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Si dice che chiunque spii nel buco della sua schiena perda l'anima, ma questa leggenda non e mai stata confermata. Shedinja e saggio, intelligente, silenzioso e furtivo, come un ninja, inoltre e molto protettivo nei confronti del "fratello" Ninjask. Appare per la prima volta in Due mondi in bilico come uno dei cattivi che desiderano impossessarsi del Togepi di Misty.
Se questo Pokémon perde Magidifesa, o se ne sono annullati gli effetti, solo mosse di tipo Normale e Lotta non lo renderanno esausto. Il livello "Inizio" indica una mossa conosciuta da Shedinja ottenuto a livello 1 nella sesta generazione. Il corsivo indica una mossa che ha lo STAB solo quando viene usata da un'evoluzione di Shedinja. Clicca sui numeri delle generazioni in alto per vedere le mosse apprese aumentando di livello nelle altre generazioni. It is considered a "special" evolution of Nincada, appearing only when Nincada evolves into Ninjask, starting at level 20, and there is an extra space in the player's party and the player has an extra regular Poke Ball. Shedinja made its debut appearance in The Princess and the Togepi under the ownership of Colonel Hansen.
A Shedinja belonging to a Coordinator competing in the Hoenn Grand Festival made a cameo in Hi Ho Silver Wind! Shedinja first appeared when Aqua Admin Amber, having been deprived of his Pokemon after being abandoned by Archie, borrows a Nincada from his comrade Shelly, which then immediately evolves into a Ninjask, putting Wattson in quite a pinch with the incredible speed it gained by the minute. Several more volumes down the line, both Emerald and Greta used Shedinja to exploit its Wonder Guard Ability, as well as the fact that it has one base HP, requiring no items to resuscitate itself.
A strange Pokemon--it flies without moving its wings, has a hollow shell for a body, and does not breathe.
Description– Gengar is a stage 2 psychic Pokemon with 110 HP, a +30 weakness to dark, a -20 Resistance to normal, and free retreat. If you think Gengar had low HP just wait till we talk about Shedinja, oh well I guess you won’t have to wait much longer.

When I first started reviewing Undaunted cards I started with Espeon Prime.  Today we get to see another eevelution, Umbreon Prime.
Well thats what I think of these cards, I encourage you guys to tell me what you think of them by leaving comments. Subscribe to PostsNew Article Notification By Email Pikkdogs The main author of the site who is a 3+ year vet of the game known for his consistent play. Ninjask is a very fast Pokemon that is said to be able to evade any attack, and is hard seen due to its high speed.
Colonel Hansen used two Ninjask, along with a Shedinja, against the group in The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage.
In From the Cradle to Save a student in the Pokemon Ninja School named Evian used a Ninjask as his partner in training. A Ninjask appeared having been caught in the web of an Ariados in Following A Maiden's Voyage!.
Multiple Ninjask appeared in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, under the ownership of Riot. When the Aqua Admin Amber left all his Pokemon behind deep underseas, he borrowed a Nincada from his teammate Shelly, which evolved right away into a Ninjask, causing much trouble for his opponent, Wattson.
Ninjask moves around at such a high speed that it cannot be seen, even while its crying can be clearly heard. If Ninjask is not trained properly, it will refuse to obey the Trainer and cry loudly continuously.
Appare in squadra solo se c'e un posto libero e una Poke Ball nello zaino a seguito dell'evoluzione di Nincada in Ninjask, dal livello 20 in poi.
Il suo corpo e completamente vuoto, di color marrone, con quattro sporgenze situate dove prima erano le zampe di Nincada, due fessure dove erano gli occhi e, posteriormente, delle "ali" che in realta sono lembi di esoscheletro strappati da Ninjask durante la sua fuoriuscita, che ha lasciato anche un buco fra di esse.
Although the old Gym Leader eventually managed to defeat it, a Shedinja formed from the shell Ninjask shed and attacked him from behind, sending him sinking into the ocean. Its evolution can trigger the creation of a second Pokemon, Shedinja, when the player has an extra Poke Ball and an extra slot in their party.

Even after it was defeated, the resultant Pokemon of its evolution, Shedinja, was able to land a surprise attack that sent him plummeting toward the bottom of the ocean. Because of this quality, this Pokemon is said to be one that puts the Trainer's abilities to the test. Because of this quality, this Pokemon is said to be one that puts the Trainer’s abilities to the test. Shedinja e relativamente immobile, fluttua e reca sul capo qualcosa di simile ad un'aureola. It is believed that this Pokemon will steal the spirit of anyone peering into its hollow body from its back. Ah, y ademas de eso; muchos de los mejores memes que disfrutamos en la actualidad son protagonizados por Mojojojo y El, dos de los mas temibles archienemigos de Bombon, Burbuja y Bellota. The band pools into a circular pattern on its forehead, between the pointed crests on the sides of its head. The underside of its head is gray and segmented, to look like a veil, and most of its carapace is black. Its gray insectoid arms extend from its chest, usually with their small, yellow claws turned inward.
It has a pair of tattered wings on its back that divide into three wingtips, and between them is a hole. On its back is a patch of black with a stretch of yellow, shaped like an upside down letter Y.

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