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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. So how many times have you been out playing golf only to be drenched by an unexpected downpour. Successfully wind-tested at near-hurricane force wind speed, the WindPro® is unparalleled when it comes to wind protection and weather durability. The new WindPro® Vented Auto Open is a combination of elegance and function, designed to not only withstand high winds, but give maximum coverage from both the sun and the rain. AXS TV pays tribute to music icon Prince this weekendYesterday’s tragic news has brought the world to a standstill as countless individuals mourn the loss of a true icon.

Well if your an avid golfer, you've likely lost count or if your like me no rain or sleet is going to stop you from a good round of golf. And much like anything else in life, the "You pay for what you get" tagline typically holds true. If you have any other hobby, you two can appreciate that high quality items come with a price tag.
In addition to being a full-time golf instructor Chris is a Division III college golf coach and currently writes for North Country Golf Magazine.
If so, your average dollar store umbrella not only isn't going to keep you dry, its going to be turned inside out as soon as the wind comes along.

So if you and your golf gear want to stay dry, invest in a ShedRain Wind Pro designed specifically for those brutal conditions mother nature seems to throw our way when we least expect it.
Although this umbrella has a higher price tag, you cant put a price on you and your clubs staying dry during a round of golf.
The company is based in Portland, Oregon with offices on Fifth Avenue in New York and extensive product development throughout Asia.

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