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In case you haven’t seen me lately (or ever), I’m about 16 months deep into growing my hair out, which has increasingly become a pointless and comical experiment gone wrong.
Owned by ex-bandmates Chris Applegate and Michael Regino, SHED is not your typical get-in-and-get-out barbershop. I attended an Old-Fashioned Friday after my cut, and there were easily 150-200 people there throughout the night. After all this talk about Old-Fashioned parties and free beer, keep in mind that we’re still talking about a barbershop. SHED Barbershop offers what Applegate describes as “classic services in a modern environment,” and it delivers just that in a simple, yet sophisticated, manner.
I personally booked online ahead of time with Brandon, one of SHED’s stylists who also has long hair.
During my appointment, conversation flowed throughout the shop in a casual and inviting way, backed by a high-quality record player spinning a diverse library of vinyl. Co-owners Applegate and Regino spent a ton of time researching the market prior to opening, and it shows in their early success.
Whether you’re looking for a regular haircut, or always look like you just went skydiving with no helmet and are in dire need of a cosmetic miracle, SHED Barbershop has you covered. In addition to the wide array of products and services they offer, they stay true to their community through local partnerships and monthly events that bring people together in a unique way. TOP: Barber and owner of "Aub's Unique Barber Shop," Aubrey Dahozy, from Fort Defiance, poses in front of his small shop Tuesday in Fort Defiance.
SECOND FROM TOP: Barber Aubrey Dahozy carefully cuts a customer's hair at his shop in Fort Defiance on Tuesday.
It's both, and it's the most creative use we've seen yet for the portable buildings that are springing up all over the Navajo Nation like mushrooms after a rain (see accompanying story).
Aubrey "Aubs" Dahozy calls his shop south of the Fort Defiance hospital "Aub's Unique Barber Shop," and that is no exaggeration. Dahozy puts out his barber pole when he's ready to receive customers, and takes it down when he's not, but that doesn't stop them. But Dahozy was not always the whirlwind of positive energy depicted in the mural by his cousin that covers one tiny wall. In Project Challenge and Job Corps, he cut his fellow campers' hair for three or four dollars. In Job Corps, he completed both his GED and his carpentry certificate, but barbering remained his first love. Dahozy graduated, got his license, and bounced around to three different barbershops in Gallup before he settled in at Pro Cuts. You would think that would have been a wake-up call, but "I started drinking harder than ever," Dahozy recalls. While some find small portable buildings like Dahozy's a sad sign of the recession, he's perfectly happy in his little bachelor nest. At the moment he's visualizing his next goals: to put plumbing in the shop and a basketball court and roping dummy out front so his customers, mostly young Navajo men like himself, have something to do while they wait for a haircut. For himself, Dahozy's got a picture of a grey Jeep a€” his dream car a€” on the mirror, and he's trying to conjure the perfect mate.

After the transformation he's made, nobody minds helping out Dahozy, according to his cousin, Phylander Kirk, who has dropped by to talk to Dahozy about the Web site Kirk is setting up for him. Former Navajo Housing Authority head Chester Carl, during a break from his recent trial on corruption charges (he was acquitted), believes the latter.
But for some, like 31-year-old barber Aubrey "Aubs" Dahozy of Fort Defiance (see accompanying story), the portable he lives in and runs his business out of is a portal to independence.
His family made the down payment for him, he said, but when the business started taking off, he took over the payments. For young singles like Dahozy, an elderly couple, or a single mom with one or two kids, the portables are large enough to live comfortably in, said Sheldon Spencer, who sells Graceland brand portable buildings out of his family's tire shop along U.S.
Spencer said he doesn't do credit checks, and so far hasn't had much problem with non-payment.
The company also sells small-scale furniture and mattresses to fit in the tiny houses, and can finance those items as well when you purchase them with a building.
The portables are just shells, with no insulation or dry wall, but Spencer said his family fixed one up for their tire shop for about $1,500. But it's still far cheaper than a regular house, and unlike a home you build yourself, you can have a roof over your head right away.
We proudly use and sell Reuzel Pomade, Uppercut Deluxe pomades, Suavecito pomades and shaving supplies, Bearded Bastard beard oils and mustache waxes, 18.21 Man Made shampoo and styling products, and Edwin Jagger shaving hardware and product.
Located in the heart of South Austin, SHED Barbershop & Supply is more than your traditional barbershop. We deliver the standards: straight razor shaves with a full hot towel treatment, classic cuts with attention to the finest details, crisp lines and clean fades, all within a rugged and modern environment.
Thanks to Shane Nesbitt for coming through the shop yesterday to show us a few of his tricks. Luckily for me and everyone around me, I got word of this place in Austin called SHED Barbershop and decided to book an appointment.
It feels like a tightly-knit yet welcoming community, and that’s exactly what it’s intended to be. Located in a popular area on South 1st Street, SHED hosts monthly “Old-Fashioned Friday” events inside the shop after hours. As you might have guessed, the same community feel carried over from my earlier experience getting a haircut, and I had no trouble making new friends and socializing. The staff is next-level talented, and are all carefully screened for not only their styling abilities, but for their customer service savvy, as well.
My goal was to have my hair styled so that I could keep growing it out and be allowed in public at the same time. Just when I thought my situation was unsalvageable, I look in the mirror to not only see my face, but hair that actually looked…good? Since launching in March 2014, SHED has grown faster than expected, to the point that they’re getting ready to secure a second location on the eastside of Austin. Based on that, we figured it would do well, but it’s definitely blown up a lot faster than expected. SHED offers high-quality haircuts in a modern environment that always puts customers first.

His bed is in the loft, his bicycle hangs on a hook, his dizzying array of baseball caps hangs on hooks for his mostly male clientele to admire.
You kind of want him to cut your hair on the off chance that some of his bodacious energy will flow through your scalp and into your soul. He's seven months sober, which any alcohol-dependent person knows is a tenuous claim to make. He bounced between jail and alternative programs, where he would do real well but then get into trouble again the minute he got out. Worried about their talented but apparently doomed son, his family decided to lure him back to Fort Defiance, where they could keep an eye on him.
But his customers followed him to Fort, and in short order he was able to take over the payments.
Spencer sells a basic 384-square-foot shell for under $4,000, with a down payment of $332 and financing as low as $166 a month. Of course, making one into a real house with heating, plumbing and a kitchen would cost far more, perhaps getting into the realm of Carl's estimate. Thirty miles south of Spencer's shop, a truck driver was fueling his vehicle, which was pulling a trailer laden with a portable.
But we pride ourselves on providing a complete styling experience focused solely on the person in our chair, as well as a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that you’ll want to come back to over and again. I thought I was going in to get a haircut, but what I actually got was an unbelievably fun night at one of the hippest joints in town. In addition to serving free Old-Fashioneds (made the right way, I might add), they bring in a DJ and food from a local establishment. I half-expected him to decline my appointment after seeing my head and the unrealistic task at hand.
My barber would intermittently throw in tips on how to make my hair not look like it got stuck in a blender on pulse mode, and would make it a point to include me in other conversations that made their way to his chair. And to help keep it that way, I was shown to SHED’s extensive collection of hair products for sale. We definitely want to ride that wave and keep pushing for more locations and partnerships,” explained Applegate. Dahozy got sober, opened his business and seized his own redemption all about the same time last October. That seems to be the one thing Dahozy can't do; when he's not microwaving Hot Pockets in his pad, he trots behind the shop to his grandmother's house to see if she's cooking a meal. Some of them are storage sheds, but others have little porches with cars parked in front of them, and are clearly being lived in.
A deluxe, 392-square-foot building with a porch and two sleeping lofts is under $10,000 with a down payment of $893.
Thankfully, Brandon is a nice guy and, like the rest of the staff, extremely knowledgeable and talented in the ways of hair care.

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