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A shed’s tiny little surface area can actually be transformed into a mini-euphoria of sorts. When we decided to go with chickens instead of a cat or a dog for pets, we were wondering how big the project for constructing a coop would become.
The roof was cleared of all leaf and twig debris and given a fresh coat of rust proofing paint sprayed on. Some closeup details of mitered corners, mesh installation and electric fence wires at the bottom of the door.
If possible attach your run to an end, rather than the sides, so that water doesn't run off into your run.
Citygirl loving country living with DH and my 3 children!  It's our own little "farm" on 2acres in Eastern Nebraska.  1 quarter horses-Skipper, Jack our Black Lab, Lucy grey farm cat,4 kittens, 3 Khaki Campbell ducks & a pair of Sebbies!
This small brick house, dated from the second half of the 19th century, was in a deteriorated state when it was bought by the current owners. Actually, the building was nothing more than a rundown shed and its age (from 1860s) is not that old, but its conversion is still exciting and worth exploring it.
The stairs to the first floor, that takes only half of the house space, are also unconventional.

So… I have this romantic idea that perhaps one day we could renovate one of the shearing sheds on our property into a home.
I love how the shearing stands have been kept and it looks like the original floorboards have just had a light polish and varnish. Many people find great pleasure in the usage of these storage gold mines; however, many people allow them to wilt away amongst the shrubbery.
Handle hardware cloth with care, the edges are sharp - gloves, jeans, jacket and eye protection are a must.
The building had hosted different functions during its existence, like coach-building workshop or an artists’ studio. I like that they haven’t tried to hide the features, but have rather highlighted them. We put in a full 8 foot copper clad steel earthing rod behind the coop ( It is driven into the ground. For winter we added a metal heater base that was purchased at the same neighborhood feed store.
Frankly speaking, I’m not sure if I would buy such a thing (not really valuable from the historic point of view) and in such a technical state, but the new owners had a strong vision and succeeded in turning the structure into an interesting place with its own distinct style.

And all that combined with the exposed wooden structure elements of the roof which gives an old flair to the interior space as well… Interesting mixture! Not especially children-friendly but fits perfectly with the entire design theme of this wonderful home. Here’s some photos that have reignited my dream; I think I might have to run this idea past Mr Farmer again! We did add a small fan on 90 degree summer days.For winter, we kept the original sliding doors in place. This process involved some crawling under the structure, kind of claustrophobic under there, but it could be done. The toolshed is also used to store feed in a large galvanized bin, the supply of crushed oyster shell grit and the box of diatomaceous earth.

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