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The thing that makes it one of the most frustrating cards is the fact that it can be played by just about anyone, and with a few lucky coin flips, can win matches that shouldn’t be won under normal circumstances. This is particularly good because you don’t have to commit to playing any Water energy, and it exploits the often maxed-out Broken Time Space line that many Donphan variants include.
Great for decks that already play 3-4 Double Colorless Energy, can’t afford to play another specific energy type, already play 3-4 Stadiums. Pokemon ParadijsThis means none of them can hit Shedinja for any damage, essentially giving you the win.
In a deck already running 3-4 Rare Candy, I feel a 1-0-1 Crobat Prime line would be a very smart play in a deck that needs a good Donphan tech. A Donphan counter in and of itself, it can poison for 20 in between turns for a Psychic and an Energy Gain.
Great for decks, heck, every SP deck runs 2-3 of these guys anyway, and if you don’t, you should! Great for decks that can afford to run a tech Water energy, already run Luxray GL Lv.X, run 2-3 Crobat G, run a standard SP engine. The best thing is that this attack can operate for a single Energy Gain, meaning you can commit your energy for the turn on your main attacker.
Nice article, donphan is really getting annoying, so a few techs like these should come in handy. I often hit the like button instead of reply…but anyways Luxray is a good tech in Donphan. Awesome article, though I must say I'm disappointed that you forgot one of my favorite Donphan counters: gyarados G!
Gyarados G is a great attacking card, but he has a lightning weakness and a 4 energy attack. And even to pump up a 4 energy sp pokemon takes 3 turns, 2 if you have a water or dce on something else that you can galatic switch. One thing about crobat g and honchkrow g that you forgot to mention is that they aren't really main attackers, could they be used as an attacker, yes, but ideally you never rely on them. If Im spending 3 energy cards for his second attack I don't want him to die the next turn, which he will against any luxchomp or deck with luxray in it.
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I tried it a few time but Audino is fragile and could be killed before sucessfully using Entertainment at the 2nd turn of the set up since its speed is slow. Seriously though, we have been trying to cut stuff like this out of doubles ever since its inception nearly a year ago. The only thing that I might struggle with facing this team is a grossly impartial RNG, allowing SwagCat to roll me over.

Anyway, this is a pretty poor strategy considering how common Taunt is and how many of the Pokemon in this strategy are weak to common attacks like Close Combat and (notably) Rock Slide.
Muy buena estrategia.Repito lo que dije sobre los votos negativos pero hacia Borja.porque hacia mi? A force to be reckoned with, Donphan can turn any player, newbie or veteran, into a potential round loss at a tournament. This is the most cost-defective of the techs in this list, forcing you to commit a Double Colorless energy and a Water energy to take down Donphan.
However, it’s free retreat, Fighting resistance, and SP engine abuse-ability makes it a key card in the other 2 SP specific Donphan counters.
Some are better than others, with my personal favorites being Shedinja for non-SP, and Froslass GL for SP.
You need to add the Stadium and the Skuntank G to the bench, whereas Crobat G is always on an SP bench anyway. First, if you want to use Dwindling Wave, the POKE TURN Bronzong G, that or use DCE with a Bronzong, either way, not rocket science.
He only needs 3 energy, which is easily achieved in one turn with SP decks running DCE, Bronzong G, and Energy Gain. It turned out to be Really useful to me personally and I am sure to just about all the commenters here as well! It is perplexing to me now, but in general, the effectiveness and importance is mind-boggling. It turned out to be Quite useful to me personally and I am confident to almost all the commenters here!
It is perplexing to me now, however in general, the efficacy and significance is overwhelming.
This is puzzling to me right now, but in general, the efficacy and importance is overpowering. There’s absolutely nothing worse than searching through limitless yada yada sites just to find a couple that keep ones interest. It turned out to be Really useful to me and I am sure to almost all the commenters here as well!
I mean, not to say that what you have got to state isnt important, but I mean, its so generic. There’s nothing worse than searching through countless yada yada sites just to find a couple that keep ones attention. This is perplexing to me right now, however all around, the usefulness and importance is overpowering.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox! Don’t get me wrong, Donphan is a great card, and arguably the most game changing card of the last 3 expansions, barring maybe Jumpluff, Spiritomb and Expert Belt. I believe Donphan will be played for as long as it is legal, and my goal in this article is to show you how to tech against it.
This not only usually makes them waste an energy attachment to retreat, but it gives them a 50-50 chance of not being able to do anything, making it a fantastic early game disrupter. I'll definitely run a Donphan tech when I see I need to depending on what tournaments I attend.

Also you would only be doing 90 in between turns to Donphan, and then Donphan wrecks Froslass right back, whereas Crobat takes the hit with stride. I think ist a great donphan counter, as for 1 water and a gain, it will deal 20 damage to donphan and move away 1 of his energies, to the pokemon you choose, and his seccond attack, for 1 water and 1 colorless with gain, you can deal 40 damage, and 60 if you used a supporter, wich, combined with the first attack in your previous turn, can take care of donphan.
Basically, get ready to take a hit, and when you do, get ready to hit back harder to get rid of *hopefully* their only anti-donphan tech.
As for the lightning weakness, there are tons of great cards that are playable that have lightning weakness, one of which was featured (Crobat G).
This is the sort of material that should obtain recognition pertaining to it’s workmanship. I tell you, I typically get annoyed when folks comment on factors that they obviously don’t know about. This is the sort of info that should gain acknowledgement pertaining to it’s workmanship. At this point of the game (after 3 turns to set up), Shedinja can only be defeated by leech seed since it can use Sunny Day when weather appears .
A fully set-up Donphan play field will usually include: Donphan (Active), Donphan, Donphan Uxie, Uxie, and Mespirit on the bench. I seem to remember an SP Pokémon that inflicts a Special Condition for the same exact price.
This 2 hit KO combo is more cost effective than Quagsire GL, and combined with her great disruptive ability, makes this a legit Donphan tech to consider for your SP deck.
Look at the italic description below each tech that best describes your deck and give it a try.
My friend Erica played a Donkphan deck this weekend and totally wrecked our utld tournament. So long as you are actually able to stall long enough against that beast of a tank Donphan. Donphan will most likely have to 2HKO your active, probably more than that since SP (and this is a counter for SP, of course) switch out and Poke Turn regularly and most have enough to survive a OHKO from Donphan.
You were able to hit the nail on the head and spelled out every thing with out complication. Give us some thing extra, something that we can get behind so we can feel as excited about it as you do. It is a Stage 1 with a terrible potential starter, as both legal Seel’s have a retreat cost of 2. Finally, it requires you commit to 2 turns of energy attachments, one of them being specific. If lightning weakness is the worst thing a card can have, is lightning resistance make the card the best? Who cares if Donphan stays active if you are mowing down his bench and making his attacks less effective. But with Manetric PL, she prevents all damage inflicted onto her bench, including damage from Earthquake. Yeah, its flippy (but, like you mentioned, so is Donphan), but it sets up in 1 turn and has good potential to take multiple prizes in 1 turn, aided by Donphan, and may put Donphan in a situation where he can't attack or he will knock out his own bench.

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