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It would be fair to say that the Internet has revolutionised the shopping habits of Australian, with each and every consumer now able to approach the matter in an entirely modern manner. With regard to the pros, buying a shed online is without doubt the most likely way of securing a product at the very lowest price possible.
On the subject of cons, there really is only one in particular, though it is essential to be kept in mind by all prospective buyers. The question regarding how to choose the ideal shed is a little akin to that of asking how long a piece of string is? First and foremost, the question of size is likely to be the primary consideration for most.
Another important consideration is that regarding which material the shed in question would be best constructed with.
When going about the purchase of sheds of any kind, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind by the prospective buyer.
With our team of experience estimators and drafters you can rest assured that we can provide the right structure for your specific needs. The reasons are many, but there really are none more important than the safety and security of both the people and property for which the structure is intended.
Few would argue the fact that every person worldwide is entirely unique in terms of both personality and requirements regarding their own particular lifestyle. While it may have been the tradition of the past for all sheds to look and function in a relatively similar manner, modern alternatives are available in shapes, sizes and designs with the potential to be as unique as the people they are produced for. With regard to sheds in a domestic capacity, it is difficult to ignore the fact that many modern offerings are more akin to fully functional second homes than traditional storage units for gardening tools.
In the professional field, the modern shed is less a storage facility and more an essential part of the overall framework of the functioning business. At National Sheds we take a proactive interest in the requirements of each and every client in order to afford the very best chance of designing the perfect structure with all the convenience and versatility required, regardless of how highly demanding such may be. The DIY approach to manual tasks has long been the primary choice for a huge percentage of individuals globally for a number of very attractive reasons. In the case of DIY shed kits, the once rather laborious and painstaking task of building a shed by hand has been afforded a level of convenience and ease, which has opened up the possibility of such a project to the widest possible range of amateur buyers. Traditionally, one of the key factors which discourage many from constructing their own sheds was the lack of comprehensive knowledge with regard to the sourcing of all necessary components. Of course, another important factor which has contributed to the decision of many to avoid the DIY approach is the notion that such a project would be nothing short of epic in the way of time required and inherent difficulty. Combine such factors with the lowest possible purchase price, and a sense of satisfaction beyond value and it quickly becomes apparent exactly why DIY shed kits have surpasses all other options for thousands of people around Australia. Although the notion of only selecting the very highest quality of shed supplier may indeed seem a little unnecessary, in light of the basic functionality of such a structure, a little forethought has the potential to help avoid rather disastrous consequences down the line.
As such, the only sensible way of ensuring that any purchase is a wise and safe one is to conduct a little research by shopping around and seeing first hand exactly what is on offer. People should also be aware that there is no such thing as interest free financing in the shed industry, suppliers just mark up their sheds by 10-15% to cover these costs. In the world of sheds, the buyer will generally always get what they pay for, which means aside from genuine special offers, products which seem far too good to be true usually are. Of course, for those who favor the online shopping option, such physical inspection and advisement is impossible, which is one of the benefits negated in favor of an overall lower cost. When it comes to the subject of sheds used for the purposes of general storage, many would think that is little to consider regarding options available for a structure with such a basic purpose.
With regard to the domestic environment, the uses of a general purpose storage shed are simply too many to begin listing, though it is safe to say that many households would simply be lost without them. The same can also be said regarding the versatility of the standard storage shed if utilised to its full potential in a working environment. Indeed, while sheds have long been associated with simple storage purposes, there really is no such thing as a single purpose shed as each and every example has the potential to be extended, modified and tweaked into a multi-functional space with a value far beyond the sum of its parts. Few would argue that anything is more important in the industrial world than having the correct tools for a given job. Heavy duty sheds are available in all conceivable shapes, sizes, colours and materials imaginable, not to mention custom designs which quite simply extend the range infinitely.
Sheds created for working and industrial environments are crafted from the ground up with exactly such a purpose in mind. When it comes to installing sheds in a commercial or industrial capacity, it is rather too tempting to opt for simpler, cheaper options over the more expensive heavy duty models, though doing so can prove somewhat false economy to say the least. Kit sheds are becoming an increasingly common purchase and project across Australia, as more and more people in both domestic and professional capacities realise the affordability and endless versatility of such buildings. One of the key problems is that the majority of people believe that all sheds are very much alike in terms of quality and specification; therefore remain entirely unaware as to what they should be looking for in order to determine those of quality and those to be avoided. There is also no shortage of kit shed suppliers across the country, which can make the process of comparing specifications and prices quite a task to say the least. When the focus turns to the matter of comparing prices and value, it is essential to ensure that costs are accurately compared on a ‘like for like’ basis, as it is all too common for buyers to opt for cheaper kits which seem better value on the surface, but turn out to exclude vital components which subsequently increase overall costs significantly.
Sheds are quite simply some of the most versatile and useful constructions of any currently available for purchase by the general public. It is somewhat common knowledge that one of the most cost-effective ways to go about any task is to adopt the DIY approach, which is a rule that very much applies to the world of sheds. Of course, the DIY choice is not for everyone, including those with lower budgets, therefore a number of prefab options have been devised to fully maximize convenience and affordability. South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW),Queensland (QLD), Victoria, Northern Territory (NT), and Tasmania. Garden sheds are a great way to increase outdoor storage and enhance the appearance of your garden. About us:Thorncliffe Building Supplies is one of the largest independent builder’s merchant in North Wales and the North West of England. If your looking for a Summerhouse in Liverpool then you have found the best suppliers that manufacture locally in Liverpool, our prices include delivery and erecting in the Liverpool , Wirral and general merseyside Area. This range is our Base Building using normal shed windows ( not Georgian Style ) They have limited designs but still practical and pleasing to look at. This particular style is manufactured out of standard shed quality wood and it is completely treated as well as glazed as soon as it has been assembled . This is a Superior Range which includes Georgian Style  Doors and Windows in the base price .
Any of our all timber summer houses can be up graded for all year round use by insulating and lining the  inside with a selection of finishes depending on you requirements . This procedure can be done during the manufacturing process or at a later date if you have a change of ideas . Send us some drawings or plans and we will be more than pleased to quote  , please include your full post code and any requirements and an idea of your budget ! We are far more flexible on this building when it comes to design and offer a full custom made to measure service , but once again at an extra charge . Barely a single product or service exists in the world which cannot be procured or purchased online without an enormous level of convenience previously unheard of.

This is by no means a reflection of quality, but instead the result of a culmination of factors with regard to the retailers. Alongside the monetary savings, the convenience afforded by online shopping for the home is simply second to none, with each and every item available for delivery right to the home at a time and date ideally suited to the buyer. By choosing a shed or kit online, the physical presence of expert advice and the ability to personally inspect the item is negated, instead replaced by images and product descriptions.
After all, the shed in question is undoubtedly being purchased to house something or any number of things, therefore the size consideration is really about as important as any other, if not more so.
There are few that would argue against the prefab option from a cost perspective but most people prefer the assurance of professional erection and generally faster, smother build process from start to finish. Needless to say, when it comes to buying sheds for commercial purposes, such decisions are magnified in their importance. When sourcing an Australian supplier for commercial sheds, the most imperative consideration to keep in mind is whether or not the provider in question is familiar with the field of commercial sheds and your requirements, as anything less is simply unacceptable. Commercial sheds for such purposes are produced exactly to fulfill a wide variety of safety requirements, all of which are usually required in order to fulfill the stipulations of commercial insurance policies.
Such has been acknowledged to a far greater extent as of late, resulting in more and more designers and manufacturers opening up their services by way of offering customisation of products across the board.
Indeed, regardless of how weird and wonderful the design dreams may be, very little is beyond the realms of possibility.
While still serving their original design purposes, modern garden sheds have been tweaked and twisted by creative and ambitious designers to include all manner of modern conveniences, many of which are designed to double up as outdoor living areas. In a similar vain to the domestic example, ‘shed’ really does the structure something of an injustice, to fully list exactly how many purposes such a building is used to serve, would be nothing less than impossible.
There are indeed few tasks around the home, garden and workplace which cannot be carried out by an amateur, if provided with the basic tools for the job and a comprehensive level of instruction. Such kits are, if sourced from reputable providers, generally are supplied with absolutely everything required to construct the perfect shed for any given purposes. Indeed, it is an all too common occurrence for amateur builders to reach a critical stage of the construction process only to find that a key item is missing, which may have the potential to render the whole venture somewhat redundant.
However, such concerns are entirely unfounded in the way of modern DIY shed kits, which are usually comprised of relatively few prefabricated and punched components designed to be assembled in the fastest, simplest way possible, with the very least input required from the buyer. For example, while it might be true that many sheds for low prices, that replacing them in the event of their failure would hardly be a dramatic undertaking, such failures do not take into account the potential for damage to both property and person resulting from a poorly manufactured product.
While doing so, it is quite imperative that the buyer not be persuaded into an immediate sale by the first seller they encounter, regardless of how good a deal they may be offering. National Sheds will always provide you with the best advice and product possible, without compromise!
In the case of internet purchases, the buyer must simply rely on the images and ‘honest’ description of any item before committing to buy. This may well be true in a few cases where all that is required is simply a strong and sturdy storage area, to act as a barrier from the elements, though there is a huge scope for potential customisation. Rather than existing simply as extended cupboard space for gardening tools and equipment, household sheds often take pride of place as a wonder to behold in their own right. For example, it is entirely possible to use additional shed spaces as fully functional, temporary or even permanent offices simply by incorporating a little additional furniture and so on. It would also be fair to say that the quality of said tools are almost as important as their actual existence in the first place, as sub-standard equipment which proves unfit is simply a redundant expense. The problem is, the vast majority of high-quality industrial sheds are constructed in such a manner that the buyer cannot see on the surface anything different between such a shed and a much simpler, cheaper option. As such, the materials used are of the highest quality, in the form of reinforced metal paneling designed to withstand a high level of use and exposure.
Any shed not built for such a purpose poses a very real risk of damage to both person and property, which is something that not only invites incidents in the future, but may significantly affect insurance premiums in the immediate. What was once something of a major investment and lengthy undertaking only within the capabilities of the trained professional, is now entirely possible by the amateur, who are fully capable of producing quite spectacular results. While it is certainly valuable advice to read up on such matters and ensure that the shed supplied meets Australian ShedSafe standards. Some of the most important factors is that it is always worth looking out for details such as C section wides, garage door heights and whether or not any welding is required, along with the consideration of the main structural components. The very simplest advice is to opt for the very highest quality option, the budget in question can stretch to, as compromises in favor of affordability rarely prove economic in the longer term. There are really very few people in the Australia that could not in some way benefit greatly with the installation of a shed, either in their domestic or indeed their working environment. Traditionally, the DIY approach to shed building was something of a painstaking, arduous process, which was often not really worth the saving, though the subject has come rather a long way from such humble beginnings. By using modern, lightweight and synthetic materials, manufacturers have produced endless examples of fine sheds and storage units within the means of even the most limited budget.
All the roofs over hang by 12inch as standared but these can be extend at a small extra cost. We then go up a grade to our 22 mm Thick T+G Cladding which is almost double that of the Shed Range .
As a very rough idea  add between 20% and 50% to the list price of size Mersey Deluxe Summerhouse you want.
From major investments right down to the most humble household or garden purchases, even to a garden shed upto a storage facility. Firstly, online retailers have much lower costs by way of overheads, in light of maintaining no physical presence or indeed requiring numerous staff to help them go about their affairs. Furthermore, the range made available for browsing in a matter of minutes would likely require a physical journey lasting hours or days in order to carry out the same number of viewings. Such can result in certain aspects being overlooked or indeed misconstrued, which is rather unfortunate in light of the relative ease of avoiding such occurrences. While the subject of sheds may seem, at least on the surface, like a rather simple one with regard to available options and overall useful purpose, it is in fact a rather extensive one which can become a little convoluted for those not entirely sure of their requirements.
However, it is at this stage that it becomes rather apparent that all manufacturers are indeed not cut from the same cloth with regard to the care, attention and quality they afford their products.
Of course, the overwhelming majority opt for the classic steel design which has been the standard choice for generation for many reasons. For example, while the structural integrity and safety of a shed is incredibly important in a domestic capacity, it is even greater in the case of a commercial structure which may well exist in close proximity to any number of people at any one time. While a supplier of domestic sheds may well have the means at their disposal to obtain commercial sheds for customers, this simply is not enough as they may well lack the expertise required to fully assess the needs of the client and provide an item which perfectly suits such needs.
Reinforced surface, fireproofing, emergency exit options and so on are all considerations which should come as standard in the case of the commercial shed, but are lacking in the majority of domestic examples. Such has been extended across the home, garden and workplace to include tailor made examples of every item imaginable across the board, including the humble shed. The team at National Sheds can advise you on how to get the best out of your shed based on your budget. It is certainly not uncommon to find modern sheds and garages with extensive lounge areas, food and drink storage facilities and even in-built entertainment options. Sheds are used to house animals, store equipment, repair vehicles, carry out all manner of projects and even function as temporary or permanent offices with relatively high levels of luxury in terms of amenities and modern conveniences.

Indeed, there are many who see such tasks not as a chore, but more akin to a hobby to be practiced at any given opportunity. Such concerns are entirely negated in the case of the DIY shed kit, which is guaranteed not only to comprise of each and every component required, but also often carry a number of spares should they be needed.
The truth of the matter is, a shed has the potential to be an incredibly hazardous structure if constructed poorly. It is essential to remember that, if one outlet is offering a product which is phenomenally cheaper than all comparable alternatives, it is probably low-priced for a reason. However, a great deal of future drama can be prevented by carrying out a little background research on any chosen supplier and product prior to purchasing, by way of consulting Google reviews, feedback and testimonials which generally litter the internet on every imaginable service.
It is perfectly possible for both domestic and industrial working environments to benefit hugely from the installation of a general purpose shed, whether in its most basic form or with a little creative twist in order to really see its maximum potential. Furthermore, it is also an exceptionally popular idea to purchase or construct a shed which is considerably larger or more spacious than may be required on the surface, in order to double up the unit as an alternative outdoor relaxation area or a workshop for projects and hobbies across the board.
Furthermore, many sheds, particularly prefabricated examples, are now supplied complete with electrical outlets, lighting and even plumbing connection in order to be used as practically by yourself as possible. The same is certainly true in the case of sheds which, although generally purchased or constructed for similar basic reasons, their characteristics and merit could not be more varied when it comes to their overall purpose.
That is why National Sheds only supply ShedSafe designs, meaning that you are getting a shed that has pasted the most stringent design standard in Australia. The structural integrity is taken into account in the design process, often with carefully calculated measurements regarding roofing beams and the portal frame in order to attain maximum strength. One of the frustrations many people experience from the DIY approach is obtaining advice and guidance, and sourcing all the materials and equipment. Needless to say, the vast majority of buyers and builders will be primarily concerned with overall costs in relation to the quality of the final structure, it is certainly true to say that with sheds. It would probably be fair to say they are far from a luxury item in the traditional sense of the word; sheds have generally been less than the cheapest purchases a person can make.
Nowadays, the sourcing of materials and all necessary components is done by the supplier on behalf of the you, the client, who simply has to connect the pieces in a process that can take a matter of hours, rather than the usual days. True, many such items are likely to favor function over form, but what they may lack in overall opulence, they certainly make up for in both versatility and considerable monetary savings. A much more robust building altogether , a bit like comparing a Ford Escort with a Range Rover if you know what i mean . We can make any size or shape summerhouse , you sonly limited by your imagination and your budget !
However, there are a few considerations essential to bear in mind if considering an online purchase. As such, they are able to make huge savings on their expenses and subsequently pass a good degree of these on to the consumer.
That is why it is important to take into account a company’s accreditations such as ShedSafe, so that you know that you are dealing with a reputable company that stands by their product. Needless to say, an agricultural worker with enormous capacity demands are likely to require an entirely different structure to a domestic client with a small back yard. Indeed, it is not uncommon to find huge, impressive looking sheds available for considerably less than offerings half their size, though in the vast majority of cases, such costs are a direct reflection of quality. Furthermore, the contents of commercial sheds often add up to a substantial amount of money, therefore it is hardly suitable for its purpose if a structure could be easily compromised by unwanted elements. Instead, it is not simply recommended but essential to opt for a provider in Australia who specialises primarily in such products with domestic options merely as a side product. In such cases, the term ‘shed’ really doesn’t seem to do the structure justice, though in essence the title is still the correct one. However, for those who do not view it as such, the DIY approach still holds a number of benefits and advantages over the professional option, regardless of the size of the undertaking. That being said, knowing exactly who to trust when sourcing the ideal kit shed can be a little tricky, as the vast majority of manufacturers are all too keen to boast their own particular merits while admitting no specific shortcomings, regardless of how abundant they may be.
Indeed, while most sheds in most forms would suit a light-user with limited requirements, the majority of industrial or commercial environments require something altogether more specialist. However, it is always important to bear in mind that such designs are specifically engineered in order to look as discreet and unimposing as possible, with the strong structural assets present beneath the surface and in order to limit compromise of the aesthetic value. Furthermore, it is also assumed that such sheds are much more likely to come into contact with harmful elements, such as extreme cold, fire, or industrial chemicals and are therefore protected against such occurrences should they come about. At National Sheds we do all the hard work for you and provide a full kit with all the materials and components, such as roller doors, included and deliver it to your door.
Many who have not ever owned a shed themselves simply cannot live understand what all the fuss is about, which is something of a shame, given how much easier a shed can make a person’s life.
As such, all merit is retained by way of reduced costs in a DIY option, wherein most of the hard work is already done! Internet shopping in general presents mostly pros, but certainly a few cons to watch out for. Furthermore, huge levels of competition in the marketplace has seen all-out price wars become more and more commonplace, spurring online sellers to offer huge discounts and exceptional special offers as they continue to vie for the for the cash of the consumer. Nevertheless, there are a number of common considerations that all parties could benefit from keeping in mind when going about the decision-making process.
As such, it is vital to strike a perfect balance between quality and quantity, so to speak, which is often not as easy a task as it may seem.
The added bonus of being entirely fireproof and resistant to signs of ageing combined with the BlueScope 15 year warranty. Needless to say, the list goes on, but one thing for certain is that any sensible buyer should not go about the process of selecting a commercial shed providers lightly, as the potential risks are simply not worth taking. That is why the shed industry has adopted a stringent design standard, ShedSafe, that National Sheds’ is proud to be accredited with. Indeed, a well constructed and thought out shed can act as a storage area, garage and workshop simultaneously whilst protecting you from your loved ones. All Shed Safe designs are C section sheds, giving you a much stronger frame than RHS and can withstand storms and cyclones much better. You can save money in the short term by getting a non ShedSafe shed but these do not meet the design standards in Australia to earn this industry accreditation. This has been recognised by manufacturers who have subsequently created a number of budget options tailor-made for those with less than abundant disposable income.
At National Sheds we can even organise someone to concrete and erect your shed, saving you the hassle.
Our customer service team is always available to help find the outdoor garden structure to suit your exact needs. That is National Sheds only supply ShedSafe accredited sheds to give you total peace of mind in making the right choice.

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