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If the purpose is an "amateur astronomy observatory" would it be possible to build a platform on wheels that you pull in and out of the shed? If the purpose is an "amateur astronomy observatory" would it be possible to build a platform on wheels that you pull in and out of the shed? This is like seeing your heartbeat or breathing in a higher power rifle scope, but the telescope is a lot more powerful so you can see even smaller disruptions.
Do you like wasting your time crawling onto rickety shed roofs and fitting overpriced low quality roofing felt, only for it to degrade, leak and blow off a year or two later?
Here I’m going to show you the easiest way to fit a super long life new shed roof to a professional standard for the lowest cost possible. Fitting shed felt is very easy once the old felt is removed and the roof is clean of residual nails, splinters and bits of old felt.
How to felt a shed – Part 1 of how to felt a shed deals with how to strip old felt from a shed roof without damaging the roof or trims in the process. Fitting felt to a shed – Part 2 gives instructions on how to fit roofing felt to a shed roof, cutting, nailing, gluing and replacing wooden trims afterwards. Although I give a brief nod to safety in both videos I cannot provide full health and safety advice and a method statement.
Expect to pay in the region of ?200 to felt a shed roof like the one seen in the video if you have to call in a roofer or handyman. The real beauty of installing a professional quality roofing felt to a shed roof is the utter lack of specialist tools required, unlike other high performance roof coverings. For those who have never seen a professional grade roofing felt before, let me introduce you to mineral faced Torch on roofing felt.
A simple garden shed will not require any venting or underlay layers flat roofs require, and the Torch on cap sheet is usually sold in either 8 metre or 10 metre roll lengths, with the width being a standard 1 metre. Professional roofing felts not only come in different colours but different weights too, which is another way of saying thickness. A modern torch on cap sheet is very tough thanks to the layer of internal reinforcing that is typically Polyester but can also be Fibreglass, this also makes it very strong when nailed into. Nail size – Nails should be long enough to get a purchase in the timber but not break through inside. The adhesive I use to glue down the roofing felt seen in the videos is standard felt adhesive available online and just about every large DIY chain for about ?10 or less. Although the Torch on roofing felts used are designed to be applied with a roofers blow torch, you will find glue offers very good adhesion, and even though you can fit a shed roof without the use of felt glue if the roof isn’t too shallow or exposed to wind blowing rain back underneath the laps, for what it costs why skip it?
If you live in a particularly exposed location for wind or your shed roof is of an unusual design or pitch, you could consider fully bonding the Torch on cap sheet to the surface of the wood with shed felt adhesive as well as using nails.
If you have a small spit or hole in a shed roof it can also be repaired with the felt adhesive mentioned above. Sometimes when you replace a shed roof it’s extremely long or wide, or has a severe dip in the middle.
Long shed roofs – An option in this case can be to run the felt vertically up the roof instead of horizontally across. The shed above has separate vertical sections of felt both front and back, then capped at the apex with smaller dedicated pieces. Although there can be merit in fitting the expensive materials listed above on occasion, they inflate the price substantially through material costs, labour and pure faff. I want to thank everyone who provided feedback on my first post of this 8×16 tiny house plan. The tiny house configuration that seemed most in demand was a passive solar house that’s permanently attached to a trailer. When the full set of drawings is complete I put it all into one downloadable PDF document for easy printing. Sidenote: I’m delighted with the prospect of the loft being able to hold a queen-size mattress! I was thinking the same thing and even considered a gable roof at one end so the PV array would be mounted on either side. Thanks for adding the sketch up files so people can sketch around different concepts, I was just wondering if you had these free plans with metric measurements also?

In Jay’s house the Dickinson Marine heater is installed below a window and the required clearance is very small, so I think you could put it almost anywhere.
Another idea I had which needs no work on your behalf, is for the ideal purpose of a small home: self-reliance.
I’ll noodle over the interior a bit more and try to include some alternatives in the plans. I am think of having a right angle saltbox top also, about a foot or two from the current top and making sure the long side has a 30 to 35 degree slope from the horizontal. Comments are encouraged but please keep it constructive and do not make any direct attacks on other commenters.
If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it.
The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice.
With the news that Enviromat has reduced the price of sedum matting by almost 20%, Angela Lambert looks at the cost of putting a green roof on your shed. A beautiful sedum roof is a lovely adornment for any sturdy building and it’s easy to install once you know how, but the bottom line, when making any decision involving an investment in the environment is, what will it cost? Please note, this price is correct at the time of writing (29th April 2012 and is for delivery to a Bristol postcode) Prices will vary depending on delivery area and are considerably less if you collect from either of our farms. Thank you for the order sent to me Saturday morning, a great service, delivered on time and just what was ordered and the quality of the turf is excellant. Registered office: The Coach House, Wentworth Farm, Great Harrowden, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN9 5AD.
If you do not wish to download the large TIFF, just click the × in the top right-hand corner to close this alert. ClipPix ETC is a part of the Educational Technology Clearinghouse and is produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida. It just stood to reason someone in the Building and Construction area would have an idea- since cost is associated with construction.
In fact for probably almost the same price as the absolute crap quality felt sold by DIY chains, you can fit something that could last over 30 Years. In these two videos I will show you how to strip off the old roof covering not only for standard nailed felt roofs but also those roofs stuck with adhesive, hot flame or bitumen. Whilst the price to fit something as simple as a replacement shed roof may seem a little steep, keep in mind that time taken fitting shed felt is time a trained professional isn’t spending on other well paid work.
A hammer, a craft knife (preferably with a hooked blade but not essential), an old 2″ brush and a flat pry bar as seen in my roofing tools section will help. This is basically a final high performance flat roofing layer that is laid above the venting layer and underlay layer on modern flat roofs.
This obviously this makes working out your surface area and felt coverage as easy as measuring your shed roof in metres, and then working out the square metreage required.
You may see the phrase SBS or APP also mentioned when buying torch on, don’t let this confuse you, either will be fine for shed roof purposes.
Most small sheds like the one in the video can be completed with approximately 100 to 150 clout nails, which I believe is roughly a 200g bag.
One generous helping of adhesive rolled or brushed onto the mating surface of the shed roof timber before rolling or placing the felt into it, works very well.
Simply cut a patch of green mineral felt 50mm (2″) larger in every direction than the repair requires. This can make the standard horizontal application of felt tricky near the apex when large horizontal lengths of felt do not want to follow the curve of the roof. This can then start creating large unsightly sags of felt that are not touching the wood beneath.
Although I have fitted all of the above, for a price versus return ratio, and probably in environmental terms professional roofing felt is hard to beat. It resembles two other non-Tumbleweed tiny houses we’ve seen built by Steve and Elizabeth. Just like the last set of free plans these will be made available free under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

I’m old enough to remember being really good at Rubix Cube, Dungeons and Dragons and Defender. But I think a simpler solution, exactly like you’ve described, is to mount the PV array on the roof on a rack that can pivot up toward the sun in the cooler months and down toward the sun in the warmer months. There are two reasons for this- one I need access to the loft by stairs and didn’t want to crawl up them!
The width and depth I show in the drawing is for a SunMar Mobile but I think there’s enough room there for an Envirolet too. If the front alcove at the end of the kitchen was used as a sitting area instead of a desk that seems like an idea spot. But every board you add, like siding, interior sheathing, and flooring could push you over 5000#. Over the weekend I was going to do a pass over all the plans and try to clean them up and add a little more detail. But another idea comes from my friends place he is thinking of having skylight at the gable of his house going across the complete top.
By doing so, you will have to do some flipping of placements of everything left to right and get an added benefit. In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted. And of course we can always glue the joins with adhesive for shallow pitches or windy locations.
Ensure the mating surfaces is clean and dry, they apply adhesive to the damaged area, and the underside of the repair patch. I was also able to incorporate many of the suggestions and have really landed on something I think should be pretty nice. I was thinking of building a library shelf unit at loft height around the perimeter of the house that is accessible by ladder, thus there being no need to eliminate cooking and living room.
For example, in the loft, there is not a window to look out of, so I am thinking of moving the one top one (32×23) near the doorway to a location with the loft.
When you place the all-in-one kitchen in, it will have the water of the sink closer to the bathroom (shorter lines, less hot water loss. The batteries should not be next to the hot water tank for many reasons including fire and shock hazard.
Theses mineral coated Sun and UV resistant felts are designed and built for professional roofers giving insurance backed guarantees, often for 10 to 20 years. There are sometimes other colours available apart from the standard green and brown, you may also find a purple or grey too, although they can be more expensive and harder to find depending on stockist.
Since I know little of the interior of these things, do you think something like that is capable?
The lower one would be place on the kitchen side as a horizontal window instead of vertical. I think you mixed up the left and right sides with the transform to the floor, or you thought of swapping sides with front and back, which might be better. In the summer when less direct sunlight is desired the house can  be turned away from the sun.
Yes, this would reduce the passive solar heating, but I live in North TX and am more worried about the summer heat. You also do not show the hitch and trailer which is making it hard to figure out where stuff is at. I might be building the trailer, but I would still like to have some set placement of the wheels as for balance.

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