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Garden storage shed styles type the actual innovative foundation for just about any backyard outdoor storage shed task. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
A couple of years ago I decided I needed a shed so I started rough designing a wood framed one to work out pricing. It really isn't hard but this is the critical step, you don't want a platform that is a different shape to your shed. My shed had two small metal rails for the bottom of the smaller walls beside the door, then a larger U-channel that bolts between these small rails to form the bottom door channel. The whole time I was helping my friend I was thinking of the clamping and rigging up I'd have to do in order to do it myself.
So with some jiggery pokery I took a photo of the space it would go into to see how it might look..
From a local reclaim yard, I got some double glazed, oak-framed patio doors for a bargain price of ?80. Once the frame was done, the roof was put on, felted and the OSB boards covered the timber frame. As I was doing this on a tight budget, I discovered emergency blankets can form part of the insulation and are only pennies to buy off ebay. As you can see, the woodwork has been primed and I used bubble wrap foil insulation as the first step of the insulation on the interior. Although I did most of the shed myself, there were some areas I know I dare not risk mucking it up. As I wanted the shed to be as economical to run, I used strip LED lighting (ebay!) and as much insulation as I could find cheaply! With the plastering done and dried, it was time to level the floor, lay down the membrane (given to me free from a friend Hugh). My radio was a constant companion, and with the lights installed I could work in the evenings as things were beginning to get dark. Nearly done, just mains, lighting and network wiring (all free from stuff I had in the garage) then putting down the chipboard flooring, laminate (ebay), and nearly done. I may have gotten a little carried away…but I found some {clearance} fabric and made a skirt for my workbench — more hidden storage! I found this metal storage cabinet {for free, of course} by the road and now use it to hold all our pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, insect repellent, and outdoor games.
I love pegboard…such an inexpensive, functional, and attractive way to organize large or small spaces. More {free} storage pieces we use to store camping gear, gardening tools, etc. I got the shelves from a junk yard and painted them black.

Just had a to leave a comment because I stumbled across your blog looking for shed organization ideas for our brand new shed. I saw your bio and am guessing you are a Grand Rapidian based on where your husband teaches and we are in GR as well.
I’ll have to come back and read some more as it looks like you have gone through a kitchen remodel and that is one of our future projects. I try to keep the floor clear for the lawn mower and easy access to anything else in the shed.
I am helping a friend build a 12 x 16 shed in the next month or so and need some guidance on the foundation. Are 2x8s sufficient for the runners based on the additional blocks or do I need to beef them up to 2x10 or 2x12?
Under built it and the floor will bounce and sag and the doors will never stay plumb or level. My answers are also based upon the current physical properties of preservative treated southern pine #2 solid sawn lumber. Hand Drive is correct about using preservative treated flooring and framing member since you'll be less than 18" from the ground.
They could be delivered from the innovative new thoughts, or possibly by means of Tips you might get by way of residence publications too as the wants. As luck would have it I saw some cheap 4x8 sheets of pretend-wood siding as I was on my way to price the T1-11.
With the help of one of my petrol skateboards, I managed to move the 150Kg windows into position. This wasn’t going to be insulated or have a floor, but it was a bit of challenge to include the trees within them! So I wired up the shed (with trunking given to me by a neighbour), second hand 4mm, 2.5mm and armoured cable from a man I met at a car boot sale, and a couple of trips to screw fix. I had an electrician friend Reg to do the consumer unit end, and a lovely chap John to do the plastering. I wanted to make it functional for all our storage and gardening needs but not go crazy, spending money on expensive storage. Still have some work to go finishing up the shelving and stuff, but it is coming along nicely. I will definitely add another row of blocks to bring the spacing on the runners down from 8' to 5'-4" as well as add a row of crossbracing to each set of 2x6s. I put two in the model to avoid nail interference from individual joist hangers on each side but I found a one peice hanger that sits on the main runner and has hangers on each side for the laterals. My answers are based upon a live load of 50 pounds per square foot and a dead load of 10 pounds per square foot.

Stronger floor with less issues, keeps the wood in walls above the ground so less moisture issues. I would use sonotube and pour the pillars right to level with each other, and embed your tie downs right in the pillars. Your own will have to select from styles, which you simply explore each and ereally visually satisfying which supply the greatest useful remedy for the specific backyard website. I’ve never built anything like this before, but alas, a shed is only a box with a roof really so how hard could it be! I was going to use some old concrete lintels I’ve had for years as a perimeter foundation. Cedar is lovely, smells great, and if you hunt around can get some stuff of ebay that wont break the bank. Then the interior was insulated with earthwool, further lined with OSB boards and onto the plaster boards.. Enough space was left in the roof for movement of the trees using rubber skirting to keep the rain out. 7 Reasons I Don't Sell Our Clothes How We Organize ALL Our Paper Clutter Simple Tips to Extend the Life of Your Paint Brushes How We Do Snacks and Sweet Treats My Simple (and frugal) Long-Torso Swimsuit Solution! Skirting is a given as the wildlife down here tend to be quite numerous especially during the summer months. I would check span tables and open up your joist spacing to 16 inches on center, unless you plan on a lot of weight. With a door on both ends that you can open, you will get a nice convection going to cool the shed. The decking was a spontaneous idea when I came across some second hand stuff for a bargain ?25.
I painted the whole inside of the shed white for a clean look {I used barn paint which is about 60% cheaper than interior paint}.
It should still say in big bold letters on the box don't even dream about doing this by yourself. Frankly I dont know what you are putting in there, but it would take a lot of weight to twist a 6 foot long joist.

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