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Creating the backyard you've always wanted starts with quality structures that stand the test of time. 12' x 20 For those who are willing to pay extra for good craftsmanship and attention to detail.
Whether you need storage space for vehicles, tools or equipment, want to add a fun place for your children to play or would like to create a shady spot to relax and entertain, Lakeview Sheds has everything you need to make it happen! Are you paying too much for a secure storage unit across town, but want a more permanent and convenient storage solution?
That's why we use the Mule - the machine that makes building delivery safe, easy and worry-free, even in tight spaces and across difficult terrain.
You won’t find a better design or product to resist rust, fire or termites in isolated rural locations. From quality sheds for sale to gazebos, pavilions, swing sets, garages and more, we deliver the quality structures you need to enjoy your backyard in every season! The Mule's advanced maneuverability means we can deliver to many sites that would normally be impossible.
I’ve been in real estate in Ballarat for 25 years and I’ve known of about three or four I can recall.“It is certainly only a handful.“How much might it be worth?

With over 60 years experience in the steel building industry, Ranbuild know how to get it right the first time.
All steel components are supplied cut to length with the frame members and cleats already punched.
This design incorporates the design and economy of the monoslope buildings, but with wider spans to cover larger areas. They can be constructed as open or enclosed, or with a combination of open and enclosed bays. The standard roof pitch across the range is 10 degrees, however a steeper 26 degree option is available for spans up to and including 12m.
Gable roof sheds are also ideal for on-farm processing buildings such as cotton gins, shearing sheds, fruit and vegetable packing sheds. As with all farm sheds, guttering and down pipes to ground level are included as standard unless nominated otherwise. Storage ShedsThe Ranbuild Covermaster building series is one of the most versatile sheds on the market. They can be shaped and modified in ways to make them suitable for all sorts of farming activities.

Big ShedsBroadacre farmers laugh at garage companies trying to sell stretched garages as farm sheds. When you’ve got big machines to cover, you want wide bays, deep spans and high clearances. Sheds such as Ranbuild Covermasters and Cottonmasters are real farm sheds for real farmers.
Novobuild can also supply several other variations of Ranbuild sheds for rural applications. For example, pump sheds offer protection to valuable pumping equipment and electronic controls.

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