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Aussie Sheds is a West Australian owned and operated company and we only use quality Australian steel. All of our kit sheds come with detailed building instructions as well as phone or email support to ensure your build is hassle free. If you prefer we can organise shed transportation for you with one of our preferred freight partners who have been chosen for their care and value for money. We’re experienced in dealing with Government and corporate procurement processes and will ensure you get all the required paperwork to meet your decision making and audit needs. We encourage you to contact any of our recent clients to confirm our commitment to service. Our sheds and garages are manufactured in Perth by Australia’s largest shed manufacturer. Our sheds and garages are fully engineered up to cyclonic standards and are ShedSafe™ accredited so you can be assured your shed has been engineered to comply with the Building Code of Australia. With our state-of-the-art shed builder software, we can generate a custom shed design in seconds with 3D walk through capabilities. Generate site specific AutoCAD prepared plans that take into account topographic and weather requirements of your site.
With our shed design & pricing software, we can generate a custom 3D shed design in seconds.
This home demonstrates an impressive range of passive cooling design principles in a challenging tropical climate, creating a comfortable, responsive and low maintenance home with minimal environmental impacts. The Top End’s tropical climate has high humid summers and warm winters, with mean maximum temperatures of 32°C and a mean minimum of 23.2°C.
The couple wanted a modestly sized, two-bedroom home with generous living spaces and a ‘look-out’ space to watch for wildlife and fires, and make the most of the views. The block is in a high risk area for fire and termite attack, so the home needs to be able to withstand these attacks.
The home has a high-pitched roof that minimises sun exposure and creates a cathedral ceiling to maximise air circulation.
In highly humid summer and warm winter climate zones where there are no heating requirements, buildings with high thermal mass are undesirable. Large windows to the north, east and south admit maximum ventilation and are fitted with insect screens so that they can remain open through the night. Apart from a split system air conditioner for occasional use in the guest bedroom, this house has no air conditioning. Due to the high risk of termite and ember attack no timber has been used in the construction of the house. The greenhouse gas emissions of this home would be significantly less than those of the average household.
Water from the wastewater treatment system is used to irrigate an orchard and vegetable patch, including elevated no-dig garden beds. Careful consideration was given to indoor air quality through the selection of products and finishes that reduce indoor air pollutants.
Good design in this home ensures it is naturally ventilated, encouraging breezes for air exchange (see The healthy home). The design of this home gives consideration to the changing needs of residents over its lifetime. Shower and toilet rooms are designed for disabled access, and all doorways are wider than standard.
A gel-based storage battery, combined with a photovoltaic array, provides a reliable power source.

Sewage from the home is treated with a commercial wastewater treatment system that uses worms and other organisms to turn the sewage into garden irrigation water.
Because the house is in a private conservation reserve and has large open window areas with natural airflow, living in it is like camping. As the batteries (for the solar power system) age we may supplement the panels with a small wind-powered generator to compensate for seriously cloudy days during extended monsoon periods (there is usually a breeze even at night during the monsoon). The success of the project was very much due to the builder’s willingness to take on something out of the ordinary and to understand the principles of sustainability embodied in the design. From inquiry to quotation, purchase to delivery and build we will strive to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Your shed design will be customised to your specific site and location, while also taking into account anticipated usage and environmental factors such as wind load on the structure.
Choose from Colorbond or Zincalume Steel and a range of options and accessories including skylights, insulation, mezzanine floors, roof ventilation and much more. Built to last and to be resource independent, it has also been designed to adapt to the changing needs of its occupants. The 80 hectare block is almost entirely uncleared open eucalypt woodland and is a registered Land for Wildlife property. A ground-floor utility room was part of the original design but was not built because of budget constraints. The clients want to demonstrate through this home that a passively cooled, solar powered house can be built to withstand the extremes of climate common to this region for the same amount as a conventional air conditioned home typical to new suburban developments in Darwin. Lightweight (low mass) materials are preferred: they cool down fast when temperatures drop and they don’t retain heat.
The home and outdoor living area are shaded year-round by the roof and eaves (see Shading).
The cross-shaped plan ensures the home is only one room wide throughout to encourage cross ventilation. Smaller windows to the west — which receive the late heat of the day — are fitted with aluminium louvres that can be angled to keep the sun out but still admit breezes. Rainwater is collected from the shed roof and stored in three above-ground rainwater tanks.
Renewable energy sources produce no greenhouses gases in operation — solar power supplies most of the home’s energy needs. Solar panels are roof mounted on arrays at the back of the shed away from the house site for ease of cleaning.
This home avoids the use of plastics, fibreboards, paints and chemically treated surfaces to minimise volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemicals that evaporate or ‘off-gas’ into the atmosphere. The shower and toilet rooms are designed for disabled access, and all doorways are wider than standard.
Its 6kW stand-alone power system includes solar panels, an inverter, control equipment and a gel-based storage battery (to reduce corrosive fumes). They say the passive cooling?air flow aspects of the home are so successful that for the cooler months of the dry season they are considering installing a heater!
This paid off in the Cyclone Carlos 1-in-500-year flood levels when we were able to help flooded neighbours because our house was on dry land and still with power (the grid shut down).
It took a four year search to find the right builder, someone willing to build the home without wanting to make major modifications to the design. We offer a range of beautiful and spacious house designs perfect for the Australian climate, and our staff have worked within the industry for many years and have gained a wealth of experience in the design and construction of quality steel kit homes. Sheds N Homes offer a range of beautiful and spacious house designs perfect for the Australian climate, and our staff have worked within the industry for many years and have gained a wealth of experience in the design and construction of quality steel kit homes.Our world-class affordable housing solutions are friendlier to the environment and your pocket as the material is much lighter, meaning it is easier to transport, effectively using less machinery and less of your hard earned dollars.

As the Darwin River runs through the eastern end of the block, up to two-thirds of the block is river floodplain and becomes seasonally inundated. During the wet season the region is prone to cyclone activity, heavy monsoonal downpours and flooding. The roof is clad with steel and lined with insulation with an air gap to act as an additional insulative barrier to heat exchange. The focus in this climate is on passive design strategies to achieve optimal comfort by excluding sun year round, and by utilising passive cooling principles such as maximising exposure to cooling breezes and encouraging air movement and evaporation. The bathroom on the western side of the home buffers the bedroom from the sun’s heat (see Passive cooling).
While the embodied energy of concrete and steel is relatively high, the design of a long-lasting building in these conditions will ultimately reduce the impact of the embodied energy of the materials. By minimising demand through energy efficient design, greenhouse gas emissions have also been reduced.
The inverter and batteries are housed in a well ventilated and insulated (to reduce heat gain) part of the shed to keep them from overheating and to reduce noise interference with the house.
Kitchen benches are commercial grade stainless steel, internal walls and ceilings are unpainted, and floors are cement sheet on steel bearers, surfaced with slate from Kununurra.
There is provision in the design for a lift to be installed if required at a later date (see The livable and adaptable house). This system does not have a backup generator because the owners wanted to minimise non-renewable energy use in the home (see Photovoltaic systems).
Tiny ants have, however, caused serious damage to the electrical systems on two occasions, necessitating replacement of expensive components.
Frog calls are so noisy in the wet season that we have to watch subtitled films as the TV can’t be heard on 100% volume setting (this is not considered to be a bad thing).
The house is sited in the western half of the block, away from the river, on the highest point to make the most of seasonal winds: south-easterlies in the dry and north-westerlies in the wet.
The owners say this insulation specification turned out to be controversial with local builders and was the deciding factor in the choice of builder. The house has been elevated to allow air to circulate beneath it and to enable bedroom and living areas to be raised above the surrounding vegetation understorey to best catch breezes.
They work by circulating air, which increases evaporation of sweat from your skin — they cool the person, not the room (see Heating and cooling).
Significant savings from the recyclability of steel will also reduce the life cycle impact of the material. The floor joists are closed channel steel to prevent accumulation of pests, moisture, embers and dust. The loft over the kitchen draws cooler air through the living spaces by convective air movement (hot air rising to exit at the highest point) from shaded areas below (see Passive cooling).
Interior lights are outdoor designs with open bases so they do not accumulate insects during the wet season (see The healthy home). An unsealed access road connects the site with Darwin River Road, where only electrical services are available: there are no sewerage or gas services to the site. Or just maybe you are just looking for the perfect recretaional retreat where you can entertain your friends?

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