to be the best of both worlds.

We have office space for rent in a variety of sizes at four of our locations:  Etna, Murrysville, Forest Hills and New Kensington. Please contact our corporate office and let us help you find a solution for commercial office space. The office space that is available for lease at four of our self storage facilities have great amenities for small businesses. That is way having safe and secure storage is a top priority at STORExpress.  The office space rentals at our facilities are protected by a state-of-the-art video surveillance systems and are only accessible via keypad gated entry giving our customers peace of mind that their business and office equipment are safe while in storage.
If your business is more on the creative side, then our artist studios at 448 Studios might be perfect for you. The majority of the new storage units will measure 12-13 feet in width to 22-35 feet in depth, but there will also be standard 10×20 units in the mix as well.
He was here to pick up a family’s unit that was relocating and the wide driveways made it easy for him to maneuver around.
A climate controlled unit that is located in the center of one’s stops is a life saver for any dynamic sales representative. Getting a small unit and using it to store furniture that is in the way or unused can easily unclutter your home. Decorating for any holiday can be simple with the help of a unit that is organized with clearly labeled boxes. Jumping over a box of baby books, Tonka trucks, and baby’s first rattles to get to your reindeer and Santa hats isn’t ideal. Office space rental rates start at only $160 a month.  We offer month-to-month contracts allowing for the flexibility needed for today’s small businesses.
We currently have many different businesses that use our office space over a range of industries.
The offices are have full heating and cooling capabilities and utilities are included in the monthly rental cost. 448 studios was specifically built to offer 60 artist studios for rent in a variety of sizes. Seventy-four of the new units will have interior lighting, and be large enough to facilitate boats and RV’s.
Organizations that would love to have your second hand items include Goodwill, Rescue Mission, The Salvation Army and your local churches. As with any other product a great marketing campaign can go a long way to convincing a potential customer.

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