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JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet? Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings.
Signing up for Paper Tiger takes less than 60 seconds, and you can start solving your problems with paper minutes after signing up. Until the invention of the computer, the alphabetic method was about all we had for a system, but it has many problems. This is an excellent way to eliminate your problems with paper as long as you can live with the compromises inherent with scanning. However, scanning is not without problems and it is important that you understand the risks involved and have some possible solutions in mind before committing to this option.
First, when you are using Paper Tiger, all hanging file folders in your file cabinets are setup at one time and they never change (these are numbered using the tabs that you print out from the software). Because the hanging file folders are already setup and waiting for your information, you eliminate the time-consuming hassle of having to find and create a file folder each time you want to file something. Paper Tiger automatically finds the next available open folder (closest to the front) when you file something new, so that your files stay compact and neat, taking up the least amount of space possible. Additionally, there are times when you want to move a file from one place to another (for example when you archive information off-site), want to merge two files together, want to duplicate a file or simply want to toss (delete) a file. By numbering the binders and entering in keywords describing the contents of each binder (newsletters, company names, slogans, themes, what ever you have in the binders, etc.), you can save a lot of time finding what you are looking for! No matter how you store your CDs, you can number the CD itself or the edge of the jewel case & find the one you are looking for by using a keyword or category search. Numbers are placed on the box with a description of the contents entered into the Paper Tiger. If you have a special spot that you store your precious items, make sure you remember what is stored in what location. Insurance agents frequently tell us that we should have a documentation of our belongings in the event of a disaster. While we would like you to consider de-cluttering before paying for multiple storage sheds, (whether storage sheds in your backyard or renting storage) that is not always possible.
If you are in any type of business that requires the changing of cars in and out of lots, Paper Tiger can help you know where each vehicle is! Because your paper file index is on Paper Tiger, your administrator can actually take a vacation and your office can keep functioning! In today's business environment, your staff (or you individually) must be very productive and not waste time on such things as looking for files. By using The Paper Tiger software, your business will have a powerful index of all your paper document resources, just like you have a chart of accounts for your accounting. With old fashioned filing methods, it is easy (especially if files are shared with co-workers) to end up with a file cabinet full of duplicate files. The software allows you to printout an alphabetized index and keep it at your desk or take it with you when traveling, etc. Paper Tiger allows you to file information physically one way but easily organize files virtually in a totally different way using Categories. We provide SSL security for all accounts to ensure your data gets to and from our servers safely and securely! Also, Paper Tiger allows you to export a backup of your data at any time to your own computer for safekeeping and peace of mind.

Paper Tiger adheres to the TRUSTe industry standard for privacy so you can be assured that your privacy is protected. Tens-of-thousands of businesses, government agencies and non-profits now use Paper Tiger to manage their filing. The Monticello Corporation, makers of Paper Tiger software, started in 1995 and started selling Paper Tiger software in 1998.
The Monticello Corporation, makers of Paper Tiger software, has been a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB Online) since 2003.
In our eighth year we offer a flexible yet proactive service to our clients and as we are a small agency we can offer design and marketing services at very competitive rates.
Whether you are a start up or established business, SME or large corporate, your image needs to reflect your brand values and that remains priority throughout – from project brief to completion.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Win a garden shed and a luxurious overnight stay in rural Worcestershire Garden sheds up and down the country reveal a wealth of creativity and individuality - and the materials and design used also make a big statement about how green the owners are.
In the Fall of 2014, Startup Hall moved into its new home; 21,000 square feet of newly renovated space on the second floor of Condon Hall, an award-winning Brutalist building constructed in 1973 and former home of the law school library. SHED Architecture & Design, a Seattle-based architecture firm, was hired to renovate and transform the space to create an exceptional new modern space with an economy of means. The plywood-clad phone booth served as the building block of the design, separating the central common areas and meeting rooms from the shared workspaces. Aesthetically speaking, the plywood adds warmth to the bare concrete spaces of Condon Hall, while the glass, chalkboard paint and white boards impart a tech-industrial aesthetic to the workspace. SHED also axed traditional enclosed conference rooms in favor of transparent glass to maintain a visually open appearance and feel in the collaborative workspace. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. In today's computerized world (on every desktop) and with products like Paper Tiger, there are not many good reasons to use the alphabetic method.
Scanning allows you to easily share information, get rid of the paper, more easily find the information you are looking for, reduce purchases for file cabinets, etc.
This works much the same as what you might do with a hanging file, but you want the items to be a bit more mobile. This is great for a household that has two people arguing about how they should be organized! Use Paper Tiger to identify your special possessions & anything you would like to remember. Number all of your storage containers and place in numerical order in your basement or other storage area.
Make sure to tell your emergency contact where your inventory is in the event that you cannot get to it. Being really organized and streamlined is no longer an option but rather a requirement for business survival. There are also other reports in the system that make file clean-out and staying on top of action dates much easier. Really any physical object can be indexed and organized - file it randomly using a number and use the computer to find it fast when you need it!
We are a small creative design and marketing agency with traditional business values and a clear understanding of our clients individual marketing needs. The importance of sustainable design is at the heart of a campaign by Birmingham City University, and the simple, familiar structure of the garden shed is being highlighted as a fun way of getting the message across.

During the ten years preceding Startup Hall’s tenancy, the University used the building as surge space resulting in a rabbit warren of offices and discarded furniture.
SHED’s approach was direct and unsparing: remove all detritus, demolish non-structural elements to expose the native concrete structure, and design the infrastructure necessary to support and nurture a collaborative workplace. While the new phone booths provide a quiet, private workspace insulated from the energetic startup environment, SHED reconfigured existing spaces for informal social interactions and large-scale events.
The renovation of Condon Hall transformed the outdated space into an incubator for innovation. Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. There are many advantages, not the least of which is the office looks and feels more streamlined.
To make it even sweeter, each birthday and holiday time, when family members are asking for wish lists, you can print out what you have on inventory and they get something that is not on the list. When you need to find something, type in the keyword & the container number will be displayed in seconds. Number each compartment of a container, with the corresponding number in Paper Tiger for each type of craft item. Actually, the same person can file things in a different way on different days – depending on how they are thinking and feeling that day! In addition, if you have staff turnover and should you lose your administrator – who would really know how everything is filed? A new installation called 'My Grrreen Shed' is to be unveiled at Grand Designs Live at the NEC Birmingham from 10-12 October.
When you need to find a specific reference, with the Paper Tiger you can now search by keyword and find all books pertaining to the subject you need. Some people also print out an inventory of what they own & give it to family members so that duplicates are not bought!
It is much easier to ask a family member to get box #10 than to ask them to get the Fall decorations!
For cross-stitch floss, number each floss and enter the keywords in Paper Tiger to document the color name, color number, brand and any pattern that has used the color. No more time wasted on scanning through shelves and pages of your material to find what you need. This means they will never need any further treatment - saving time and money and helping the environment.Terms and ConditionsThe closing date for this competition is 27 October 2008. The prize is for the winner and partner to visit the Forest Garden Ltd factory in Worcester, choose a garden shed to the value of A?550, for delivery and installation by Forest Garden. Winners will also enjoy an overnight stay, with dinner, bed and breakfast at Brockencote Hall in a double room.
The dinner, overnight stay and bed and breakfast at Brockencote Hall is valid for Sunday to Thursday only.
The prize must be taken between January – March 2009 and cannot be taken on a bank holiday.
Travel from the winner's home to the Forest Garden Ltd site in Hartlebury, Worcs and to Brockencote Hall in Chaddesley Corbett, near Kidderminster, Worcs will not be provided.

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