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10 x 10 sheds for sale - 10 x 8 sheds storage sheds by sizeCaravan displayshade 10 x 10 canopy package deal + 4 sidewalls simple.
There are three major types of sheds and all of these will have different pricing (C-Section is usually the cheapest). Some shed packs are complex to put together and will cost more to erect (often the cheaper sheds).
There are lots of additional tricks (and sometimes costly mistakes) that will save steel and reduce the price. Please beware and make sure that you understand the difference when buying a shed, as not all sheds are the same!
Caution: These are advertised prices without much about the actual components in addition this does not include buidling, you must see the detailed shed specification before you can make a true and accurate comparision. There is no doubt these prices are from internationally sourced steel, just remember that you must compare quote for quote and all details must be included so you can fairly compare.
BlueScope Distribution has notified customers of an impending two tier price rise in the coming weeks. This comes after a significant bonus of over $3 million was paid to Key BlueScope Management (11 people) as a reward for leadership – not profit incentive? They state they have begun to receive notice from their steel suppliers (BlueScope Steel) of pending price increases. It will also follow by a notification by One Steel on its price increase – so many of the big shed manufacturers will be importing direct to keep competitive in the shed industry. The current development of furnaces for steel manufacturing is changing – but not in Australia. The answer is a non coal fired furnace – called an Electric Arc Furnace – the images below are copied from mainly sites in China and India. As you can see this is not dissimilar to providing the required temperatures to liquefy Iron Ore Oxide to Iron (steel) plus lots of other very technical processes.
The below is a photo of a power station in Europe (includes Russia) that are simply producing large amounts of energy without the CO2 poisoning of the atmosphere.
How do these magic power stations work – people in Australia haven’t seen one here because they are banned and will be for a long time with the sentiment that has been placed in this country since the early 1970’s.
How can BlueScope and One Steel change (or even afford to research and develop) to this new technology?
Australia says on one hand – don’t use Nuclear power – but then says you pollute too much CO2 into the atmosphere – what are the steel companies going to do? We can sell uranium for nuclear power but not to Australian companies for power production in Australia. Over 50% ownership (by other countries) of uranium mines is allowed in Australia and they can sell it to whoever they want.
Cheap power, no CO2 polluting power (nuclear) and cheap, CO2 polluting power (coal) is not an option in Australia because one is banned and the other is taxed till it is no longer affordable. How will the big manufacturers in steel, cement aluminium etc afford to develop new technology or even adapt to new technology if this CO2 tax is introduced. Will everyone accept cheaper imports of overseas manufactured steel product to utilise in building etc? How many manufacturing groups, associations, industry groups, federations, lobby groups etc are actually interested in saving this steel industry?
This industry employs (directly & indirectly) the vast majority of Australian workers and this Tax and also the Ban on Nuclear Power will leave us behind. Here’s the roofing perspective of all this – maybe pictures are easier to see the comparison? All industry Associations, Federations, Lobby Groups, Institutes or other interested parties please leave contact details at the above address. A music shed owned by John Earl of Clevedon N Somerset in UK won the much prized glory of winning The Shed of The Year 2011 from some very strong opposition. This competition is drawing entries from around the world and has many different categories. Here’s another Australian entry that is amazing – how did they fit all the stuff inside?
This shed in 2008 was the most expensive property in Australia – wonder if it still is? The 100 square meter old tram shed at Cremorne Point was bought in 2001 for $780,000 and converted to a house by the owner several years later – see the news article.
It had stood vacant from 1991 until this sale transformed it to Australia’s most valuable property which is now rented.
Mr Gilmour, the head of Huntingdale Properties, is currently looking to rent his unique home.
The current requirements of reflectivity standards of metal cladding as seen in BASIX, BCA and SEPP all seem too ambiguous for correct applications and on site judgement and analysis. The standard by each authority vary and will cause some problems within the industry along with questions for the Building Certifier during the approval process. Why is there a contradiction among something on coloured steel cladding when each colour has its own Solar Absorption Index Value? As this spreadsheet describes the colours taken from the BlueScope website and lists four factors that are currently used in the building industry.
The BASIX scale is based on the following and is linked directly to the value of solar absorption index. BCA has classified roof colour also on the basis of their solar absorptance, and referred simply as light, very light and dark. Shedeye previously printed Shed Prices to go sky High, it was clear that the steel manufacturing sector in Australia is under serious threat with the introduction of a Carbon tax on the industry.
If the manufacturing sector does not get an exemption is the government going to impose tariffs on imported steel?  What a mess.
While BlueScope is in the business of making money and this involves lobbying and looking out for their own interests before all else, this is a clear case of the general public’s best interest. The industry is threatened via big increases in shed prices, the disposable income of Australians is in serious trouble and even when the government starts to allocate the funds from the carbon tax (inefficiently and no doubt misappropriated), the damage may well have been done.

The rule of thumb is that you will lose about 500 millimetres of clearance on the advertised Roller door height.  You can get a bit more height if you choose a gable entry over a side wall. Make sure you confirm your measurements and the amount of clearance your shed or garage will have with your local distributor.
Before you consider finance through the shed or finance company, do your sums first, if you pay for the shed in cash; you can often negotiate a much better deal.
It may be cheaper overall to either get a personal loan or use the equity from your home so you can pay for the shed in cash and get a cheaper price than going through a finance company as you may have to pay establishment fees on top of the price of the shed. Some shed finance companies can provide finance for the building and concrete as well, but it will depend on your financial circumstances – how much your income and assets are and how much debt you have. If your property has an altitude of over 600 metres above sea level, it’s a legal requirement in Australia that your shed has a snow loading allowance built into the structural design. It’s vital that you find out if you’re in a snow loading area as you need your shed to be strong enough to stand up to the weather conditions in your area, including ice and snow.  When looking at sheds, you can ask the distributor if their sheds have been calculated for snow loading.
Snow loading will also affect the required pitch of your roof, this means that you are going to need a pitch of at least 10 degrees upwards, depending on where you are located. Remember, it’s important to consult with your local council first for snow loading requirements based on the Australian Standard 1170.3. Simply ask your local council and your local shed distributor, it is too complicated to work out.
It is too hard to work out on your own as is based on the probable maximum wind speed in your region, if your site is on a hill or escarpment, if your site is located in suburbia or rural and the size and importance of the shed. If you are in a wind prone area, the shed design needs to be stronger with more steel and will cost more.  This expense is a must otherwise your shed will blow down and will be a risk to yourself and others.
You will also have to check with the shed company to make sure the shed is strong enough to tolerate your area’s wind rating.  Your local shed distributor should know if you live in a wind prone area and what wind rating your shed needs to have.
You can save yourself a fortune building your own shed, however the bigger the shed the harder it is to erect.  Approximately 50% of all Sheds built in suburbia are owner built.
Are you going to build the shed yourself or are you going to hire concreters, shed erectors and plumbers?  You can save money by erecting the shed yourself, but if you’re not a handy person or don’t have any friends who are, you may be better off hiring experts who can install it for you and save you a big headache, as well as a lot of time. The shed company you buy the shed or garage from may be able to provide you with their own contractors for erecting the shed, or give you the names of contractors.
The terms vary according to local councils (you MUST check them) however if the building is under $5,000 then you may be able to build without an owner-builder permit, depending on your local council.
If the building structure is over $12,000 then you need to apply for a Certificate of Consent.  This allows you to get a building permit and undertake your own building work as an owner-builder. Theoretically you can never do plumbing work yourself as it‘s illegal; it needs to be conducted by a licensed plumber. The variation between councils is great however there are a handful of situations where you do not need council approval and there are some limitations you need to be aware of. Some councils do not require approval if the shed is smaller than 3 meters in width and 3 meters in height. Some councils will allow the shed to be on the boundary while other councils will demand the shed to be situated at least 2 metres away with walkways . Some councils will not allow certain shed colours due to the restrictions on the reflection of light and location aesthetics.
Some councils will not allow a shed if there is less than a certain percentage of land available on the block.
5)      You submit the engineering report to your local council, as well as an application for permission to build the shed.
For custom built sheds, don’t count on parking the car in you new shed for 4-6 weeks from the time you make your decision to buy. 3)      It takes a couple of days for the slab to dry completely (depending on the size) before you erect the shed or garage. 4)      Add two days for professionals to erect the shed or garage depending on size (for a standard size shed). All of the calculations are assuming experience professionals, for somebody who is not then it can take much, much longer!! For custom built sheds there are over 500,000 different colour combinations using the standard Colorbound(TM) colours.  Combine the different materials and components and you have millions of unique configurations.
The cladding you choose can be a standard corrugated (curved) surface, a square look or a combination of the both. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Purchase this kit which will aid all shed building and installations.Features Brushes for painting and timber preservative treatments. The Somerset Wooden garden shed, is renowned for its sturdy build, this is utilised through quality tongue and grooved construction. The four fixed glazed, Styrene windows add an attractive look to the shed and are also useful when trying to locate a particular item at the back of your shed. We supply quality garden sheds to Wellington, Somerset and the surrounding Wellington area. We are currently updating our site to show you some of the range on offer, our aim is to provide our Wellington customers with a quality shed or timber building that will not only offer good value, but quality at an affordable price.These Heavy Duty Workshop sheds are at home either in the garden or on a building site as an office or secure store. The doors are specialist joinery made to a very high standard featuring mortice & tenon joints, fitted with a mortice lock, and hung with four, 16” heavy duty, galvanised ‘T’ hinges. The Workshops are framed using 3” x 2” nominal (2?” x 1?” finished) PAR throughout, the walls are lined with a vapour check membrane to reduce condensation, and supplied with custom made trusses. Not all Wellington homes may require a garden shed that is quite so robust, but be assured, that even the standard garden shed is built to last. Please contact us for a no obligation quote if you are interested in buying a timber building or shed for your home. Garden Sheds Taunton SomersetPosted on May 13, 2014 by rosie • 0 CommentsGarden Sheds for sale Taunton Somerset. We are based on the Blackdown Hills, and have a show room of garden sheds and a comprehensive catologue of timber buildings for you to browse through. We also offer a site visit, which may incur a small charge, but will be fully refunded on any purchase.

So this is 0.07mm thinner than the normal roof sheeting that should be installed for a domestic shed. The notification states that volitilty in steel prices, rising labour costs, rising freight costs, rising processing costs, rising warehouse costs, and a rise in general utilities are the reasons. Many of the big reseller shed companies will want to lock in prices for as long as possible to avoid this increase. But the great thing about this it reduces the CO2 emissions by 50% plus (to be confirmed) but the source of power is excluded in this exercise. Unlike TATA and other world steel giants they can’t use nuclear power from companies in China like the CHINA GUANGDONG NUCLEAR POWER COMPANY which supplies fuel (uranium fuel cells) to all of Chinas nuclear Power Stations.
I will be publishing a list of each group involved directly or indirectly of their involvement to date and also their intended involvement including “no comment” over the next few weeks. Also Australia has been well represented each year – but to date no success with any prizes. These variations on the choice of colour may affect the outcome of approval depending on which code is followed and whether or not the local council regulations agree or disagree with these codes. How these play a part in colour choice for metal cladding on these buildings requires an understanding of each of the columns above.
This is simply the list of ColorBond Colours, ZINCALUME and Metallic Colours from BlueScope.
The Solar Absorption is simply a numerical index that shows the amount of solar “radiation” that is absorbed by that particular colour. SEPP is the body of government in NSW that has legislated the requirements of colour to be used in Class 10a buildings.
BCA has its own version of classification of colours in this list and refers to Very Light (VL), Light (L) and Dark (D).
BASIX is the New South Wales Building and Sustainability Index body with its own colour classification and is as follows: Light (L), Medium (M) and Dark (D). Being low reflective can only be Dark on the BCA Scale or Medium and Dark on the BASIX Scale.
This treatment produces a stunning Red Cedar finish, allowing for a garden style to be continued.
Produces a all round great resistance to weathering as well as beautiful Light Brown finish. We have been serving the Wellington area for the last six years in firewood logs, and have extended our business to supplying quality garden sheds to Wellington homes.
The door section (gable) can be positioned either end, and the window section can be positioned either on the left or right hand side of the shed.
We supply the taunton area with a range of timber products, and are pleased to be able to supply garden sheds, summerhouses, potting sheds, basically all timber building to Taunton, and the outlying areas. Along with the iron ore and coal price increase that has caused the steel price rise – the others will be included in the additional surcharges. With imports on the rise at cheaper prices currently – this price rise will further erode steel sales by BlueScope.
Negotiations are already occurring between some of the big rollformers and BlueScope, along with talks between rollformers and shed companies. The CO2 Tax has just wiped it off the R&D board’s agenda at the annual production sustainability meeting. What are solar absorptance, reflectivity, gloss levels, heat transfer calculations, R Values, BASIX Scale, BCA Scale, and visual acceptability? This is not to be confused with reflectivity and the two are not inversely proportional to each other. The requirement is based on reflectivity and although not exactly stipulated – it only accepts Medium or Dark colours (low reflectivity).
For the purpose of this investigation – the BCA scale has been used as this code is generally utilised by all local councils and Building Certifiers. The double doors make accessibility to your shed effortless.  The double doors on the Select Tongue and Groove Shed are a recent feature after it became apparent it proved to be a useful feature. The traditional, apex roof gives extra headroom in the interior space of the shed, allows taller garden items to be stored more efficiently and also allows rain to roll off. Our sheds are made for us using the finest Redwood timber, sourced from sustainable supplies. It will become the dominating source of steel while the CO2 emissions are a problem to the globe.
The majority is coal and the government will make a fortune in revenue from this CO2 Tax along all supply lines. We don’t and will not until there is a big shift in the acceptance by the Australian public of this power source.  If education is the key – then lobby groups from manufacturing industries will have to provide the input to start this process. All these factors play a role in the decision of colour choice (or ZINCALUME ®) of your shed metal cladding and roofing.
The problem is not the cut off area – but simply in the statement of “low reflective material”.
The roof is also covered with a mineral roofing felt which helps prevent mould or rotting of the wood from occurring, hence, your shed will last much longer. Why is Australia not looking at this technology – because coal is cheaper than the extremely high power charges already being charged? Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Wave and other renewable power supplies don’t compete with the economical supply of base load power that exists in Nuclear Power Supply.
With the introduction of the Carbon Tax on Power Stations and Steel Manufacture – this technology will not be available to Australia and we will become the third world manufacturers (polluters of CO2) and eventually shut majority of these manufacturing companies down.

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