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This flexible pref-fab shed kit makes a perfect Tool Shed, Storage Shed, Garden Shed, Backyard Office, Guest House, Yoga Studio, Reading Room, Artists Studio, Cabin or Bunkie. All Modern-Shed Kits are pre-fabricated in our factory and arrive panelized and ready for installation.
Designed as a place for visitors to rest their travel weary bones this Guesthouse concept could easily be adapted as a Laneway House for the Vancouver marketplace. Typically the Vancouver Laneway House market is filled with a lot of rather expensive building options. You can purchase Modern-Shed Prefab Laneway House with as many or as few options as you like. Currently Prefab Laneway Houses (Laneway House) are permitted in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Maple Ridge. Impressed by the architecturally designed Modern-Shed and Westcoast Outbuildings commitment to excellence the customer choose a 8 x 12 Model for his North Vancouver Shed. Utilizing the existing concrete slab (with some cuts to square it up to the new shed) Westcoast Outbuildings built this stunning North Vancouver Shed on site in a matter of a week or so.
Our Cedar Sheds are supplied complete with two 2’ wide Doors, made from Tight-Knot Western Red Cedar – and unlike other sheds on the market, include all the components, hardware, flooring and roofing at one unbeatable price.
Please note that Porch Kits must be installed when framing the main structure of the shed before any siding is applied. Cedar Porch Kits are subject to prior sale and normally supplied within 1 week of purchase.

They range between $1200 – $3200 depending on the style, the amount of customization and if the customer needs it assembled on site. Once your project is received, it will be prepared by the Blog crew and scheduled for the next Monday morning posting.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Typically a pre-fab Modern-Shed of this size makes a perfect Tool Shed, Storage Shed, Garden Shed, Backyard Office, Guest House, Yoga Studio, Artists Studio, Cabin or Bunkie. Our building systems is highly flexible and gives you the ultimate control over what your Modern-Shed will look like.
All Modern-Shed Kits are pre-fabricated in our factory and arrive panelized, ready to install. From the day your order your Pre-Fab Shed Kit to the day it’s ready to ship from our factory it is 4-5 weeks.
All Modern-Shed Prefab Building Kits are pre-fabricated in our factory and arrive panelized, ready to install. This kit includes everything you need to to install it yourself with an integrated floor system and fully insulated. Many other Metro Vancouver municipalities considering the Laneway Housing concept to increase urban density.
Cleaning of the plugged pipe led to the removal of the fence which sheltered the old metal garden shed.

Most recently he saw one on site at the Vancouver Aquarium where we supplied two buildings in the fall of 2011.
For structural integrity – the Porch Kit needs to be tied back onto the larger framework. This will prevent the structure sitting at moisture level and will allow air-flow which helps the Wood to breath and dry out when it does get wet. In turn – critters like Possums, Raccons and other small rodents or mammals, love to feast on these juicy treats. Shown above are a few being assembled at Windsor Rentals in Qualicum Beach (Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada). The Prefab Building Kit acts as the Vancouver Aquariums’ main ticket building for the duration of their current renovations which could be several years.
His new North Vancouver Shed had to be one that was architecturally designed to match the scope & scale of his Westcoast style home. Protect yours by sitting it on top of cement patio slabs or pier blocks with a Pressure Treated sleeper system running perpendicular to the joists. This will prevent weed growth and allow for better drainage under the floor of the shed which will hep maximize the lifespan.

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