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I am a newbie to the forum, but have been lifting for a couple years and bike racing (track, road) for 20+, and recently decided to take a break from it. So, if you are Oly lifting, are you planning to build a platform or just put down stall mats?
If you need to have room for squat stands, then I can't imagine that you will get by with a space smaller than 12' x 12' and still have room to safely bail on a lift. I found this article online, which talks about how they can sell you a setup for a garage gym.

Huh, don't recall them asking for permission for commercial use of my photo to sell their gear. A client wanted a 30x12 shed to perform two functions to be a games room for the kids and also be used as a gym so he and his wife could enjoy some keep fit. Note: the stairs are now gone, the idea of lifting on a second floor with 6 foot ceilings wasn't the smartest move. And, that size would essentially leave you no room for storing anything else once you have the squat stands, bar and bumper plates in there.

This shed is large enough to have a full sized table tennis table with room left for the running machine and exercise bike.

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